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Annie's apartment

Annie's apartment    OFF CAMPUS
Purpose : Former residence of Annie Edison — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Anthropology 101"
Residents: Annie Edison (formerly)

Visitors: The Study Group

I see the point of this place now. This craphole is a monument to self-reliance.
Pierce, "Celebrity Pharmacology 212".

Annie's apartment was a one room loft located above a marital aids store called "Dildopolis". The number of the apartment was 202 and the other residents of the building included a number of unsavory looking individuals including the landlord. Annie eventually moved out after accepting an invitation from Abed to move into his new place with Troy. It’s first introduction was in the Season Two episode "Anthropology 101”. It’s last appearance was in the Season Three episode “Studies in Modern Movement".


Season Two[]

At the start of the 2010 Fall semester her apartment was briefly shown ("Anthropology 101"). While the decor was in keeping with Annie's stylish sensibilities, it was noticeable that metal bars were covering the windows to her room, hinting at the type of neighborhood she lived in. This was further alluded to when she mentioned to Jeff that she lives in a bad neighborhood ("Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design"). This was confirmed when Troy dropped her off after his birthday celebration at a nearby bar ("Mixology Certification"). Later that year, Pierce followed Annie home and discovered her apartment is located above a Dildopolis store ("Celebrity Pharmacology 212").

S02E13-Annie's apartment
Annie's apartment.

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, the stress of living in such a dangerous place seemed to be getting to Annie. While attending the housewarming party at Troy and Abed's apartment, she acted anxiously whenever the buzzer went off. In one of the six different timelines shown, it is discovered by Troy that she had a gun in her purse. ("Remedial Chaos Theory") Previously Annie was shown to be taking a self defense course ("Paradigms of Human Memory"), the appearance of the gun indicated she took her need for self protection in her place of residence a step further. Abed would later extend an offer for her to move in with him and Troy which she happily accepted. Later, the study group (minus Jeff) helped her move into Troy and Abed's apartment.

The Trobed shenanigans begins
Moving day.
Pierce tried to help her out by fixing an electrical outlet that had been destroyed by Troy but ended up making it worse. When attempting to paint over the damaged area, he accidentally sealed off the apartment and inhaled a dangerous amount of paint fumes. The apartment manager found him covered in paint and suffering from hallucinations. Annie returned to her apartment and found the mess Pierce had created. Her landlord was there, taking care of Pierce, having discovered him lying in a pool of paint on the floor trying to make paint angels. Before the landlord leaves, he mentions she lost her deposit due to Pierce's antics, but Annie is just thankful for him looking after Pierce. ("Studies in Modern Movement").

S03E07-Pierce paint
There goes Annie's security deposit.