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First appearance: "Critical Film Studies" — Owned by: Jeff (present to Abed) — Used by: Jeff, Troy
Purpose: birthday gift— Made by: Willy's 100% Authentic Cinema Treasures   PHOTO ICON

Hmmm, wondering if Abed's new best friend also got him the best gift?
— Ben Chang, "Critical Film Studies".

Briefcase opened
The briefcase is opened.
The "briefcase" was a gift Jeff got Abed for his birthday their sophomore year. It was supposedly an original prop from one of Abed's favorite films. Troy and Chang decided to examine the case which proved disastrous. The briefcase's first and only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Critical Film Studies".


In the study group's second year at Greendale, Jeff planned Abed a surprise "Pulp Fiction" themed birthday party. It was being held at Britta's place of work at the time, the 1950's themed diner "The Greasy Fork". The rest of the study group, along with Ben Chang, waited there with all the gifts including Jeff's which was a briefcase. Troy began to worry that Jeff's present to Abed was better present than the one he got. Chang, picking up on Troy's anxiety and jealousy, taunted him into opening it. After looking inside they discovered a certificate of authenticity claiming the briefcase to be the prop used in the "Pulp Fiction" film. Britta interrupted them and caused Troy to shove the certificate back into the case which was ignited by a working lightbulb inside.

Certificate of authenticity
Certificate of authenticity.
As Britta lectured the pair about being careful with Jeff's gift, smoke and flames escaped from the case. Troy quickly opened it but it was too late and the certificate, along with the briefcase's interior, was ruined. Troy started choking Chang who had criticized him for what happened. The incident was the last straw which caused Britta's boss Brian to fire her and end the party. They all left and went to the fancy restaurant where Jeff was with Abed. Britta was angry that he failed to bring the guest of honor back in time before things got out of hand. Jeff at this point was angry himself at Abed whom he learned had been manipulating him. He asked where Abed's gift was declaring his intention to return it. Troy told him it was back at the diner but failed to mention what happened to it.

Smokey briefcase
The briefcase is ruined.
Jeff went to the diner and was forced to pay for the damages that were incurred because of the briefcase's destruction. After a brief negotiation he managed to get the price down to $800 but failed to get Britta her job back. Abed showed up and thanked Jeff for his gift which Annie had told him about. Jeff said it was a waste but Abed had a hunch it wasn't the real deal anyway. Abed asked if he had gotten it from "Willy's 100% Authentic Cinema Treasures" on Ebay which Jeff confirmed. Abed then mentioned that he once bought what he thought was a real "Indiana Jones" whip from the online store only to learn later that Willy moved about 70 of those a year. Already upset with how horrible the evening turned out, Jeff resignedly took this latest bit of bad news in stride ("Critical Film Studies").

Brian and Jeff
Jeff negotiates Brian for payment of the damages.


In the movie "Pulp Fiction" the contents of the briefcase is never revealed. It was owned by the mobster character called Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) who tasked his two men Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) to bring it to him. The briefcase has a combination lock with the code being the digits "666" - an allusion to the biblical "number of the beast". Various theories have arisen as to what is inside including the popular online idea that it was Wallace's soul. The director and writer of the film Quentin Tarantino has stated it was just a plot device to move the story along.

Pulp Fiction briefcase
A peek inside the briefcase.