Abed's posters

  Abed's posters  
First appearance: "Home Economics" — Owned by: AbedUsed by: Abed
Purpose: decoration— Made by: various   PHOTO ICON

I'm interested in making movies, but my dad says all media is Western propaganda that negatively stereotypes Arabs.
Abed, "Introduction to Film".

Abed is a fanatical devotee of TV and Film and decorated his dorm room, and later his apartment, with posters of television shows and movies he likes. Notably there are many posters of the 90s B-Movie action franchise "Kickpuncher" as well as the long running British Science Fiction television show "Inspector Spacetime". The posters' first appearances were in the Season One episode "Home Economics". Below is a gallery of posters found in Abed's collection along with a brief description of the movie/TV show and a list of the actors starring in it.

Poster galleryEdit

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