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Britta's iPod Nano

  Britta's iPod Nano  
First appearance: "Cooperative Polygraphy" — Owned by: Britta PerryUsed by: Pierce, Britta
Purpose: music player— Made by: Apple   PHOTO ICON

To Miss Perry I leave my iPod Nano filled with music to take life less seriously by.
Mr. Stone, "Cooperative Polygraphy".

Britta recieves the iPod Nano
Britta receives the iPod Nano.
The iPod Nano was a parting gift Pierce Hawthorne left in his will to friend and fellow study group member Britta Perry. When Pierce died, Britta received it after participating in a polygraph test. Its first appearance was in the Season Five episode" Cooperative Polygraphy".


Season One[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Jeff and Britta got into a childish squabble with some teenagers attending the school. One of the things the high schoolers joked Britta about was her hipster mentality. In particular, they mocked how she was a using an archaic portable CD player instead of an MP3 device. Following the final showdown with Jeff and Britta against the teens in the cafeteria, a postscript revealed a bit of everyone's future. It was stated that in 2014, Britta would finally be a proud owner of her own used iPod Nano ("The Art of Discourse").

1x22 Britta's future revealed
Britta's future revealed.

Season Five[]

Sometime after the study group graduated from Greendale, everyone but Pierce returned for another year at school. He had been banned from the campus due to a sexual harassment lawsuit and passed away not long after his friends re-enrolled. A man named Mr.Stone executed instructions in Pierce's will to subject his former study group to a polygraph test in order for them to receive their bequeathals. Once it was over, Mr. Stone told Britta that Pierce had always been inspired by her passion. She was then given an iPod Nano that he had filled with songs he hoped would help her take life less seriously. She was genuinely touched by the thoughtfulness of his gift but less than pleased after receiving her other bequeathal ("Cooperative Polygraphy").

5X4 The gift that keeps on giving
Britta's other bequeathal.
In their fifth year together, the remaining study group members had joined a special committee to "save" the school. They were responsible for greatly improving campus life and fixing a lot of Greendale's problems. A city inspector declared the school to have actual value because of their efforts and school board members Carl and Richie put the property up for sale. Greendale was sold to the highest bidder the Subway corporation. After a few weeks the campus was slowly transformed into a Subway Sandwich university. Depressed by the turn of events, Britta went to wallow inside what was left of the the study room. She sat down at the study table where she tried to cheer herself up by listening to the iPod Pierce gave her ("Basic Story").

5x12 Britta listening to the iPod
Britta listening to the iPod.


Apple iPod Nano[]

iPod Nanos are a line of popular MP3 players produced by Apple. Introduced on September 7, 2005, they were created to be the successor for what is now referred to as the iPod Classic. iPod Nanos were designed to be a much smaller, slimmer, and more mobile alternative to their other iPod brand. Initially, they were only available in black and silver, but they are now being offered in a wide variety of colors. It has also undergone a number of significant design changes, and the current model is now in its seventh generation.

Latest iPod Nano
The current iPod Nano.