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Portrayed by: KIRK FOX
First appearance: "Origins of Vampire Mythology"


I don't get it Blade, why do I want to impress you? Are you dumb or smart? Are you a loser or winner? Or are you just a human mirror, do we all see what we want to see in you?
Jeff Winger, "Origins of Vampire Mythology".

Blade 2
Blade portrayed by Kirk Fox.
Blade is an ex-boyfriend of Britta who works for the Red Beard's Amusement Carnival. A cool and laid back individual, he has a weird charm and magnetism that Britta finds she is unable to resist. Jeff becomes determined to find out his secret, whilst Annie attempts to keep Britta away from him for her own good. His first and so far only appearance was in the Season Three episode "Origins of Vampire Mythology". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Kirk Fox.

Character history[]

When Dean Pelton mentions that a carnival is taking over the Greendale parking lot over the weekend, Britta immediately realizes that her old boyfriend Blade is back in town. She reveals to the study group that several years ago, she had an intense relationship with him in which she had an unhealthy attraction to him that she couldn't shake. Knowing that she can't resist him, she asks Annie to help her. Britta asks that Annie take her cell phone away from her, so she can't contact him. Britta also insists that Annie let her stay at her place over the weekend to keep an eye on her.

After seeing Britta's reaction to Blade's return, Jeff becomes intrigued by his supposedly irresistible charm and decides to see it for himself. That night, he invites Shirley to join him at the carnival, so he can get a good look at the guy without it feeling weird that he is there by himself. Learning from Britta that Blade was recently promoted to the BB Gun Duck Shooting Booth, he locates him but is unimpressed by what he finds. He decides to investigate further and goes to his booth under the guise that he and Shirley are a couple. Once there, he pretends to be winning prizes for Shirley whilst trying to size Blade up. Jeff starts to become frustrated when he can't figure him out, even after asking pointed and somewhat insulting questions. Jeff becomes even more agitated when Shirley admits that she can see the appeal as he has a calm, cool and laid back demeanor which is somewhat attractive.

3x15-Blade Jeff Shirley
Blade at his booth.
Ignoring Shirley's pleas for him to let it go, Jeff continues his investigation which starts to annoy Shirley. She finally leaves him to find Pierce who was attending the carnival with Chang. Desperate to find out Blade's secret, Jeff finally asks him flat out what is it about him that makes him seem so cool. Blade responds coyly with a phrase Jeff had said earlier: a magician never reveals. Defeated, Jeff turns to leave but is stopped by Blade. He tells Jeff that since Jeff has spent over $300 at his booth, he'll tell him why he is the way he is. Jeff is shocked after hearing the explanation. He immediately leaves to go to Troy and Abed's apartment.

S03E15-Blade reveals
Blade reveals his secret to Jeff.

Once there, he stops Britta from leaving to go after Blade. He then tells her the truth about her ex-boyfriend: he's brain damaged. Years ago, a loose bolt flew off a ferris wheel and embedded itself into his skull, destroying the part of his brain that felt shame. He exudes a cool exterior because he no longer cares what anybody thinks of him; this has made him extremely attractive to people like Britta who hate themselves. Blade is someone who will always treat them poorly, ensuring that their cycle of self hatred continues when staying with such a person. Jeff then adds that the people should try to fix themselves instead of projecting their problems onto others and expecting to be fixed by them.


Nothing much I could do about it.Blade, talking about his name
You could change it!Jeff and Shirley in unison
To what? Templeton Ferrari the Third? Won't change how mustard tastes.Blade