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Portrayed by: EMILY GHAMRAWI
First appearance: "Basic Genealogy"
Occupation: UNKNOWN
Reason for visit: Greendale Family Day


She's saying she's old enough to jump in a giant balloon. She's saying he's overprotective. Now she says he's a pig's anus.
— Abed, "Basic Genealogy".

Abra is Abed Nadir's cousin who travelled from Gaza to visit him and his father Gobi Nadir for a time. A strict Muslim, she is covered completely while in public wearing the traditional Islamic niqab  in keeping with her religions tenets. Her first and so far only appearance was in the Season One episode "Basic Genealogy". She is portrayed by actress Emily Ghamrawi.

Character history[]

In the study group's first year together at Greendale, the school has a big "Family Day" event for visiting student family members. Abed's father Gobi Nadir attends the festivities along with his cousin Abra. While in the Spanish classroom, Abed introduces her to Shirley who is immediately put off by the niqab Abra is wearing. When class starts, Ben Chang mocks her outfit calling her a "Phantom Menace" and asking how the trade negotiations are going with the "Naboo". The pop culture references are lost on Abra who does not respond to his quips. Later that day, Abra and her family attend the Family Day BBQ held on the campus quad along with Shirley and her children Jordan and Elijah. The boys ask Abra about her clothing which Abed explains is a way for her to remain modest as per her religious faith.

S01E18-Gobi says no to Abra
Gobi saying no to Abra playing.
They then ask if she wants to play with them and Abed translates her answer which is that she wouldn't mind trying out the Bouncy house that had been rented for the event. Her uncle Gobi steps in and refuses to allow her to play fearing she might get hurt. The two argue about this in their native tongue with Abed translating for Shirley. The heated exchange comes to an end after Shirley's kids accidentally knock a glass of juice onto Gobi's shirt. He leaves to change shirts and Abra seizes the opportunity to try out the bouncy house while he is away. Elijah and Jordan offered to put on her Burqa and disguise themselves as her so that Gobi wouldn't notice she was gone when he returned. Shirley discovers the deception but doesn't say anything to Gobi, instead allowing Abra a chance to enjoy herself ("Basic Genealogy").

S01E18-Abra in bouncy house
Abra in the bouncy house.


Under the niqab[]

Emily Ghamrawi

When Annie hears Abra is coming to school to visit Abed she jokingly asks if she looks like him but in a wig and lipstick. Abed deadpans that if he did wear those things he would look like Halle Berry then explains his cousin wears a burqa and looks like someone covered head to toe in black fabric. Although briefly seen not wearing the burqa in the episode, her face is never clearly seen. In reality the photo to the right shows what the actress who played Abra, Emily Ghamrawi really looks like.