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First appearance: "Biology 101"
Last appearance: "Conventions of Space and Time"
Occupation: To eradicate


It's "BLOR-gons", "Blogon" means "Thank You" in "Blorgon".
Abed, "Virtual Systems Analysis".

"Blorgons" are the arch enemies of The Inspector on the long running British Science fiction show "Inspector Spacetime. Despite their innocuous appearance, the cybernetic extraterrestrials are a deadly alien race whose sole purpose is to destroy anything in their path. Armed with powerful lasers, they boldly state their intentions by repeating the word "Eradicate" and firing immediately when they see other living beings. Their first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Biology 101".

Character history[]

Season Three[]

In the Study group's third year at Greendale, Britta tried to help Abed find a new television show to obsess over since Cougar Town was in haitus. She presented him a show called "Inspector Spacetime which featured the titular hero and his sidekick Constable Reggie being attacked by his arch nemesis the Blorgons. After seeing the video Abed immediately fell in love with the show ("Biology 101"). They were next seen in a Dreamatorium simulation run by Annie and Abed. Abed corrected Annie when she called them "Blogons" and explained in the Blorgons language that word means "Thank you". At one point, Annie lost herself in the role-playing moment and attacked Abed who she thought was a Blorgon ("Virtual Systems Analysis").

S03E16-Blorgons resist laser fire
Blorgons resisting quantum blaster fire in the Dreamatorium.

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Abed, Troy, Annie, Jeff and Britta attended an Inspector Spacetime convention. On display were various props from the show including different versions of the Blorgon aliens. When Abed told Troy about his online friend Toby Weeks they passed by Blorgon props repeating their catchphrase "Eradicate". Blorgon copies were also seen when Abed and Toby walked past them as they were discussing Abed going to Britain to visit. They could also be seen after Troy rescued Abed from the replica X-7 Dimensionizer ("Conventions of Space and Time").

S04E03-Blorgons at InSpecTiCon
Blorgons at InSpecTiCon.



  • The Blorgons are based on the famous Doctor Who foes the Daleks. Introduced on the show in 1963, they became popular recurring villains facing off against the series hero the Doctor, who was the inspiration for The Inspector. Originally a mutant race from the planet Skaro, the Daleks were modified and given powerful cybernetic armor by the scientist called Davros. Their main goal is to destroy any non-Dalek life forms. They are known for their signature catchphrase "Exterminate!" and are considered to be the Doctor's greatest enemies.
  • The word "Blorgon" was used in an episode of "Friends" called The One With The Screamer". The character of "Joey" plays a role in a play as an alien named "Vic" who returned to his home planet of Blorgon 7.
  • Characters thought to be Blorgons: