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Character Card IntroductionsEdit

The episode introduces each study group member-except for Pierce-with a specific playing card title. It is later revealed that the cards used to represent them are the same ones they used to vote on whether or not Pierce could stay in the study group.

AFFOPAnnie Queen of Hearts
Annie: Ace of Hearts
AFFOPAbed Jack of Clubs
Abed: The Jack of Clubs
AFFOPJeff King of Spades
Jeff: The King Of Spades
AFFOPBritta Queen of Spades
Britta: The Queen of Spades
AFFOPShirley Ace of Clubs
Shirley: The Ace of Clubs
AFFOPTroy King of Clubs
Troy: The King Of Clubs

A unanimous vote was needed with the black cards symbolizing votes to kick Pierce out of the group. Annie was the only one who voted red. Pierce misunderstands the situation when he walks in on them and assumes it's another activity he's been excluded from.

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Opening Credits SequenceEdit

A Fistful of Paintballs Community Opening Titles

A Fistful of Paintballs Community Opening Titles


Annie running from the Black Rider
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