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Biology Principles and Perspectives

  Biology Principles and Perspectives  
First appearance: "Biology 101" — Owned by: students — Used by: Biology students
Purpose: textbook— Made by: Kendall/Hunt   PHOTO ICON

Alright, "Cellular mitosis"... what is it?
Jeff, "Introduction to Finality".

Biology textbook
The textbook.
In the study group's junior year at Greendale Community College they all agree to take the subject Biology together. The textbook required for the course is "Biology: Principles and Perspectives" published by Kendall/Hunt. Its first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Biology 101" and its last appearance was in the season finale "Introduction to Finality".

Notable appearances[]

"Anthropology 101": Jeff points out the Biology textbook to Britta who has a Chemistry textbook by mistake.

"Competitive Ecology": The Study Group are all seen with the textbook when they fail the terrarium assignment.

"Course Listing Unavailable": Jeff cries into his Biology textbook when Dean Pelton breaks the news that their grades are incomplete and they'll have to re-take Biology again in the summer.

"Introduction to Finality": Jeff is seen multiple times with the textbook trying to study for the final exam.