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City College Capra
First appearance: "The Art of Discourse"
Date of birth: Unknown
Reason for visit: Kidnapped by Troy and Abed and brought to Greendale as part of a pledge to the ΩTP fraternity


If what we need is an escape goat [sotto] I say we just let this one go.
— TROY, "The Art of Discourse".

City College Mascot
Billy is the City College mascot for Greendale's rival school. He was a domesticated and hornless white goat, possibly of the genus Capra in keeping with the alliteration of the school's name. The animal wore a caparison adorned with the school's colors (green) and the school's logo which at the time was a torch. His first and only appearance was in the Season One episode "The Art of Discourse".

Character history[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale together, Troy offered to help Abed complete a list of College cliches from pop culture that he felt was necessary to complete his college experience. One of those things on his list was to kidnap the mascot of Greendale's rival school City College. They brought Billy to a study group meeting and had him sit in Pierce's spot; he had been kicked out of the group earlier that day for humiliating Shirley by depantsing her in front of everyone. Jeff and Britta were already in a bad mood having been mocked relentlessly by a trio of teenagers. Jeff snidely remarked what a great idea it was for them to bring the animal to the meeting which Troy mistook as being genuine praise. Britta told Troy that Jeff was being sarcastic and told Troy to ask the goat to explain it to him. Abed immediately realized that the dynamic of the group had shifted without Pierce in the group.

Escape goat
The escape goat.
As he was the scapegoat and a lightning rod for criticism without him everyone was now a target to be mocked. Troy offers that if an "escape goat" is what they need maybe they should release Billy. Britta insults Troy for his misunderstanding of the term but he counters that she is just as bad considering she mispronounces the word "Bagel". He emphasizes his insult by explaining to Billy that she pronounces "Bagel" as "Bag-ul". He then suggests that she is the new Pierce of the group. An argument then ensues amongst the group with everyone pointing fingers at who the new Pierce of the group should be. Afterwards they all leave the library with Billy in tow still arguing. When Shirley angrily walks off, Jeff takes the rest of the group aside and says that Abed was right. They need to get Pierce back or the group will split apart. It's then that Britta then makes a lame joke which everyone, including Billy, finds unfunny.