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Tell your boyfriend and his boyfriend that play time's over.
— Jeff to Britta
In the study room, the study group is trying to figure out an idea for their final history project. Annie is taking it especially seriously since her grade in History affects her chances of becoming valedictorian. She suggests creating banners which Jeff immediately agrees to since it sounds easy enough to do. Shirley and Annie change the subject and ask Troy and Britta what they have planned for their one year anniversary, but it's clear neither remembered the occasion. However, the two agree to go to Señor Kevin's in honor of their first date at the restaurant despite seeming less than thrilled about it. Things become more awkward when Troy enthusiastically brings up the fact that it's the third anniversary of the first time he and Abed saw the movie "Freaky Friday." Troy hands Abed a stack of DVD movies involving body switching in honor of the occasion. After sorting through them, Abed and Troy both hold onto the "Freaky Friday" DVD and try to create a moment where they switch bodies but are disappointed when nothing happens.

4X11 Making a wish
The next morning in his apartment, Troy awakens in bed next to Britta and awkwardly excuses himself so he can talk to Abed in the next room. Troy adopts Abed's mannerisms and explains to his friend that the body switching has now taken effect. Later in the study room, the rest of the group prepare for the banner assignment. Annie insists they do well so that she and Shirley can improve their grade point average and beat out Leonard for valedictorian. Troy and Abed then arrive imitating each other causing them to have to explain their odd behavior. They both decide to ditch the group's plans having more pressing concerns; Abed (as Troy) has to go on the anniversary date with Britta while Troy (Abed) tries to find the exact DVD copy they used the other day so they can switch back. After Britta chases after Troy, an exasperated Jeff puts the project on hold. He splits the group up sending Shirley and Annie to investigate Leonard's academic history while he tries to help find the missing DVD.

5X11 Annie organizes banner project
Annie goes overboard in organizing the group's banner project.
Britta catches up with Troy and asks if they are still going to Señor Kevin's later. Troy replies he needs to continue the body switching thing for Abed's sake since he is having some issues. Meanwhile, Jeff goes to Dean Pelton's office and asks him to help trick Troy and Abed into believing he has the DVD copy of "Freaky Friday" they are looking for. Instead, Pelton reenacts the movie's body switching scene and pretends to be Jeff. The real one then leaves annoyed at Pelton's antics. Over at Señor Kevin's, Britta takes Abed (as Troy) on the anniversary lunch date. As she's tries to therapize him, they are interrupted by the restaurant's manager. An old antagonist of Abed, he begins stating his disdain for the movie "Die Hard" with Britta encouraging his tirade. She had hoped an attack on Abed's favorite film will see him drop the Troy persona but it proves unsuccessful. Back at school, Jeff is similarly unable to get through to Troy who is still acting like Abed. A frustrated Jeff joins Troy in his DVD search as they headed to the school's janitorial department for clues.

4X11 Pelton gets in on the body switching theme
Dean Pelton gets in on the body switching theme.
At the same time, Annie and Shirley arrive at Pelton's office and ask the Dean, who is still imitating Jeff, to look up Leonard's academic records. He obliges them and discovers decades ago Leonard received an "A" at Greendale and has been maintaining a perfect GPA by taking courses since then as pass/fail. At Señor Kevin's, Britta's conversation with Abed makes her realize her relationship with Troy isn't going as well as she thinks. Meanwhile, Jeff and Troy locate Jerry the janitor and find him role playing in a detective game with his co-workers. After telling Jerry about the missing DVD, he suggests they look in the school's lost and found room. Over in the schools hallway, Pelton, still channelling Jeff's personality, confronts Leonard about his transcript. Angered that he was found out, Leonard declares he is quitting school and clears the way for Annie or Shirley to become valedictorian. Meanwhile, Jerry leads Troy and Jeff to the messy lost and found room.

4x11 The lost and found room
Jerry shows Jeff and Troy to the school's lost and found room.
Troy (as Abed) admits despite how insurmountable it seems for them to find the DVD amidst the clutter, he prefers this task than the one Abed has. Back at Señor Kevin's, Abed (as Troy) tells Britta how difficult it's been to make the relationship work. Britta then realizes that the body switch occurred because Troy was trying to avoid having to break up with her. Over at Greendale, Jeff comes to the same conclusion after talking with the real Troy. Jeff sympathizes with what he is going through but tells Troy he needs to be a man and face his problems instead of avoiding them. They both head over to Señor Kevin's and interrupt the lunch date. Troy produces the DVD which he had on him all along and tells Abed it's time for them to switch back. After a lighting assist by Jeff, the process is complete as Troy re-assumes his normal persona.

4X11 Troy breaks up with Britta
Troy confesses the real reason behind the body switch.
Troy apologizes for his actions and tells her that his behavior just confirms how unready he is for a serious relationship. He adds that despite how much he enjoys being with her, he is better suited to be just her friend rather than her boyfriend. Britta tears up and silently agrees with his assessment while holding his hand. Afterwards, the group reassembles at school to finally start the History banner project. They go to the study room and are shocked to find the assignment already completed by Pierce. Dean Pelton then arrives expressing his regret to the group over how he acted when he switched bodies with Jeff. After he goes, the study group takes off as well to enjoy their now free weekend. Britta pulls Troy back before he goes and the two share a hug in the study room.

4X11 Troy and Britta hug
Troy and Britta share a private moment together.

End tag[]

Troy and Abed are purposely messing up for a "gag reel" of their Freaky Friday experience while Jeff scolds them over it not being real. The Dean makes an appearance by running into the door. Abed informs him they are not doing the outtakes anymore. On the way out, the Dean runs into the door again and pronounces loudly his disappointment over really not doing the outtakes anymore.

Recurring themes[]


  • Previously:
    • Troy and Britta's lunch date in the Season Three episode "Virtual Systems Analysis" is referenced. It is mentioned this episode occurs exactly one year from their first date, meaning this episode takes place in April, thus placing over a four month gap between this episode and the previous one. This doesn't really make sense given the plotline of J
    • Pierce comments on Britta, "Somebody's sure working her way around the table," alluding to Jeff and Britta's previous relationship.
  • That just happened: Annie brings up how she took a hit accepting a C+ grade for the group's History paper, affecting her and Shirley's run for valedictorian, which happened in "Intro to Knots."
  • Identity crisis: Troy and Abed undergo this when they believe they have switched bodies with each other. Dean Pelton undergoes one as well when he believes he switched bodies with Jeff.
  • Climax: This episode sees the resolution of Troy and Britta's relationship.
  • Googly eyes: Annie is overtly attracted to the Dean when he is acting as Jeff.
  • Familiar faces: Jerry and Crazy Schmidt return in this episode.
  • Returning student: Leonard returns, and it's revealed he is on track to becoming valedictorian.
  • A nice gesture:
    • Troy and Abed do their signature handshake after they "switched" bodies.
    • After the group leaves the study room, Britta pulls Troy aside for a hug.
  • Replay: In honor of the anniversary of their first date, Troy and Britta decide to celebrate at the same place it occurred: Señor Kevin's.
  • All by myself: Pierce finds himself alone again from the rest of the group's activities and ends up completing their History assignment by himself.
  • School uniform: Britta is wearing the "Help the Gulf" t-shirt from "The Psychology of Letting Go." The Dean's bee costume from "Celebrity Pharmacology 212" can be seen in the lost and found.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Britta says "duh doy" after Annie points out that it's the one year anniversary of her and Troy's first date.
    • Abed delivers Troy's catchphrase and says "This is wrinkling my brain!"
  • This must be the place: Troy, Abed, and Annie's apartment, Group Study Room F, Dean Pelton's office, Señor Kevin's.
  • Winger speech: Jeff delivers one to Troy after realizing what the body switch was actually about.
  • Discontinuity:
    • Greendale was founded in 1974 according to promotional material used to advertise "Community" before its debut in 2009 (as seen here). It was also canonized in the Season Five episode "Basic Sandwich" that the school was founded in 1974. However, Dean Pelton says that Leonard took classes at the school in 1968. (Maybe it was a predecessor college or vocational school that occupied the same site.)
    • The previous episode, set around Christmas, was about Jeff trying to get a history credit and graduate early. However, if this is the anniversary of Troy and Britta's first date, it should be April, so why hasn't Jeff graduated yet?

Running gags[]

  • Awww: Annie and Shirley both unenthusiastically coo in unison when Troy eagerly discuses his third-year anniversary watching body switching movies with Abed.
  • Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?: After finding out Pierce has finished all of the project banners, Jeff asks the group if they want to have an "early weekend" by asking it three times and pointing at the group.
  • Greendale bylaws: According to them, the Dean must grant three wishes to any student he scolds.
  • Man crush: The Dean delivers several double entendre lines about Jeff being inside him.
  • Shout out: Troy mentions the actor Judge Reinhold when the study group questions Abed's negative reaction to one of the movies.
  • Shut up, Leonard!: This time it's Dean Pelton who delivers this joke, though he believes he's Jeff.

Meta references[]

  • Background check: At the beginning of the episode, the dry-erase board behind Annie and Shirley reads "Sign up sheets available in the ADMIN OFFICE. Hey everyone Happy Oct 19! Glad you could join us back in the Study Room." Underneath that it also says, "Welcome Back K. Otter", a reference to the 1970's sitcom, Welcome Back, Kotter, with Gabe Kaplan as teacher Mr. Kotter, who taught a wisecracking gang ("The Sweathogs") of inner city high schoolers at his alma mater in New York City. The super cool leader of The Sweathogs was none other than John Travolta in his breakout role of Vinnie Barbarino. Both characters are mirrored in "Community" in Jeff Winger's character- first as the cool group leader, and second as a foreshadowing of Jeff returning to his alma mater as a teacher in in the next season.

Later, on the chalkboard behind Annie it says, "GCC 410. All books must be returned to Ms Drysdale @ the reception desk. All lost and found items will be taken to the student union bldg. You must have a valid student ID. Community Contest- It's not what Your Community can do for you, but what you can do for your Community. Write a short paper about your Community, what you like and what you would change if you could. One human does not a Community make...but one Human Being can make a difference. are you HUMAN ENOUGH? -ONE HUMAN BEING"

When the angle reverses, we can see that the white board has changed to read: "GCC 410. Study room schedules for this session are now available at the front desk. Additional forms may be acquired in the Student Union BLDG. Class schedules have been postponed until further notice. We are working to have this resolved by next Spring. Thanks for your attendance & continued support. The Human Being"

  • Homage: This episode was an homage to the body switching movie genre.
  • And scene: When Leonard's short valedictorian story arc resolves abruptly with him being caught, he remarks "Nice wrap-up."
  • IMDb: Various body switching movies are referenced when Troy hands Abed's some DVDs he rented:
    • The Change-Up: A married man and his bachelor best friend switch bodies.
    • 13 Going on 30: A teenager switches bodies with her older self in the future.
    • Seventeen Again: Two grandparents are restored to their teenage selves after using an experimental anti-aging formula developed by their grandson.
    • 18 Again!: A grandfather switches bodies with his teenage grandson.
    • "Vice-Versa: A father and son switch bodies due to a magical skull.
    • Freaky Friday: A mother and daughter switch bodies after expressing the same wish. -Jeff tries to give 'Abed in Troys body' a DVD of the 2003 remake, which switched bodies using a fortune cookie.


This we have to take seriously? Pick a moment in history and talk about it. Be as creative as you want. Or don't. I don't care. Signed, Professor Cornwa. He didn't even finish signing his name.Jeff
Guys I need to apologize for my behavior today. When I switched bodies with Jeffrey...Dean Pelton
...I thought I would know what it would be like to have Jeffrey inside of me.Dean Pelton
That didn't happenJeff
But as it turns out, having Jeffrey inside of me ...Dean Pelton
Nope again.Jeff
...only brought out the worst in me. Which is to say, having Jeffrey inside of me...Dean Pelton
No one was inside of anyone!Jeff
...was have Jeffrey inside of me.Dean Pelton
Shut up!Jeff
So I'm sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I scolded Leonard today and according to Greendale by-laws I now have to grant him three wishes.Dean Pelton
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