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Chang S5 headshot
Ben Franklin Chang
Portrayed by: Ken Jeong
First appearance: "Spanish 101"
Last appearance: "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"
Date of birth: 1969
Department: None
Position: Unknown


— Ben Chang, "Spanish 101".

Chang Season Five pose
Ben Chang portrayed by Ken Jeong.

Ben Franklin Chang, (portrayed by actor Ken Jeong) is a long time employee of Greendale Community College who has worked at the school in various capacities. His known family includes a mother who refused to breast feed him as a child, a deceased twin sister named Connie whom he claimed to have eaten in utero and a brother known only as Rabbi Chang. He was also at one time happily married to woman named Alessandra. Chang started his nearly decade long association with Greendale as a Spanish teacher. This job came to an end after an anonymous source revealed to Dean Pelton that he faked his teaching credentials. Chang was immediately fired but was allowed to enroll at the school as a music student with hopes of also earning a legitimate teaching degree. However, his personal life took a turn for the worse when he and his wife got divorced. This was due to him having gotten roofied and having an affair with another student at a Halloween party. He was kicked out and after a brief stay at Jeff Wingers apartment, eventually took up residence in the Greendale ventilation system. Dean Pelton learned about his situation and hired him to be a campus security guard. Chang grew mentally unstable during this time and used his job to stage a coup d'état and took over the school. After his "regime" came to an end, he returned to the school months later claiming to have amnesia. He was gradually accepted back and Shirley even employed him at her sandwich shop. Ultimately, he eventually dropped the ruse, went to jail for his crimes, and was put in a work-release program employed at Greendale as a math teacher. His current position at school is unknown, but he is now officially a member of the "Save Greendale Committee". Chang's hobbies include paintball, playing keytar, riding his scooter, and snowboarding. He also used to swim regularly at the local YMCA.


Look at me bro, look at me. I've got a body of a fifth grader!

–Ben Chang, "Introduction to Statistics".

Chang's mania grows over the course of his time at the school. His temperament usually stems from whether or not he is in a position of authority; it is then that he experiences inexplicable self confidence and extreme narcissism. Not only does this feed his delusions of grandeur but also leads him to become a bully. He was once obsessed with Latin culture and proclaimed himself "El Tigre Chino" (The Chinese Tiger). As a teacher, he took an almost sadistic approach to his job and would often enthusiastically torment his students. This attitude surfaced again when he was hired as a school security guard and abused his authority on a larger scale. On the other hand, he also experiences bouts of depression, self-pity and neediness. This contrasts his louder and more obnoxious personality suggesting that it's just a mask for his own insecurities. This was passively shown when he used self-deprecating humor to mock his own shortcomings. His time as a student illustrated how desperate Chang could be as he struggled to be accepted by the study group. It's hinted that monkey gas that he had inhaled had started to poison his mind. It fueled his delusions and pushed the worst of aspects of his personality to the extreme. In his later years at school he seemed to calm down when he joined the Save Greendale Committee. Despite a few relapses he considered the committee his friends and liked who he was when he was with them. At the end of the 2015 semester at Greendale he announced to his colleagues that he was gay (See Trivia Sexuality).

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Character history[]

Season One[]

So I did what any man would do. I faked my way into a job teaching Spanish at a community college using phrases from Sesame Street.

–Ben Chang, "English as a Second Language".

School year synopsis

During the 2009-2010 semester at Greendale, Chang first met the study group with whom he would have a strained relationship over the years. He also began a petty feud with Dr. Ian Duncan whom he felt had no respect for him. He had a brief separation from his wife which his student Jeff Winger helped bring to a happy resolution. Chang's poor relationship with his brother, Rabbi Chang, was revealed during the school's Family Day event. He later participated in the school's annual Paintball Assassin contest as a ringer sent in by Dean Pelton to prevent the paintball game from lasting for too long (Dean Pelton was concerned that the paintball game was going to last far too long, and worried that if someone got hurt, police would come and think he was a bad Dean). As the year came to a close, Chang had concerns that his fraudulent qualifications as a Spanish teacher would be exposed and sought advice from Jeff about obtaining more faked credentials. Unbeknownst to him Annie would later learn about this due to her having left a Dictaphone behind which recorded their private conversation. Annie tipped off Dean Pelton and Chang's career as a Spanish teacher came to an end. He blamed Winger and went to the parking lot to wreck Jeff's Lexus with his keytar. Annie later came forward as the guilty party and managed to convince Chang to enroll at Greendale and earn a legit degree. After officially becoming a student, Chang went to see Ian Duncan and asked him to help him cheat his way through school. The professor laughed in his face and ruthlessly mocked Chang. The taunting continued when they both attended the end of the year school function called "The Tranny Dance". Chang had to restrain himself from physically assaulting Duncan lest he be expelled from school for hitting a teacher. It wasn't until after Duncan got himself suspended that Chang got a roll of quarters and punched Ian in the face.

2009 - 2010 semester

"Spanish 101": Chang is first introduced in this episode.

"Introduction to Film": Does not appear.

"Social Psychology": Chang flips out during Professor Ian Duncan's psych experiment.

"Advanced Criminal Law": Chang discovers a crib sheet Britta made for an exam and later sits on a tribunal along with Ian Duncan and Dean Pelton to determine her academic fate.

"Football, Feminism and You": Does not appear.

"Introduction to Statistics": Chang attends Annie's "Dia de los Muertos" Halloween party as a matador and helps Jeff seduce Professor Michelle Slater.

"Home Economics": In Spanish class, Chang lets Pierce throw paper balls in a sleeping Jeff's mouth.

"Debate 109": Does not appear.

"Environmental Science": Jeff takes Chang out in order to get his mind off his separation from his wife and also in the hopes that he will ease up on the course workload he had been heaping onto the class.

"The Politics of Human Sexuality": Chang makes fun of the condoms having holes at the STD Fair.

"Comparative Religion": Chang allows bully Mike Chilada to disrupt the Spanish exam and later announces to the Study Group that they've all passed and will see him in 2010 in Spanish 102.

"Interpretive Dance": Does not appear.

"Romantic Expressionism": Chang attends the viewings of the two Kickpuncher movies in Abed's dorm room.

"Communication Studies": Chang embarrasses Troy and Pierce by revealing they sent Valentine's Day presents to themselves. He then forces them to wear ladies pant suits to the Valentine's dance.

"Physical Education": Chang watches Jeff's pool competition against Coach Herbert Bogner and asks the Dean if he is going to stop it. He also takes bets against Jeff.

"Basic Genealogy": Chang's brother Rabbi Chang visits him on Greendale's "Family Day" event.

"Beginner Pottery": When Pierce falls out the sailboat the S.S.Nose Candy onto Chang's parking space, Chang pulls up in his moped and yells for security.

"The Science of Illusion": As the Dean grills the Spanish 101 class over who killed a frog and threw a corpse out of a window, he reveals that Chang has a crippling fear of frogs.

"Contemporary American Poultry": When the Study Group takes over Greendale's chicken fingers, Abed makes a deal to give Chang fingers in return for a 10% bump on every Spanish test for the group.

"The Art of Discourse": When Pierce is kicked out the Study Group for embarrassing Shirley, Chang asks him if he wants to buy Girl Guide cookies. Before he can, Chang takes off with two Girl Guides in pursuit.

"Modern Warfare": Chang is brought into the campus Paintball assassination game as a ringer by Dean Pelton to prevent the students from winning the prize.

"English as a Second Language": Chang fraudulent credentials as a Spanish teacher are exposed, and he is fired from his position.

"Pascal's Triangle Revisited": Chang gets into a fight with Ian Duncan at the end of the year Tranny Dance.

Season Two[]

Consider yourself Chang-ed!''

–Ben Chang, "Anthropology 101".

School year synopsis

During Greendale's 2010-2011 semester, Chang continued to be enrolled as a student at Greendale. Early in the semester he made peace with Ian Duncan over the "Tranny dance" incident from the previous year. He tried on numerous occasions to be accepted study group with little success. On Halloween, a mysterious event took place during a party that Chang attended. Although no one can remember it (due to everyone supposedly being mass roofied), some evidence of what happened surfaced in the form of a voice mail Chang sent to Troy. It indicated Chang and Shirley had sex at the party which soon became a concern when she announced she was pregnant. When Chang discovered he might be a father he becomes obsessed with his possible parenthood and tried to become a part of Shirley's pregnancy. Ultimately the baby's father was revealed to be Shirley's ex-husband Andre's much to Chang's disappointment. During this time, Chang briefly lived with Jeff for a short stint after his wife kicked him out due to his affair. He ended the year participating in the Paintball Assassin game forging brief alliances with Jeff and Abed, the math club and the cheerleaders before being eliminated by an invading army of paintball commandos. Along with a crowd of eliminated Greendale students he was there to witness Pierce Hawthorne win the competition.

2010 - 2011 semester

"Anthropology 101": Chang joins the same Anthropology class as the study group in the hopes of joining them.

"Accounting for Lawyers": Chang participates in the Pop-and-Lock-toberfest competition in order to join the study group.

"The Psychology of Letting Go": Ian Duncan uses the restraining order he has on Chang to his advantage.

"Basic Rocket Science": Chang indicates to Abed that he can save the study group who are stuck in The Eleven Herbs & Space Experience by re-routing power. He backs away silently when Abed asks what he'll re-route it to. Later, Chang praises a KFC sandwich.

"Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples": Chang is the director of Abed's meta movie.

"Epidemiology": With a horde of infected students bearing down on them in the library restroom, Chang and Shirley share a moment and have sex before being infected themselves. The incident is erased from everyone's memories due to government agents.

"Aerodynamics of Gender": Chang says "damn!" as Abed "takes down" bitch Meghan.

"Cooperative Calligraphy": Does not appear.

"Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design": Does not appear.

"Mixology Certification": Does not appear.

"Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas": Chang appears as a snowman which Abed is building.

"Asian Population Studies": Chang learns that he and Shirley hooked up on Halloween and he might be the father of her child.

"Celebrity Pharmacology 212": Chang saves the Greendale drug awareness show by acting crazy as the character "Drugs".

"Advanced Dungeons & Dragons": Chang is a D&D dark elf (or trow) character in the game called Brutalitops the Magician. He is decapitated early in the game.

"Early 21st Century Romanticism": A homeless Chang tries to trick his way into a roof over his head by scheming his way into Jeff's apartment.

"Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking": Does not appear.

"Intro to Political Science": Does not appear.

"Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy": Chang tries to prove to Shirley he can be a responsible parent with disastrous results.

"Critical Film Studies": Chang dresses as the "Pulp Fiction" character Butch Coolidge for Abed's surprise party and tricks Troy into opening Jeff's gift for Abed.

"Competitive Wine Tasting": Chang is part of the wine tasting class and tips Jeff off that Wu Mei's name means "Red Dragon".

"Paradigms of Human Memory": Chang goes into the air vents in the study room and discovers Annie's Boobs secret cache of study group-related items.

"Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts": Chang helps Shirley through the delivery of her baby and learns he is not the father after it's born. For his assistance, the child is named after him by Shirley.

"A Fistful of Paintballs": Chang tries to survive the latest paintball assassination game by making and then breaking various alliances with various campus cliques. He is taken out of the game by the City College Paintball gatling gun.

"For A Few Paintballs More": Chang is seen wrapped in a blanket when Greendale wins the Paintball Assassin game.

Season Three[]

Chang you're insane! You're still into Keytar?!

–Troy Barnes, "First Chang Dynasty".

School year synopsis

At the start of the 2011-2012 semester at Greendale, Chang found himself homeless and living in the school's air vents. He hits his lowest point when his new "home" is flooded with monkey gas. It is later suggested this gas slowly began to poison his mind. Dean Pelton needed to replace some staff after the a drastic school budget cut forced him to cut costs. He offered Chang a job as a security under officer. In return for his "services," Dean Pelton gave him the closet in the cafeteria as a place to live. Chang burnt it down by accident while trying to "solve a mystery". Pelton overlooked what happened due to his culpability in the matter which caused the campus security chief Sgt. Nunez to resign over the cover up. Chang was promoted to Nunez's position and recruited a group of preteens to be his campus security force called "The Changlourious Basterds". Together they participated in the infamous "Pillows and Blankets" campus civil war fighting on the side of Troy and his Blanket fort. At the same time he began planning an outrageous plot to betray Pelton and take over the school. He implemented his plan when a riot broke out during a memorial that was being held in the cafeteria for the recently deceased Star-Burns. In the wake of the incident he replaced Pelton with a look-a-like and ingratiated himself with the Greendale school board members. Using his influence, along with his fake Dean, he had the study group blamed for the riot and expelled from Greendale. He establishes dictatorship over the campus and quickly drains its financial resources remaking the school as a monument to himself. This culminates in an expensive birthday extravaganza he throws at the end of the year. The study group crashes the party and brings his reign to an end. Chang flees to City College where he finds himself again living in the air vents of a school.

2011 - 2012 semester

"Biology 101": Chang is hit by monkey gas and then gets offered a job as a security guard and a room at Greendale.

"Geography of Global Conflict": Chang adjusts to his new position and has to deal with Britta who returned to her activist ways.

"Remedial Chaos Theory": Does not appear.

"Competitive Ecology": Chang imagines a conspiracy which results in him burning down Hot & Brown and being hired by the Dean as the new head of security.

"Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps": In several of the group's Halloween stories, Chang plays a hook-hand killer.

"Advanced Gay": Chang attends Cornelius Hawthorne's funeral and leaves with Urbana Champaign.

"Documentary Filmmaking: Redux": Chang is Jeff's understudy as Dean Pelton in the filming of Greendale's new commercial.

"Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism": Does not appear.

"Regional Holiday Music": Chang serves a cease and desist order to the Glee Club. In the end tag, Chang sings "chang" to "Carol of the Bells".

"Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts": Does not appear.

"Contemporary Impressionists": Chang works security at Howie Schwartz's Bar Mitzvah and recruits kids for his security force.

"Digital Exploration of Interior Design": Does not appear.

"Pillows and Blankets": Chang and his security force join forces with Troy's Blanketsburg fort to take down Abed and his Pillowtown fort.

"Origins of Vampire Mythology": Chang and Pierce briefly become best friends at a carnival being held at Greendale.

"Virtual Systems Analysis": In the Dreamatorium, Chang locks Abed in a locker.

"Basic Lupine Urology": Chang puts police tape around the smashed yam in the Biology classroom and later acts as a bailiff at the "trial".

"Course Listing Unavailable": Chang and his Changlourious Basterds wreck havoc on a memorial service turned riot. Chang then convinces the School Board to expel the Study Group, tranquillizes the Dean, replaces him with a "Deanelganger" and takes over Greendale.

"Curriculum Unavailable": In flashbacks, Chang is seen snorting Doritos, using Garrett as a crime predicting "precog" and tasing himself in a sensitive area. When the plan to convince the Study Group that they never attended Greendale fails, he announces he's moving to phase 2 (but doesn't know what that is).

"Digital Estate Planning": Does not appear.

"The First Chang Dynasty": Chang holds a party, initially foils the Study Group's plan to oust him and then is found out by the group and Richie and Carl that he was going to set fire to the school. He and Faux-by flee Greendale.

"Introduction to Finality": Chang is seen in the air vents at City College watching Dean Stephen Spreck hatch a plan to take over Greendale.

Season Four[]

Hi, I'm Kevin.

–Chang, "Alternative History of the German Invasion".

School year synopsis

Chang is first seen approaching a mailman and giving him a Greendale stationary page. On it is a written statement claiming his name to be Kevin and that he has "Changnesia". Chang was brought to Greendale by his Doctor Ken Kedan and got the support of the school board members Richie and Carl to spend time there. They wanted to exploit Chang's purported condition to secure financial assistance from the study of his "Changnesia". Dean Pelton was skeptical until "Kevin" turned himself over to the authorities for his previous crimes as Chang. Pelton had Chang released from jail and reintroduced him to a horrified study group. Kevin acclimated to his new environment by getting a job at Shirley's Sandwiches and becoming a model employee. Meanwhile, Greendale tried to secure a grant for $40,000 from the MacGuffin group to further study of Changnesia. The study group, minus Jeff who believed Chang was faking, helped in this endeavor. Jeff finally accepted Kevin had Changnesia after his investigation to prove it false caused an embarrassing spectacle involving Chang's ex-wife Alessandra Chang. However, it's revealed Jeff's initial suspicions were true. Not only was Chang faking but he was also working for Dean Spreck from City College to destroy Greendale from within. One of his failed attempts included trying to sabotage a Christmas party the study group had with their history professor Noel Cornwallis. Towards the end of the school year, Abed researched the study group's history and realized Ben Chang played an instrumental part in their formation. Once Abed informed him of this and suggested he was always one of them, Chang had a change of heart and refused to help Spreck with his plans. Before Jeff graduated from Greendale, he had a daydream involving Chang saving him from being shot by his "Darkest Timeline" counterpart "Evil Jeff".

2012 - 2013 semester

"History 101": Chang makes a shocking appearance to a Postman claiming to have "Changnesia" and that his name is Kevin.

"Paranormal Parentage": Does not appear.

"Conventions of Space and Time": Does not appear.

"Alternative History of the German Invasion": Much to Dean Pelton's shock, Chang/Kevin returns to Greendale as a patient of Doctor Ken Kedan who has made an agreement with Richie and Carl that his rehabilitation will be conducted at Greendale. When Chang/Kevin learns of his past misdeeds, he has himself incarcerated convincing the Dean that he really has forgotten his past. The Dean frees him from jail.

"Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations": Does not appear.

"Advanced Documentary Filmmaking": Jeff tries to prove Chang is faking being "Kevin" before the MacGuffin Neurological Institute awards Greendale grant money to further study hid "Changnesia".

"Economics of Marine Biology": Shirley and Troy teach Chang/Kevin how to play sports and drink from a water fountain.

"Herstory of Dance": "Kevin" deejays the Sadie Hawkins dance at school.

"Intro to Felt Surrogacy": Puppet Kevin/Chang misses the balloon ride with the Study Group and screams his disappointment to the Balloon guide.

"Intro to Knots": "Kevin" takes the blame for tying up Cornwallis in order to stir up conflict within the study group.

"Basic Human Anatomy": Does not appear.

"Heroic Origins": Chang is revealed to have played a large part in the study group's formation.

"Advanced Introduction to Finality": In Jeff's dream, Chang takes a Darkest Timeline paintball gun bullet meant for Jeff and is transported.

Season Five[]

I didn't just masturbate in the study room, I masturbated everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

–Chang, "Cooperative Polygraphy".

School year synopsis

When the study group is unexpectedly reunited for another year at Greendale after they have graduated, they find Chang still at school sleeping in Group Study Room F. He decided to drop his Kevin persona, admitted his crimes and got probation for work release as a math teacher in Greendale. Along with fellow teacher Buzz Hickey, he shows Greendale's new Law professor Jeff Winger the perks of being on the teaching staff. When the campus menace known as the "Ass Crack Bandit" resurfaces, Chang volunteers to act as bait wearing a specially designed backwards costume. Chang briefly participates in a private inquest run by Mr.Stone looking into the death of Pierce Hawthorne. Chang becomes the leader of a gang of hoodlums known as the "Locker Boys" during a campus side game of "Hot Lava". He officially joins the "Save Greendale Committee" after Troy leaves and comes up with the mid term dance theme. Chang performs a one man show at an art house in front of a spectral audience, becomes a popular figure on campus thanks to a status ranking app, and gets tied up after unknowingly walking in on a shady business transaction. He and the committee helps Buzz reconnect with his son Hank through a game of "Dungeons & Dragons". When the school is in the process of being sold to the Subway corporation, Chang betrays his friends and teams up Richie and Carl to stop the committee's plans to save Greendale. Despite trapping the committee in an underground laboratory, the sale to Subway is ultimately thwarted. Carl unwittingly entrusted Chang with millions of dollars they found. Afterwards, it's shown that Chang is once again a member of the committee and used the money to replace all his teeth with diamonds.

2013 - 2014 semester

"Repilot": Chang is a teacher again at Greendale.

"Introduction to Teaching": Chang helps Buzz Hickey show Jeff the ropes of being Greendale teacher.

"Basic Intergluteal Numismatics": Chang puts on a backwards costume in order to help catch the "Ass Crack Bandit.

"Cooperative Polygraphy": Chang admits to a particular solo act he performed not only in the study room but EVERYWHERE.

"Geothermal Escapism": Chang participates in Abed's campus wide game of "Hot Lava" leading a gang called the "Locker Boys".

"Analysis of Cork-Based Networking": Chang joins the Save Greendale Committee and comes up with bear themed dance that is revealed to be inspired by a news story of a bear mauling people at a birthday party.

"Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality": Chang starts a one-man show and realizes that he's preforming for ghosts, and later goes crazy believing that he is a ghost.

"App Development and Condiments": Chang fakes an injury to earn some sympathy points to become a "5" in the game MeowMeowBeenz.

"VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing": Chang walks in on Shirley, Jeff and Hickey finding unopened chemistry textbooks, and they tie him up and force him to lie.

"Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons": Chang and his friends try to help Hickey reconnect with his son in a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

"G.I. Jeff": Chang plays "Overkill" in Jeff's hallucination.

"Basic Story": Chang teams up with Subway and betrays the group once he finds out that Greendale is being sold to Subway.

"Basic Sandwich": Chang tries to get Shirley and Hickey admit that they are trying to save Greendale, and later realizes that he has serious mental issues.

Season Six[]


–Chang, "Intro to Recycled Cinema".

School year synopsis

Chang returns for another year at Greendale with his transgressions the previous year already forgotten by the committee. Alongside with the rest of the group he welcomes new members Frankie Dart and Elroy Patashnik. Chang assists the committee in strategizing a response to an attack ad City College was to air and has his personal emails released when a hacker targets the school. He decides to try his hand at acting and his performance in a local stage production gets rave reviews. This leads to him landing a commercial where a catchphrase makes him an Internet sensation. He newfound celebrity got the attention of Hollywood and Chang left Greendale for a time to pursue an acting career. In what could have been a breakthrough role for him he ended up angering Steven Spielberg with his lack of professionalism. He was forced to return to his position on the Save Greendale Committee. He later attended Garrett Lambert's wedding to Stacy with the committee where they all made spectacles of themselves. When a family scandal rocked Garrett's marriage, Chang saved their nuptials by giving an impassioned speech about not letting the world determine who they can love. At the end of the school year Chang speculates with the committee about what next semester might be like. During an emotional moment he declared to his friends that he was gay.

2014 - 2015 semester

"Ladders": Chang and Abed are the only members of the committee to support Frankie.

"Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care": Chang has an extreme reaction when Britta's cat bites his hand.

"Basic Crisis Room Decorum": To counter an anti-Greendale commercial they planned on airing, Chang decides to create a scandal at City College by filming a pornographic film on its campus.

"Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing": Chang lands the role of "Mr. Miyagi" in a stage adaption of the film "The Karate Kid".

"Basic Email Security": Chang and the committee's personal emails are leaked online.

"Advanced Safety Features": Chang shows that he knows how to make PowerPoint presentations and plays The Ears Have It with Elroy, Annie and Abed.

"Intro to Recycled Cinema": A commercial Chang stars in makes him an Internet sensation and he uses his celebrity to pursue a career in Hollywood.

"Grifting 101": Chang indicates that he has all the symptoms of diabetes and enrols in the Grifting class.

"Basic RV Repair and Palmistry": Chang is seen briefly once the committee returns to Greendale covered in feathers.

"Modern Espionage": Chang briefly participated in an underground paintball tournament before being eliminated.

"Wedding Videography": Chang delivers the "Winger speech" when the committee's actions causes a conflict at Garrett Lambert's wedding.

"Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television": Chang pitches his idea about what the next semester at school might be like. Chang also declared he was coming out of the closet.

Class history[]

Student Rec
Student Name: Benjamin Chang Major: Unknown Enrolled: 2010 — Unknown
Semester Course Instructor Enrolled Students
Spring 2010 Critical Media Literacy and Politics of Gender Unnamed professor Ben Chang Fake class for playing Paintball
Fall 2010 Anthropology 101 Prof. June Bauer,
Dr. Ian Duncan
Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Abed Nadir, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Britta Perry and Jeff Winger
Spring 2011 Anthropology 102 Dr. Ian Duncan Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Ben Chang, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Vicki Jenkins, Abed Nadir, Fat Neil, Rich Stephenson, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Britta Perry and Jeff Winger
Introduction to Italian Wines Unnamed professor Ben Chang, Pierce Hawthorne, Jeff Winger and  Wu Mei 



While he revealed that he was gay only in the closing scene of the series, there have been multiple hints about his non-heterosexuality:

  • In Spanish 101 and Advanced Criminal Law Chang displays an overt fondness for a student named "Toby" who sits in front. He brushes his cheek both times
  • In Environmental Science, as Chang cries, he nestles into Jeff's chest, saying, "Let me just rest on your pecs". He constantly fondles them for much of the scene.
  • In Communication Studies, he makes Troy and Pierce dress up in feminine pantsuits and dance with him. Chang is very clearly into it, even slapping Troy's ass while dancing. He then takes Pierce on his moped to get froyo, and seems upset that Troy couldn't join.
  • In Advanced Gay, he goes home with a drag queen, deriding Jeff for not having anyone for the night. Additionally, he is shown spending time with stripper policemen, asking them, "How long you guys been on the force?"
  • In Geothermal Escapism, he readily reveals that his same-sex celebrity crush is Nathon Fillon, without really saying much else
    • This is also meant as a meta joke since Nathan Fillon would later guest star
  • In Grifting 101, when Britta mentions "reverse pissing contest", Chang says, "Is that where you suck it back up in your ... sorry I've only ever done it the other way". Annie asks, "You mean peeing?" to which Chang responds, "No, I mean in the back."


  • Ben loves Latin culture and salsa - dancing and the dip, especially Colombian timba and spicy mango, respectively.("[[1]]")
  • Ben uses his last name in place of regular words as a running gag; see the article "Changuage" for a complete list of puns.
  • Ben is afraid of hamsters as revealed in "Epidemiology", and in "The Science of Illusion", it's revealed that he also has a fear of frogs.
  • As revealed in Modern Warfare, Ben plays paintball three times a week and owns his own equipment, consisting of a full automatic with a tiger camo print and two golden pistols.
  • Ben is of Chinese heritage.
  • In Season One's "Investigative Journalism", it is shown that Ben is born in 1969 but in Season Three's "The First Chang Dynasty" it is said that he is 25 years of age. This of course is obviously false, as that would mean he was 16 or 17 years old when he began teaching at Greendale.
  • Ben has a different role at Greendale in each season.
    • Spanish teacher (Season One).
    • Greendale student (Season Two).
    • Security guard (Season Three).
    • Amnesiac (Season Four).
    • Math teacher (Season Five).
    • Actor (Season Six).
  • He admitted he is gay in "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television".
  • His same-sex celebrity crush is Nathan Fillian.
  • There might be a connection between his alter ego name "Kevin" and the restaurant "Señor Kevin's", which the study group visits multiple times in the show.


"Celebrity Pharmacology 212"

Oh, but I am. Disappointed? Did you expect me to stay the same forever? Because that's not what Drugs does, baby! I'm gonna deep-fry your dog and eat your mama's face. And I'm gonna wear your little brother's skin like pajamas. I control your lives and there is nothing you can do.Chang
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