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Annie's car

  Annie's car  
First appearance: "Celebrity Pharmacology 212" — Owned by: Annie EdisonUsed by: Annie Edison
Purpose: Transportation— Made by: Honda   PHOTO ICON

You'll know it when you see it.
— Announcer for the 1984 Honda commercial

Annie at the wheel of her car
Annie at the wheel of her car.
Annie's car is the vehicle she drove during her second year at Greendale Community College. At the time Annie wasn't doing well financially and could only afford an used hatchback as means of transportation. Its appearance reflected its age as it was full of dents and covered in rust. Annie's car first and only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Celebrity Pharmacology 212".


In the study group's second year at Greendale, Pierce was intent on having a bigger role in an anti-drug play Annie wrote. After he was unable to convince her he clandestinely followed Annie once her classes were over. Much to his surprise he found her to be collecting soda cans from trash cans around campus. Pierce continued his surveillance in his Cadillac by following Annie's car to a recycling center. Once there she exchanged bags of the aluminum cans she gathered for some cash. Pierce observed as she got back into her car and disappointedly counted the money she received. He followed Annie's car back to her home and was surprised to find out she lived above a marital aids store he recognized ("Celebrity Pharmacology 212").

Annie and her car
Annie with her car at the recycling center.


Honda Accord[]


1984 Honda Accord Hatchback Commercial

In real life, Annie's car is a gray Honda Accord Hatchback circa 1984-85. It's considered the second generation of the Japanese Accord brand had been redesigned with a restyled front end and given a ES2 engine. It also had a new tail light configuration to satisfy the United States Department of Transportation requirements. It originally sold for around $7691 dollars.