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Anthropology classroom

Anthropology classroom    Greendalelogo
Purpose : Room for Anthropology class — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Anthropology 101"

Visitors: June Bauer, The study group, Ben Chang, Ian Duncan, Anaesthesiology girl, Rich, Neil, Mr. Jacobson, Andre Bennett, Paramedic, The Black Rider, Magnitude, Leonard, Vicki, Garrett, Paradox, Jeremy, Long Haired Guy

Okay, if we're not interested in Spanish 103 next year, what about Anthropology? Ooooh, Anthropology! The study of man!
Annie, "English as a Second Language".

In their sophomore year at Greendale, the study group decides to take Anthropology 101 together. The course is taught by Professor June Bauer in the Anthropology classroom. The class would later be taught by Professor Ian Duncan after Bauer was suspended for attacking a student. Its first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Anthropology 101"; its last appearance was in the episode "A Fistful of Paintballs".


Season Two[]

At the start of the study group's second year at Greendale, they went to the Anthropology classroom for the Humanities course they signed up for. The professor was June Bauer who made an impression by paralyzing Star-Burns with a dart. Her first assignment was for the students to form tribes and then analyze a box of random objects. The professor got annoyed when Jeff Winger disrupted class to instigate a "love" battle between him and Britta Perry which resulted in breaking up their tribe/study group. The next time in the classroom Jeff issued an apology to his friends through his assigned presentation. In response Bauer attacked him with a weapon she cobbled together from the objects in the box. Due to her actions Bauer was suspended from school indefinitely ("Anthropology 101").

A 101 That is why you fail
Professor Bauer's suspendable act in the Anthropology classroom.
Despite having no educational background on the subject, Professor Ian Duncan is brought in to replace Bauer as the Anthropology teacher. He and Ben Chang get into a brief argument due to the restraining order Ian has against him after their fight at the "Tranny Dance". Later, Pierce brings his recently deceased mother's Energon pod to the classroom. Duncan soon discovers the advantages to his restraining order and starts abusing it forcing Chang to leave the classroom. With Chang gone, a discussion begins of Pierce's religious beliefs and Duncan is intrigued when he mentions the church has a mixer coming up with lots of alcoholic beverages available. The conversation is interrupted when an attractive female students enters the classroom looking for "Anaesthesiology" which Duncan immediately replies it is ("The Psychology of Letting Go").

2X3 Professor Bauer's replacement Ian Duncan
Duncan replaces Bauer as the new professor.
Sometime later, Duncan decided that the curriculum of the class should be watching various Youtube videos to fully understand the nature of man ("Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples"). After Winter break is over, the second semester of Anthropology begins and a now sober Duncan promises to be more serious in his teaching of the class. Rich takes Annie's advice and decides to sign up for the course much to Jeff's chagrin ("Asian Population Studies").

2X5 Youtube Anthropology
Watching Youtube videos in the Anthropology classroom.
By the time of the Anthropology finals, Duncan had begun drinking again and even encouraged his students to bring their own alcoholic drinks to class. His plans to unwind and coast through the last class are undone when Dean Pelton unexpectedly dropped by with a reporter from Dean monthly magazine. He was there to observe the class in action. Duncan excused himself from the class and never returned leaving everyone else to deal with a crisis that developed. Shirley goes into labor and because of riot taking place in the school parking lot they are unable to drive her to a hospital. Britta is forced to deliver the baby in the classroom with Abed's assistance ("Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts").

2x22-Chang Annie Shirley Andre Ben Britta Troy Abed Dean Pelton Reporter
Shirley giving birth in class.
During the 2011 Paintball game the anthropology classroom gets trashed. Annie winds up there after chasing Ben Chang and gets ambushed by The Black Rider. She was saved by the timely arrival of Jeff and Abed and after a brief paintball battle ensued the Black Rider retreated ("A Fistful of Paintballs"). The remaining Greendale paintball players gathered inside the Anthropology classroom to discuss the arrival of the City College paintball army. A radio controlled toy car with a paintball grenade payload interrupted their conversation. Magnitude sacrificed himself by jumping on top of it before it explodes. The remaining students united in honor of their fallen comrade and resolved to take back the school from the City College invaders ("For A Few Paintballs More").

Troy and Abed rally the troops
Troy and Abed rally the troops.

Lessons from the blackboard[]

Locomotor types[]

Broadly speaking, there are three types of locomotion covered in Anthropology 101:

  • Vertical leaping (example: the sifaka, though spelled incorrectly as "safika" on the board)
  • Knuckle walking (examples: chimps, Dean Pelton)
  • Erect bipeda (example: humans)

These notes do not change for an entire semester, until Asian Population Studies. Ian Duncan then adds the word "penis" in large capital letters, underlined five times, under the heading "Anthropology Introduction to the Study of man".