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Annie Kim 2
Portrayed by: Irene Choi
First appearance: "Geography of Global Conflict"
Last appearance: "Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing"
Date of birth: THE 1990's
Major: PRE-MED


I'm sorry. I don't understand what your relationship is here. Are you her father or her lover?
— Annie Kim to Jeff and Annie, "Geography of Global Conflict".

Annie Kim
Annie Kim portrayed by Irene Choi.
Annie Kim is Annie Edison's classmate from her Political Science course. According to Annie Kim, she had a very high G.P.A.- the same number as Annie Edison- before attending Greendale. Although she had a lighter course load in comparison to Edison, she still managed to start 17 clubs. She also claims her high school was higher ranked than Riverside High which Annie Edison and Troy Barnes attended. Although Edison made an attempt to become friends with her, they ultimately became bitter rivals. Her first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Geography of Global Conflict". She is portrayed by actress Irene Choi.

Character history[]

Season Three[]

Annie Kim first got the attention of Annie Edison when she was picked to answer a question by Professor Cligoris in Poly Sci class. Not only did she get the answer right, but she was also praised by the teacher which bothered Edison. Brushing aside her feelings, Edison tried to form a friendship with her and even introduced her to the study group. Although she would try to deny it, their competitive natures were very apparent to everyone, and the group warned Edison not to let the rivalry get the best of her. Edison later found out Kim started a model UN, an idea she had come up with by herself earlier. Edison and Jeff confronted her on stealing the idea. Kim doesn't deny it but also says that the credit should still be hers since she actually went and carried out the idea. Jeff suggested that Edison start her own model UN at which point Professor Cligoris steps in. He proposed that they have a model UN showdown to determine the real one.

GOGC Frenemies
Keep your enemies closer.
At the Model UN competition, Edison enlisted the study group's help as the Blue UN while Kim led the Red UN with a group that included Vicki. Edison's UN started off strong with an early lead by easily settling 'crisis alert' challenges. A distraction to the study group in the form of someone's flatulence allows Kim's red team to take the lead. Unable to get her group to focus on the task at hand, Edison had an emotional breakdown and made a spectacle of herself in front of everyone. However, Edison made a comeback with an unorthodox plan suggested by Abed. Professor Cligoris overruled Kim's objections, and allowed Edison's last ditch effort. The Blue UN offered that they both concede and that the Red UN join them to form a union, a "united United Nations". Kim rejects the offer, preferring the real victory over an ideal. Cligoris explains that's what the UN is at its heart, rhetoric and ideas, and that Edison's Blue UN has perfectly simulated it by their actions. He awards the contest to Edison as an incredulous Annie Kim looks on ("Geography of Global Conflict").

GOGC The UN Showdown begins
The Model UN-Off.

Season Four[]

In the study group's senior year at Greendale, Kim competes alongside other students in a multi-round contest called "The Hunger Deans". The winner receives a spot in the popular class "History of Ice Cream" . In the opening competition, Annie Kim slams Jeff's head into a wall thanks to an assist form Leonard who distracted him. Jeff questions why a pre-med student like her would be competing and Annie simply says she wants ice cream. Jeff snatched her glasses and tossed them aside before pulling her off the wall climbing obstacle she was on. Later, she attempted to form an alliance with Jeff in another event featuring a tango contest. He turned down her offer and chose Dean Pelton to be his dance partner. Annie Kim paired off with Leonard but didn't win as Pelton ultimately awarded Jeff the prize ("History 101").

4x1 Annie Kim wants ice cream
"I want ice cream!"

Season Six[]

In the 2015 semester at Greendale, Annie Kim was cast in a stage production taking over for Annie Edison who got fired. The play was an adaption of the 1984 film "The Karate Kid" and Kim took over from Edison the role of "Danny Larusso". She acted opposite Ben Chang who portrayed "Mr. Miyagi" and it was only on the opening night of the play that her rival learned Kim had replaced her. The production was well received by the audience with a lot of praise going to Chang for his performance. Once the show was over, Kim attended the play's after party and eventually went with the cast and crew to a nearby bar for a private celebration ("Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing").

6x4 Annie Kim Crane style
Annie Kim recreates an iconic moment.


  • In this interview with The A.V. Club, Harmon says that when looking for actresses for the role of Annie Edison, he wanted racial diversity among the characters and was looking to cast an Asian or Latina.


I recall other Annie mentioned the concept, but she certainly didn't have the initiative to find a faculty adviser. I didn't realize all you had to do was call dibs.Annie Kim
You're a fool. Your ultimatum is itself a technical act of aggression. If we simply refuse to recognize your authority, we still remain ahead, and you lose.Annie Kim, rejecting Annie Edison's offer to join them as one U.N.
I want ice cream!Annie Kim, declaring her reasons for entering "The Hunger Deans".