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A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers
"A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers"

Purpose: Collaboration  Community association: "Community" production company

Key to pulling off these visually ambitious episodes: Joe and Anthony Russo, [Dan] Harmon's executive-producing partners and the show's in-house directors since the pilot.
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A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers was the name of the joint production company of Dan Harmon, Joe Russo and his brother Anthony Russo. Together they produced "Community" under the Sony Pictures Television studio in partnership with Krasnoff Foster Entertainment. In addition to being executive producers on the show, the trio took on more hands on role on the show. Harmon was the show runner overseeing the day to day production for three consecutive seasons. Joe and Anthony were credited as executive producers and directed a number of episodes during the first two years. The collaboration ended once Season Three was over as the Russos left to pursue other projects and Harmon was fired by Sony. Eventually Harmon was rehired to run "Community" for seasons Five and Six without the Russos under the production company name "Harmonious Claptrap".

Vanity cards[]

Seasons One through Three had a series of rotating vanity cards for Harmon and Russo Bros. production company. One of the cards would appear at the end of each episode of "Community".

1x1 Pilot production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Tantrum"
Debut: "Pilot"

Other appearances: "Romantic Expressionism" · "Accounting for Lawyers" · "Basic Rocket Science" · "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy" · "Geography of Global Conflict" · "Basic Lupine Urology"

1x2 Spanish 102 production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Native American History Exhibit"
Debut: "Spanish 101"

Other appearances: "Communication Studies" · "The Art of Discourse" · "Asian Population Studies" · "Contemporary Impressionists"

1x3 Introduction to Film production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Blood Pact"
Debut: "Introduction to Film"

Other appearances: "Contemporary American Poultry" · "Cooperative Calligraphy" · "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" · Studies in Modern Movement · "Virtual Systems Analysis"

1x4 Social Psychology production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Parade of Tears"
Debut: "Social Psychology"

Other appearances: "Physical Education" · "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" · "For A Few Paintballs More" · "Advanced Gay" · "Course Listing Unavailable"

1x5 Advanced Criminal Law production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Opus"
Debut: "Advanced Criminal Law"

Other appearances: "Communication Studies" · "Basic Rocket Science" · "Critical Film Studies" · "Regional Holiday Music"

1x6 Football, Feminism and You production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Spectacle"
Debut: "Football, Feminism and You"

Other appearances: "The Science of Illusion" · "Anthropology 101" · "Intro to Political Science" · "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"

1x7 Intoduction to Statistics production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Prophecy"
Debut: "Introduction to Statistics"

Other appearances: "Pascal's Triangle Revisited" · "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples" · "A Fistful of Paintballs" · "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism" · "Curriculum Unavailable"

1x8 Home Economics production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Fiasco"
Debut: "Home Economics"

Other appearances: "Beginner Pottery" · "Mixology Certification" · "Remedial Chaos Theory"

1x9 Debate 109 production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Catástrofe"
Debut: "Debate 109"

Other appearances: "Competitive Ecology" · "Modern Warfare" · "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" · "The First Chang Dynasty"

1x10 Environmental Science production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Pants Soiler"
Debut: "Environmental Science"

Other appearances: "Basic Genealogy" · "Epidemiology" · "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts" · Documentary Filmmaking: Redux · "Origins of Vampire Mythology"

1x11 The Politics of Human Sexuality production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Diorama"
Debut: "The Politics of Human Sexuality"

Other appearances: "Early 21st Century Romanticism" · "Paradigms of Human Memory" · "Pillows and Blankets"

1x12 Comparative Religion production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Demonstration"
Debut: "Comparative Religion"

Other appearances: "Competitive Wine Tasting" · "Celebrity Pharmacology 212" · "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

1x13 Investigative Journalism production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Triumph"
Debut: "Investigative Journalism"

Other appearances: "English as a Second Language" · "The Psychology of Letting Go" · "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" · "Biology 101" · Digital Estate Planning · "Introduction to Finality"

1x14 Interpretive Dance production card
   "A Dan Harmon/Russo Brothers Bridal Shower"
Debut: "Interpretive Dance"

Other appearances: "Aerodynamics of Gender" · "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts"