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Baby Doll Shirley2
Baby Shirley
Portrayed by: Yvette Nicole Brown (voice)
First appearance: "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"
Home town: Planet Abed
Occupation: baby doll


Abed, did you say my Christmas self was a baby? Are you sure you didn't say I was a Christmas angel? I think that must be what you said, right, because you respect me too much to think of me as a baby.
— Shirley, "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas".

Baby Shirley
Baby Doll Shirley voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown.
Baby Doll Shirley is how Abed perceives Shirley when he attends a therapy session in which he and the study group go on an imaginary adventure to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Abed thought of her as a baby as he considered her belief that Christmas belonged only to Christians selfish and childish. Her first and only appearance was in "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas". She is voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown.

Character history[]

After Abed has what appears to be an emotional breakdown of some kind, Britta and Jeff stage an intervention for him headed up by Professor Ian Duncan and attended by the rest of the study group. Duncan convinces Abed to undergo hypnosis in order to get to the root of his problem. While he is under, he imagines that everyone has been transported to another world, "Planet Abed", where they all transform into their Christmas selves. In Abed's mind Shirley has become "Baby Doll Shirley". Abed invites them to join him in trying to reach the North Pole and discover the true meaning of Christmas. As they begin the journey by travelling down "Gum drop lane", the group discusses what their forms mean.

S02E11-Baby Doll Shirley transforming
Baby Doll Shirley transforming.
Baby Doll Shirley inquires as to why Abed envisioned her as an infant. She thought he would have more respect for her and began to lose her temper about it. After she referred to Abed's group therapy session in a negative way, The Christmas Wizard decided to "freeze" her and eject her from the intervention. Using a remote control he summoned a "Christmas Pterodactyl" to remove her. As it flew away with Baby Doll Shirley in its claws, Abed sings her out with this song:

Swaddled in her diaper, high up on her throne, the queen of Christmas babies thought that Christmas was her own.

S02E11-Christmas Wizard freezes Shirley
The Christmas Wizard freezes Baby Doll Shirley.
Abed eventually makes it to the North Pole along with the last study group member to survive the journey, Teddy Pierce. After finding a red herring left by the Christmas Wizard, Duncan forces Abed to confront the real reason behind his actions. A letter Duncan found in his dorm room reveals that his mom wouldn't be visiting him for Christmas this year. Abed goes into a catatonic state when confronted with this and literally freezes in place. Teddy Pierce then chastises Duncan for putting Abed into this state. Baby doll Shirley along with the rest of the study group then suddenly reappears. They denounce Duncan's assertion that Christmas is at fault for Abed's condition along with his idea that the holiday has caused others to feel similar despair because of unhealthy expectations from it.

S02E11-Christmas Pterodactyl removes Shirley
The Christmas Pterodactyl removes Baby Doll Shirley.
The study group replies that Christmas is the time of the year for hope, and they can make that belief a reality by supporting each other. Duncan scoffs at this notion and the study group decide to make their point more clear by attacking him with "Christmas weapons" while they sing a song. Abed starts to thaw as this is happening responding to his friends fighting for him. Baby doll Shirley uses a gun covered in wrapping paper to fire Christmas cookies at him. Abed and the group then "return" to the study room and they decide to uphold his yearly tradition with his mom and watch Christmas cartoons together in Abed's dorm room ("Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas").

S02E11-Baby Doll Shirley firing gun
Baby Doll Shirley firing Christmas cookies at the Christmas Warlock.


Uh, you know what Abed? I happen to know the meaning of Christmas, and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here that does. So I would appreciate a certain level of respect even if I am a guest in your make believe therapy wonderland.Baby Doll Shirley