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Angela close up
Portrayed by: ANGELA TRIMBUR
First appearance: "Comparative Religion"
Last appearance: "Dean Pelton's Office Hours"
Major: office Administration
Occupation: Office assistant


— Angela, "Anthropology 101".

Angela portrayed by Angela Trimbur.
Angela is a student at Greendale Community College who earns additional credit working under Dean Pelton in the administrations office. She's a bit of a romantic and somewhat emotionally vulnerable. Angela's first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Anthropology 101". She is portrayed by actress Angela Trimbur.

Character history[]

At the start of the study group's second year together at the school, Angela was at the time one of the many admirers of Britta whose declaration of love for Jeff at the Tranny Dance made her a quasi-celebrity on campus. Angela, along with most of the women at Greendale, assumed Britta was a victim of unrequited love since Jeff walked out on her without replying to her "confession". They not only sympathized with her situation but also admired her for boldly stating her feelings so publicly. Angela and a few of her friends approached Britta after she left the study group's first meeting of the year in Group Study Room F. They flattered her by praising her courage and asking for her autograph. Jeff takes note of how Angela and other female students on campus are fawning over Britta and worries it's an ominous sign of bad things to come ("Anthropology 101").

Angela is next seen working in the administrations office as a Independent Study Assistant. She works under Dean Pelton's supervision and develops a crush on him. She misinterprets text messages Pelton sent to her and assumed he felt the same way and was flirting with her. One day inside his office, they finish going over a few messages left in the school's suggestion box. She then makes a pass at him by unbuttoning her blouse and revealing her bra. Pelton corrects her assumptions pointing out that the text messages he sent to her were innocent and had no subtext to them. Feeling embarrassed and humiliated, Angela has an emotional breakdown and starts to cry. She mentions that she misses her dad which disturbs the Dean who is trying his best to comfort her. As Pelton tries to delicately handle the situation they are interrupted by a school custodian who enters the office without knocking and starts to vacuum ("Dean Pelton's Office Hours").


You have done so much for this city. Kickpuncher, is there anything we can give you?
Actress Angela Trimbur first appeared in Community Webisode series "The 5 As". She portrayed another student (identified as Christina Brockett on the Greendale Campus Connect site) who extolls the virtues of attending the school. It is later revealed that Christina had a baby with a fellow student named Andrew Peters. Her first actual in show appearance was in the Season One episode "Romantic Expressionism". In a "Kickpuncher" movie being watched by Abed and his friends she played a woman who thanked the cyborg for saving the city.

Angela's first appearance
Angela Timbur's first onscreen appearance "Community".


I hope you don't mind but I sorted the alumni database by income that way you won't waste your time calling public school teachers for donations.Angela
Get out of my brain!Dean Pelton
Why...did I do something wrong?Angela, after exposing herself to Pelton
While I admire the fitness level you maintain to keep, um, those...uh...up there, I think perhaps you have the wrong idea about us.Dean Pelton
You've been texting dirty messages to me for weeks!Angela
What?! [looks at her phone] I meant this kind of hole puncher [holds up paper hole puncher] Oh that's dirty...Dean Pelton
I'm such an idiot!Angela
No...No...there, there.Dean Pelton
I miss my dad!Angela
Okay, that's deeper than I wanted to go.Dean Pelton