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Señora Alessandra Chang
First appearance: "Environmental Science"
Last appearance: "Advanced Documentary Filmmaking"
Occupation: UNKNOWN
Reason for visit: Danced with her husband at 2009 GreeN week event, Appeared at a "Changnesia" benefit for "kevin/Chang"


Ben, do you remember me?
— Señora Alessandra Chang, "Advanced Documentary Filmmaking".

S04E06-Alessandra head shot
Alessandra Chang portrayed by Andrea de Oliveira.
Señora Alessandra Chang is the ex-wife of Ben Chang. They originally met at a Salsa club and were happy for many years until they had hit a rough patch when Ben started to focus more on his job and less on their marriage. They briefly separated, reconciled and ultimately got divorced when she learned Ben had an affair with Shirley. Her first appearance was in the Season One episode "Environmental Science". She is portrayed by actress Andrea de Oliveira.

Character historyEdit

Season OneEdit

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Ben Chang was at the time their Spanish teacher. At one point he was making the class workload to unbearable with too many exams and assignments given. It was a twenty page essay that had the study group send Jeff to convince Chang to ease up. In Chang's office, Jeff met with the Ben and correctly deduced his wife, Alessandra Chang, had recently left him and was the reason behind his current attitude. Jeff pointed out that Chang wore the same shirt for twice in one week, taught the class that the Spanish word "esposa" meant "liar", and had a picture of him with his wife with a word balloon taped above her saying "enjoy it while it lasts". Chang admitted he was right and opened up to Jeff about how the two met at a Salsa club where she became attracted to him because of the way he danced. He added that he made her happy and pleasured her greatly.

Esposa means liar
Esposa means liar.
Jeff offered to take Chang out for a night on the town in order to get his mind off his domestic troubles. However, Jeff was the only one to benefit from this as Chang only spared him from writing the essay. After the study group made him feel guilty about this, Jeff contacted Alessandra and arranged a reunion for her with Chang. She met him in the cafeteria where a Green Week dance was being held. Alessandra joined Chang in a dance and the intensity of it rekindled the feelings between them. The two made out on the dance floor and Chang thanked Jeff for reuniting them by calling off the 20 page essay. He also assigned Jeff a one page essay for taking advantage of the emotionally vulnerable ("Environmental Science"). However, things become strained between them again when Chang loses his job after his false credentials as a Spanish teacher are discovered ("English as a Second Language").

1x10 Chang danced with his wife
Healing through dance.

Season TwoEdit

In the study group's second year at school, Chang became a student hoping to earn a legitimate degree and become a real teacher ("Anthropology 101"). On Halloween, a virus broke out at a party in the library turning students into mindless carriers trying to infect everyone else. Chang and Shirley tries to escape from the infected by barring themselves inside the restroom. The two shared a moment of understanding and became intimate before being infected themselves. Afterwards, the incident was forgotten due to Government agents erasing the party goers memories of the event ("Epidemiology"). The only reminder it happened was through a voice message Chang sent to Troy immediately afterwards. When Shirley announced she was pregnant and Troy realized Chang could be the father. When this information is made public, Alessandra left Chang for good and kicked him out of the house ("Early 21st Century Romanticism").

2X15 Promo pic 2
Chang having been kicked out by Alessandra.

Season FourEdit

In the study group's fourth year at school, Chang returned to Greendale after having had kidnapped the Dean, replaced him with a double ("Course Listing Unavailable"), taken over the campus ("Curriculum Unavailable"), and nearly blowing up the school ("First Chang Dynasty"). Claiming to have amnesia he arrives with Dr. Ken Kedan from the Greendale Greater Mental health services. Convinced he isn't faking, the study group tries to help him regain his memories. Jeff is the only one who is skeptical and sets about trying to prove Chang is faking it. After studying hours of documentary footage Abed had filmed with Chang as his subject he discovers that Chang had been repeatedly calling a particular phone number while working at Shirley's Sandwiches. After examining the footage closely he discovers the phone number was to Alessandra. He gets her to show up to a special presentation Greendale had put together for the MacGuffin group, a charitable foundation looking to provide funding for Chang's amnesia dubbed "Changnesia". She asks Ben if he remembers her but Chang replies he doesn't. Jeff then tries to make Chang jealous enough to break his act by kissing Alessandra but Chang still maintains that he doesn't remember her ("Advanced Documentary Filmmaking").

S04E06-Jeff beats Chang to the kiss
Jeff beats Chang to kissing Alessandra.

Season FiveEdit

In the study group's fifth year together at Greendale, it is suggested that Alessandra and Chang have started talking to each other again. Chang receives a phone call from her at a benefit show he and the Save Greendale committee had just attended. However, things don't seem to be going well between them as Chang has an argument with her immediately after answering her call. He had continued the exchange in what he thought was an empty room in the theater the event was held at. Upon hanging up on Alessandra, Chang notices he accidentally had the private and very emotional conversation on stage in front of now applauding audience. Flattered by the praise and attention, Chang then decides to perform a monologue for them starting with an anecdote about his mother ("Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality").

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