Annie's cardigans

  Annie's cardigans  
First appearance: "Pilot" — Owned by: Annie EdisonUsed by: Annie Edison
Purpose: Clothing— Made by: various   PHOTO ICON

You're just a good grade in a tight sweater!
— Jeff, "Competitive Ecology"

"Annie's cardigans" were her signature pieces of clothing that she wore during her first four years at Greendale Community College. She would often wear the sweaters with a modest blouse, a mini skirt, stockings and ballet flats. The sweaters varied in design and the colors were generally in bright shades or pastel. In her fifth year at school Annie would adopt a more mature style and stopped wearing cardigans. The garments were first seen in the Season One episode "Pilot".


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Building to an announcement
I'm dressed like this because I'm 'building' to big news!Dean Pelton

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  1. This cardigan was also featured can in the Fox TV show "Glee" (as seen here). Both shows were at one time shooting on the same Paramount lot and had access to the same wardrobe department.

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