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Portrayed by: Michael McCafferty
First appearance: "Critical Film Studies"
Date of birth: Unknown
Occupation: Manager of "The Greasy Fork"


All your tips? ALL of them, like all the tips all the customers leave for you? Wow, is there anyway we could spread that out over two years so I don't get slammed on my taxes?
— Brian, "Critical Film Studies".

Brian portrayed by Michael McCafferty.
Brian was the manager of "The Greasy Fork", a 1950's themed diner that Britta Perry used to work at as a waitress. Caustic and humorless, he took his duties as a manager seriously and was very critical of Britta's job performance. He first and so far only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Critical Film Studies". He is portrayed by actor Michael McCafferty.

Character history[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Jeff planned on throwing Abed a surprise "Pulp Fiction" themed birthday party and got Britta to use her job at the 1950's diner "The Greasy Fork" to procure the perfect venue for it. Her boss at the diner was a manager by the name of Brian who told her she could use the place as long as they finished the private party before 8:00pm. Brian soon became irritated after the start of the party kept getting delayed. After the last delay occurred he berated Britta telling her that this non-party was now cutting into the prime business hours for this type of eating establishment. When Annie asks if that's been researched, Brian says it has been and explains that after people finish watching the evening news they become frightened. A 1950's themed diner provides them with comforting foods and soothing music from a pre-racial America. Britta pleaded with him for a bit more time and offers to give him her tips from the next shift.

Brian and Britta
Brian asks Britta to get the party started.
Brian sarcastically mocks Britta's proposition noting her offer is worthless as her tips are practically non-existent. As the wait at the diner continues, Troy and Chang take a closer look at Jeff's gift to Abed. They accidentally set his gift on fire when a light bulb built into the case ignites the certificate of authenticity identifying it as the same prop used in the movie "Pulp Fiction". Brian looks on exasperatingly as Troy attacks Chang blaming him for ruining the present. At that point Brian had enough and fired Britta who stormed out of the diner to find Jeff followed by the rest of the study group. Some time later, Jeff arrives at the "Greasy Fork" to talk to Brian and settle the tab he accrued from his failed surprise party. Jeff offers Brian $1200 for the damages his briefcase caused and also asks that Britta be re-hired. Brian counters with $800 and insists that Britta stays fired. Jeff quickly accepts Brian's offer and the two shake hands on the deal ("Critical Film Studies").

Brian and Jeff
Jeff negotiates with Brian.


Channel 101[]

Michael McCafferty is an alumni of Channel 101, the short film festival created by "Community" creator Dan Harmon and his long time collaborator Rob Schrab. He is perhaps best known for his role on the 200 Sci-Fi Channel series "The Invisible Man".