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Archie DeCoste
Portrayed by: ZACK PEARLMAN
First appearance: "Economics of Marine Biology"
Date of birth: 1991 (AGE 22)
Home town: UNKNOWN
Occupation: Heir to the DeCoste fortune


I've made my decision Dean! I'm about to get all up in this Greendale!
— Archie DeCoste, "Economics of Marine Biology".

Archie DeCoste  was a recent high school graduate pursued by Greendale Community College to attend the school. He was not very bright, a heavy marijuana user and a lazy, spoiled individual. Despite his faults, he had one redeeming value which was the fact that he was the offspring of a wealthy family. This got him the attention of many colleges who considered him a "whale"; a potential source of school funding. His first appearance was in the Season Four episode "Economics of Marine Biology". He is portrayed by actor Zack Pearlman.

Character history[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Archie DeCoste was recruited by several colleges after his graduation from high school. The interest in him had more to do with his wealthy family than any scholastic or athletic achievements he had. After having gotten a look at City College, he accepted a present from them, a Vespa, and drove it to Greendale to hear their pitch. Having been advised by school administrators Carl Bladt and Richie Countee, Dean Pelton decided to modify the approach he prepared for Archie after seeing the parting gift he got from City College. Archie was given a personal tour of the school by Pelton, Britta and Annie sitting in a wheeled office chair while they pushed him down the hallways.

4X7 Archie the whale
Introducing Archie the whale.
Archie was able to ask for and receive several perks including a necklace a student was wearing which he liked. As Pelton continued to acquiesce to his demands, he lied about Greendale mentioning that they had courses being taught by professors Ed Hardy and Shawn White. Abed and his "Delta Cube" fraternity interrupted the tour and accidentally caused him to spill a soda on his new sneakers when they ran past him. Archie asked Britta to wipe his shoes off but she was angered at the suggestion and left Annie and Dean to deal with him. He was then taken to the cafeteria where an impromptu party was held in his honor. He started dancing along with the other students invited to the bash and Pelton sent a group of scantily clad women to join him.

4X7 Archie the whale in person
The whale arrives.
After enjoying himself at the festivities, Archie then declared that he made his decision and that Greendale was where he was going to go. Magnitude, who was also in attendance at the party, did his signature "Pop, Pop!" catchphrase upon hearing this good news. Archie took an immediate liking to this gesture and asked Pelton if he could have it. Annie started to object but the Dean told Magnitude that the phrase was now Archie's and he was banned from using it. Archie did the gesture and said the phrase as a dejected Magnitude and Annie looked on. He ended up partying until the next day when he was found asleep still in the cafeteria along with a few of the other partygoers.

Archie with whale bait
To catch a whale you need whale bait.
Dean Pelton woke him up and came clean about the lies he made up about Greendale. He also took back the edict he made earlier after having seen how it had affected Magnitude. The Dean told Archie that although he may have made up a lot of things about Greendale, the one thing it had above other schools is that it's accepting of everyone's faults and doesn't judge. Archie replies that sort of attitude is exactly what he is looking for. He surprises Dean Pelton by saying that he wants to attend the school as he is always being treated differently due to his family's wealth. They all start to celebrate when Abed's Delta Cubes fraternity suddenly appears. Following Abed's instructions, they pull down Archie, Pelton and Magnitude's pants before running away ("Economics of Marine Biology").

4X7 You'll pay for this Delta Cubes
Mark my words Delta Cubes, you'll pay for this!