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"Bloodlines of Conquest", a medieval fantasy series based on these books that nobody seems to read. It's great, its got betrayal, boobs, espionage, dragons.
— Abed, "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking".

Bloodlines of Conquest2
Bloodlines of Conquest book.
Bloodlines of Conquest is a media franchise based on a series of novels written by Patrick A. Demon. It is set in an imaginary era reminiscent of the Middle Ages with some fantasy elements mixed in. The books feature the heroic House of Voggadosh who are forced to contend with deceit and treachery. The highly popular TV show adaptation currently airs on HBO and is in its fourth season. The novels and TV show were first mentioned in the Season Five episode "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking".


In the their fifth year at Greendale, Abed and Britta watched a TV program called "Bloodlines of Conquest". During a Save Greendale Committee meeting, Professor Buzz Hickey was unfamiliar with a reference to the show. Britta had just started watching the first season and Abed expressed annoyance at having to discuss the program without revealing spoilers. It’s then he dropped an important plot point concerning the death of "Lord Stevarious" which angered Britta. She warned him that she would buy the novels the show was based on and read ahead in order to spoil the story for Abed as well.

Britta is angry at Abed
Britta is angry at Abed for revealing spoilers about "Bloodlines of Conquest".
Later that day while Britta and Abed were meant to be taking a student census, she tried to make good on her threat. After reading the latest novel, "The Sorrow of the Sorcerers Son", Britta ran up to Abed in the hallway and revealed a plot twist involving the parentage of "Brince Ironstones" character. However, Abed had prepared for Britta's plan by wearing earmuffs so he couldn't hear her. He then went back to his task and handed a survey to a deaf student named Carol to fill out. Britta took note of the chemistry between the two and made more attempts to spoil upcoming plot points for Abed.

Britta finds some spoilers
Britta finds some spoilers of her own by reading the latest novel.
She left a banner in Abed's locker revealing the character of "Prince Varthos" was adopted. Abed again anticipated Britta's plan and avoided seeing the banner by quickly turning away from his locker when he opened it. Meanwhile, Abed had grown closer to Carol throughout the day and even learned sign language so they could better communicate with each other. They attended the Mid-Term dance later that night and Abed signed to her that today was good day. Carol then proceeded to sign to him how "Queen Stevarious" had the "Voggadosh family" massacred at the end of the latest novel. Britta appeared and revealed their collusion after handing Carol some cash. Playing out like a scene from "Bloodlines of Conquest", Abed was devastated at his unexpected betrayal while Britta basked in her Machiavellian victory ("Analysis of Cork-Based Networking").

Nice try
Abed avoids seeing another spoiler.


Game of Thrones[]

"Bloodlines of Conquest" is a parody of the popular George R. R. Martin's novel series "A Song of Fire and Ice" which was adapted by HBO into the TV series "Game of Thrones". Most "Bloodlines of Conquest" information mentioned on Community are related in some way to "Game of Thrones".

Game of Thrones logi
Game of Thrones logo.
"Bloodlines of Conquest" "Game of Thrones"
Features the heroic "House of Voggadosh" Probably refers to the "House of Stark".
Abed states it has "boobs, betrayal, espionage, dragons". GoT also features nudity, treachery, intrigue and also dragons.
Duncan claims it gets the incest "just right". Two main characters, fraternal twins named Cersei and Jamie Lannister, have an incestuous relationship. They even have several children together.
"Bloodlines of Conquest" has been on HBO for four seasons At the time "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking" aired, "Game of Thrones" was on its fourth season on HBO.
Lord Stevarious is dead Possibly refers to the death of the character "Tywin Lannister"
Brince Ironstones mother is his daughter. This may refer to the character Joffrey Baratheon's true parentage.
Prince Varthos is adopted This may reference the long held fan theory which was eventually proven correct that the character Jon Snow wasn't Ned Stark's son but instead the son of his sister (R+L=J meme).
Queen Stevarious massacres the entire Voggadosh family in the latest novel at Lord Brince's funeral. Probably refers to the "Red Wedding" event where several major characters are killed at a wedding reception.