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Biology classroom

Biology classroom    Greendalelogo
Purpose : lab to teach Biology class — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Biology 101"

Visitors: Marshall Kane, The study group, Neil, Magnitude, Vicki, Todd, Star-Burns, Jeremy, Long Haired Guy

Jeff, technically you are about to be screwed in the Biology room because our final lab project has been destroyed!
Annie, "Basic Lupine Urology".

In their junior year at Greendale, the study group takes the class Intro to Biology together. The course is taught by Professor Marshall Kane and held in the Biology classroom. A few biology labs were previously featured in Season One episodes "Environmental Science" and "The Science of Illusion". This classroom's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Biology 101".


  • "Biology 101": The study group attends the first Biology class of the semester only for Jeff to upset the teacher, Professor Marshall Kane, who ejects him from class.
  • "Competitive Ecology": The study group shows up for Biology class but is unhappy with their assigned lab partners. After getting Professor Kane to allow them to pick from amongst themselves their own lab partner the group gets into an argument over which pairings it should be and who should be stuck with Todd. Ultimately Kane decrees that they are all to be considered one lab group and will receive a single grade for their combined work.
  • "Basic Lupine Urology": After cleaning the Biology lab, the maintenance staff discovers that the study group's yam project has been destroyed. Troy and Abed investigate the crime and find the most likely suspect is Todd. Jeff and Annie then prosecute Todd in the Biology classroom for the crime with Professor Kane presiding as the judge. The trial ends in a shocking confession from the true culprit Neil.