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First appearance: "Heroic Origins" — Owned by: Annie — Used by: Annie
Purpose: treat ADHD— Made by: pharmacy   PHOTO ICON


Little Annie Adderall was an outcast in high school!
Jeremy Simmons, "Debate 109".

Adderall was an amphetamine once taken by Annie Edison during her time at Riverside High School a year or two before she attended Greendale Community College. She began overmedicating on the pills which caused her behavior to become more erratic. This culminated in a drug induced breakdown which led to serious physical injuries, her being forced to drop out of high school and the loss of her college scholarship. She defied her parents by choosing to acknowledge her problem and entered rehab to overcome her addiction. Adderall was first mentioned in the Pilot and later seen onscreen in the Season Four episode "Heroic Origins".


Season One[]

In Annie's first year at Greendale, Troy was at first unable to remember Annie when they attend their first study group meeting. He then recalled she was the student at Riverside High known as "Little Annie Adderall" who had an infamous drug induced breakdown in which she screamed "Everyone's a robot!" and ran through a plate glass window. Annie was forced to drop out of high school and attended rehab for her Adderall addiction. ("Pilot"). She later told Professor Ian Duncan that the pills were supposed to help her focus but ended up costing Annie her scholarship and her virginity ("Social Psychology").

When she and Jeff participated in the 2009 Intercollegiate Debate, her opponent from City College Jeremy Simmons brought up her past addiction. After Greendale's poor showing in the first half of the debate Simmons taunted her by singing a song about "Little Annie Adderall" ("Debate 109"). Sometime later, Annie tells Shirley and Britta more details about losing her virginity. While high on Adderall, Annie and her high school boyfriend had sex in a walk in closet while listening to Madonna's "Erotica" ("The Politics of Human Sexuality").

Debate 109 Jeremy Soulpatch Simmons
Jeremy Simmons taunts Annie.

Season Two[]

Upon meeting Jeff's old law firm buddy Alan Conner, Annie later remembers him being a member of her Narcotics Anonymous rehab group. She says he doesn't recognize her because after overcoming her addiction to Adderall her face cleared up and she lost a lot of weight ("Accounting for Lawyers"). Annie later wrote an anti-drug play for a group of middle school kids visiting the campus. She hoped it would help prevent them from making the wrong choices she did. She reveals to Pierce her Adderall induced breakdown ruined her relationship with her parents. They wanted to ignore her problem while she chose to go to rehab and they essentially disowned her ("Celebrity Pharmacology 212"). Annie was the first to notice when Pierce started abusing his pain medication, and she tried to get the study group to stage an intervention ("Early 21st Century Romanticism").

S02E15-Annie talks to Pierce about pill problem
Annie talks to Pierce about his pill problem.

Season Three[]

After Annie introduces the group to her political Science classmate Annie Kim she makes a comment about how Kim reminds her of how she was back in high school. Troy asks if it's the Adderall version of herself who tried to straighten the lines on the football field while the game was still in progress ("Geography of Global Conflict").

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year, Annie's history as an Adderall addict was researched by Abed. He discovered new details which revealed a few surprising connections to the study group. Before her breakdown he learned that Annie stole a prescription pad from a psychiatrist's office intending to obtain more Adderall with it. Abed's father took him to the same office and he noticed her stealing it. After leaving the office, Annie witnessed Britta fleeing from the animal testing lab located next door to the therapist's office. She had just freed a test animal who was now scratching and clawing at the top of her head. At the same time Abed had alerted the staff to the prescription pad theft which eventually got Annie in trouble with the authorities.

Mindless robot
Annie loses it.
Some time after the theft of the pad, Annie attended a superlatives ceremony for the seniors of Riverside High. She became increasingly bothered as the awards were being handed out since Troy kept winning each one. Annie kept taking Adderall to calm her nerves but finally snapped when Troy received the title of "Most Likely to Succeed". She interrupted Troy's acceptance speech and called him a "mindless robot" undeserving of any of the awards he received. When Troy innocently asked her if they went to the same school, the other party goers thought it was an insult and laughed at Annie. Humiliated and fueled by an Adderall high, she ran full speed through a sliding room glass door ("Heroic Origins").



Amphetamine Mixed Salts[]

Adderall pills

Amphetamine mixed salts, better known under the brand name it is sold under "Adderall", contains amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. This stimulant is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Side effects include headaches, lose of appetite and inability to fall asleep. Abuse of prescription can lead to high blood pressure, blurred vision, wild mood swings and in some extreme cases hallucinations.