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Borchert Hall

Borchert Hall    Greendalelogo
Purpose : The Greendale campus swimming pool — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Advanced Criminal Law"

Visitors: Greendale students and faculty

Your case will be reviewed and tried tomorrow in disciplinary tribunal at Borchert Hall. You could be facing expulsion.
Dean Pelton, "Advanced Criminal Law".

Borchert Hall
Entrance to Borchert Hall.
Borchert Hall is a building on campus which houses the school's Olympic sized swimming pool. It is named after Greendale Community College's founder Russell Borchert. like the Luis Guzman statue, it is yet another attempt by Dean Pelton and the board of administrators to seem more like a "real" school. An obscene amount of money was spent to build an Olympic-size swimming pool on campus housed inside the hall which the Dean makes every effort to let everyone know about. Its first indoor appearance was in the Season One episode "Advanced Criminal Law".


Season One[]

S01E04-Shirley Borchert Hall
   "Social Psychology"
Featuring: Shirley

After Shirley tells Jeff that Britta had a sex dream about him, he wants details. Shirley runs away towards Borchert Hall.

1x5 Borchert Hall
   "Advanced Criminal Law"
Featuring: Dean Pelton, Ian Duncan, Ben Chang, Jeff and Britta

A disciplinary tribunal is held in the hall for Britta who was caught cheating on Señor Chang's Spanish exam.

S01E07-Cowboy Jeff Borchert Hall
   "Introduction to Statistics"
Featuring: Jeff, Troy, Señor Chang

Jeff is seen in front of the hall on Halloween after Professor Michelle Slater has left him and as Señor Chang whips by on his moped and calls Jeff a loser.

Vaughn singing
   "Romantic Expressionism"
Featuring: Vaughn, Annie, Some Worries drummer

Vaughn plays troubadour for Annie in front of Borchert Hall and sings "Annie's song".

Pierce rowboat
   "Beginner Pottery"
Featuring: Pierce and Jeff

Pierce "rows" his boat out of Borchert Hall. The name can be seen reflected in the glass doors across the walkway. This must be a different entrance to the hall than that across from the Library as it has pillars and a sliding garage door.

Season Two[]

2x5 Borchert Hall
   "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples"
Featuring: Shirley and Dean Pelton

Shirley and Dean text drive up to the doors of Borchert Hall in his Prius and encounter The Hipsters while entering the Library.

S02E06-Borchert Hall Halloween
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Borchert Hall is seen several times. It is behind Dean Pelton when he locks the Halloween partyers in, when the "Men in Black" arrive and when Troy and Abed are leaving the party.

2x12 Borchert Hall
   "Asian Population Studies"
Featuring: Jeff and Andre Bennett

The entrance to Borchert Hall can be seen after Jeff's conversation with Andre.

S02E20-Jeff and Wu Mei Borchert Hall
   "Competitive Wine Tasting"
Featuring: Jeff and Wu Mei

The hall can be seen behind Jeff as he tries to convince Pierce and Wu Mei to go on another date.

S02E23-Borchert Hall Math Club leader
   "A Fistful of Paintballs"
Featuring: Math Club Leader

The hall can be seen through paintball splattered doors as the "Math Club Leader" goes in for the kill on Jeff.

S02E24-Shirley trooper Borchert Hall
   "For A Few Paintballs More"
Featuring: Shirley, City College Storm Trooper

The hall can be seen behind a City College stormtrooper that Shirley shoots. It is also seen when Garrett and Star-Burns run into the study room.

Season Three[]

S03E02-Britta Chang Borchert Hall
   "Geography of Global Conflict"
Featuring: Britta and Chang

The hall is visible in a number of scenes as Chang guards the garbage can including his confrontation with Britta.

S03E16-Annie Jeff Borchert Hall
   "Virtual Systems Analysis"
Featuring: Annie, Abed (as Jeff)

The hall is visible (in the Dreamatorium) as Annie storms away from Abed (pretending to be Jeff).

3x17 Borchert Hall
   "Basic Lupine Urology"
Featuring: Troy and Abed, Jeff and Annie, Long haired guy and woman

As Jeff, Annie, Abed and Troy discuss the case of their murdered yam, a woman is seen exiting Borchert Hall. She is wiping her mouth as a man follows her outside while zipping up his pants.

Stun batons for everyone
   "The First Chang Dynasty"
Featuring: Changlourious Basterds

Borchert Hall can be seen in the reflection of the glass behind an entrance being guarded by three of the Changlourious Basterds.

Season Four[]

4x7 Borchert Hall
   "Economics of Marine Biology"
Featuring: Jeff and Pierce, Dean Pelton, Britta and Annie, Archie DeCoste

The hall's entrance is seen in the background as a welcoming committee awaits the arrival of prospective student Archie DeCoste.

Season Five[]

S05E01-Study Table burns Borchert Hall
Featuring: Abed, Jeff, Annie, Troy, Shirley, Britta

The study table burns in front of Borchert Hall.

5x3 Borchert Hall
   "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"
Featuring: Jeff and Annie

Jeff and Annie comfort each other after learning of Pierce's death and wondering who is the Ass Crack Bandit in front of the hall.

S05E05-Troy say goodbye Borchert Hall
   "Geothermal Escapism"
Featuring: The Study Group (sans Pierce)

Troy says good-bye to the Study Group before embarking on his around the world cruise on the "Childish Tycoon" with LeVar Burton in front of Borchert Hall.

S05E08-Shirley Borchert Hall
   "App Development and Condiments"
Featuring: Jeff and Shirley

Borchert Hall forms part of the area that the "Ones" are banished to in the MeowMeowBeenz beta test.

5x12 Ronald Mohhamad begins his inspection
   "Basic Story"
Featuring: Save Greendale Committee (sans Abed), Dean Pelton, Ronald Mohammad

Borchert Hall is in the background when insurance appraiser Ronald Mohammed explains his function.

Season Six[]

S06E05-Pelton Jeff Borchert Hall
   "Laws of Robotics & Party Rights"
Featuring: Dean Pelton, Jeff

The Dean does his best "The BodyGuard" impression as he whisks telepresence Jeff away with Borchert Hall in the background.

S06E11-Student shot at paintball Borchert Hall
   "Modern Espionage"
Featuring: Jeff, Student

Jeff shoots a student playing paintball with Borchert Hall in the background.

S06E13-Annie Borchert Hall
   "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"
Featuring: Dean Pelton, Jeff

Borchert Hall is in the background as Annie comes to say good-bye to Jeff.


Borchert Hall has not only an Olympic-size swimming pool but also a judges' booth that cost the school 6,000 dollars according to Dean Pelton. It also has lockers and showers available for student and faculty use. The entrance to the pool can be seen in various episodes throughout the seasons as it is located in front of the back entrance to the school's library.


According to GCTV, during the 2011 School Presidential Election, Borchert Hall was part of the 49% that supported Annie Edison.

The entrance to Borchert Hall seen in various episodes was actually a redressed entranceway to Paramount Stage 27. This set is located directly across from Paramount Stage 31 where "Community" was once filmed.

Stage 27
Paramount Stage 27.