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First appearance: "The Art of Discourse" — Owned by: Troy and Abed — Used by: Troy and Abed
Purpose: To be a robot with only one thing on his mind— Made by: Troy and Abed   PHOTO ICON


Boob-A-Tron is great. And once someone spills bong water on his circuits, he's going to come to life and make us the coolest guys on campus.
— Abed, "The Art of Discourse".

Boob-A-Tron 6000.
Boob-A-Tron is a robot who was created by Troy and Abed. Despite his goofy appearance, he was an unstoppable machine to be feared, programmed with a single purpose in mind: boobs. The robot later upgraded from the 4000 version the duo built into a 6000 version that rampaged across the campus. Its first appearance was in the Season One episode "The Art of Discourse".

Character history[]

Season One[]

In the Study group's first year at Greendale, Troy offered to help Abed cross off items on his college experience checklist. One of those things on his to do list was the creation of a robot that they dubbed Boob-A-Tron 4000. They dragged their creation to a car wash held by the Kappa Eta Sigma's sorority for a test run. Abed expressed his hopes that Boob-A-Tron will one day come to life just like in the movies and make them the coolest guys on campus. As they neared the car wash with Boob-A-Tron, Troy had second thoughts and was worried that he and Abed would embarrass themselves. Abed then angrily chastised Troy questioning his friendship and stating that friends are supposed to help each other no matter what.

Boob-A-Tron parking lot
Troy and Abed on Boob-A-Tron's test run.
Once Troy conceded, Abed pulled out his checklist and crossed off "Ridiculous situation descending into heavy handed drama for the illusion of story". Troy was immediately impressed with what Abed did and decided to go through with the test run enthusiastically. The robot's debut was apparently a big success as all three were later seen entering the cafeteria wearing togas. This possibly indicated they had just come from a fraternity party of some kind. The trio observed Jeff and Britta getting into a "contest" of sorts with three high schoolers. After their friends "won" thanks to the interference of Shirley and Pierce, Troy, Abed, Annie and Boob-A-Tron went over to congratulate them on their "victory" ("The Art of Discourse").

Boob-A-Tron and freinds
Boob-A-Tron and friends.

Season Two[]

In the Study Group's second year at Greendale, an upgrade to the original Boob-A-Tron named Boob-A-Tron 6000 had been created. Towards the end of the Spring semester, Annie reminisced about the havoc it wreaked on campus. Students fled the school's hallways as Boob-A-Tron 6000 ran amuck. Annie herself was frozen in fear due to her preexisting phobia regarding robots. When Boob-A-Tron spotted her it immediately targeted Annie due to its primary directive and went after her. Jeff came to the rescue and shook her out of her stupor leading her away to safety. Pierce watched this all go down while dressed up in a hot dog costume. He expressed his anguish at the robot's actions hinting at his responsibility for what occurred. Boob-A-Tron's current whereabouts are unknown ("Paradigms of Human Memory").

2X22 Jeff Annie Boob-A-Tron1
Boob-A-Tron targets Annie.



The prototype Boob-A-Tron 4000 featured in "The Art of Discourse" was basically an upside-down garbage can with wheels attached. Its overall appearance, particularly the head, seemed to be modelled after Johnny Five from the 1986 movie "Short Circuit". Abed had a movie poster of the sequel to that film hanging prominently in his dorm room.

Short circuit 2
Abed's dorm room poster.