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4x12 Britta and Annie

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  Britta and Annie  
Annie Season Five

  Britta Perry : Gillian Jacobs  Friends     Annie Edison: Alison Brie  
  Status:Friends  -  First appearance: "The Psychology of Letting Go"


Please, you think Britta and Annie invite me when they take those little weekend trips to the mall?!
Shirley, "The Art of Discourse".

Britta Annie in Season Four
Annie Edison and Britta Perry
portrayed by Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs.
Britta and Annie were not the closest members of the study group but maintained a solid friendship throughout their years together at Greendale. Initially Annie was in awe of Britta's varied experiences and worldliness. Meanwhile, Britta felt the need to act as a parental figure to Annie and the group. In their first year they would even hang out together on the weekend. However, this dynamic faded as Britta's social activism began to annoy everyone and Annie started to become more assertive. Things between them got more strained due to their seemingly similar interest in men; at different times they had romantic interests in Troy Barnes, Vaughn Miller and Jeff Winger. It was mostly due to the latter that they had a public (and very embarrassing) argument. For the most part they worked through these issues and Annie was even supportive in Britta's involvement with her former high school crush Troy. When he moved out of the apartment Annie shared with him and Abed, Britta became the new roommate. Britta is portrayed by Gillian Jacobs and Annie is portrayed by Alison Brie. They both first appeared in the Season One episode "Pilot".

Pairing history[]

Season One[]

Well Annie, I would have to be a villain to tell you who to date which I am not!

–Britta, "Romantic Expressionism".

School year synopsis

In their first year at Greendale, Britta Perry and Annie Edison learned about a Spanish study group and decided to attend. It was discovered that the study group was just a ruse set up by their classmate Jeff Winger to woo Britta. He hadn't anticipated Annie and several other classmates would show up as well. After a failed attempt to continue the group without Jeff, they found him depressed on the steps of the library. Annie took pity on him and convinced Britta to allow Jeff to rejoin the group. Annie and another study group member Shirley were impressed with Britta's social activism and asked her advice on how to stage a political protest on campus. When Annie has trouble getting her crush Troy Barnes to notice her, Britta comforts her in the Woman's restroom. After Winter break, the study group deals with a student named Buddy who wants to join them. He tells them about daydream he had where Britta and Annie wore cheerleader outfits and fought in bubble bath. When Annie takes an interest in Vaughn Miller, she asks Britta for her permission since Vaughn had dated her briefly. Although she claimed not to have a problem with them dating Britta conspired with Jeff to break Vaughn and Annie up. Ultimately Britta realized Annie and Vaughn really liked each other and gave them her blessing. Annie herself experiences some jealousy after witnessing Troy and Britta perform a sensual dance on stage at a recital the study group attended. When a Paintball Assassin contest is held on campus Britta, Annie and Shirley team up to take down the competition.

2009 - 2010 semester

"Spanish 101": Annie and Shirley are inspired by Britta to stage a protest against Guatamala.

"Football, Feminism and You": While in the women's restroom, Britta comforts Annie over her recent difficulties dealing with Troy and Jeff.

"Investigative Journalism": Buddy recounts to the study group a fantasy he had about Annie and Britta wearing cheerleader outfits and wrestling in a pool filled with whip cream.

"Romantic Expressionism": Annie asks permission from Britta to date her ex-boyfriend Vaughn. After giving her consent, Britta later conspires with Jeff to break them up ostensibly for Annie's own good.

"Interpretive Dance": Annie wishes Britta good luck at her recital but gets upset when she sees Britta and Troy performing a provocative dance together on stage.

"The Science of Illusion": Britta tries to play a prank which ends up becoming a crime scene that Annie, along with Shirley, are asked to investigate as volunteer campus security guards.

"Modern Warfare": At the beginning of the annual paintball assassination game, Britta leads Annie and Shirley in an all female squad to win the prize.

"English as a Second Language": Britta along with the rest of the study group is angered when it's discovered Annie ratted out Chang and possibly cost them a passing grade in Spanish 101.

"Pascal's Triangle Revisited": At the Tranny Dance, Britta competes with Slater for Jeff's affections with Annie later joining in on the competition.

Season Two[]

Everything they do is some sick competition!

Oh like you hate competition! How long did it take you to kiss Jeff after I told him I loved him? Oh, that's right, first Vaughn now Jeff! I better not smile at that wall outlet, or you'll fry your tongue off!''

–Britta and Annie, "Anthropology 101".

School year synopsis

In their second year at school together, Britta and Annie are forced to deal with their actions at the Tranny Dance. Annie learns Britta slept with Jeff during paintball the previous school year while Britta learns Annie kissed Jeff outside the Tranny Dance. They attempt to put aside their differences by working on a fund raising campaign together. However, the issues between them erupted and they had an embarrassing physical altercation on the campus quad. Along with Shirley and Abed they take a women's studies course and run afoul of a "Mean Girl" clique led by a student named Meghan. When Annie's pen goes missing in the study room, Britta accused Annie herself of taking it. Later, Britta became friends with a classmate named Page whom she thinks is gay but Annie learns otherwise. Annie withheld that information due to Britta obnoxiously touting her friendship with Page as a sign of her own progressiveness. Their friendship was strained again when Abed figured out Jeff and Britta had been secretly hooking up throughout the year.

2010 - 2011 semester

"Anthropology 101": Annie learns about Britta and Jeff having sex during paintball and Britta learns that Annie made out with Jeff after the Tranny Dance.

"The Psychology of Letting Go": Annie and Britta work through a few of their issues against each other by mud wrestling on the campus quad.

"Aerodynamics of Gender": Britta, Annie and Shirley are saved from Meghan and her "Mean Girls" by Abed.

"Cooperative Calligraphy": Annie's missing pen causes accusations to fly as to who is responsible with Britta suggesting that Annie had the pen the whole time they were all searching for it.

"Mixology Certification": Britta gets Annie a fake ID card so she can go to a bar with the rest of the study group to celebrate Troy's 21st birthday.

"Celebrity Pharmacology 212": Britta "fires" Annie from the play she wrote and was directing when it's revealed that she took a bribe from Pierce to expand his role in it.

"Early 21st Century Romanticism": Britta brags to Annie how tolerant and progressive she is due to her new friendship with Page whom she believes is gay.

"Paradigms of Human Memory": Britta's year long tryst with Jeff is revealed much to Annie's displeasure.

Season Three[]

I need to stay with you this weekend. Not just stay with you, I need to be on lockdown. You were a pill head, so think of Blade as Adderall. And handcuff me to the radiator like a mother-flipping carny-banging werewolf!

–Britta to Annie, "Origins of Vampire Mythology".

School year synopsis

At the start of the study group's third year at school, Britta and Annie helped Troy console Abed when his favorite TV show was put on hiatus. Britta declared Psychology as her major much to the amusement of Annie and the rest of the group. Britta and Annie showed up together at a housewarming party Troy and Abed were thriving at their new apartment. On Halloween, Jeff and Britta encouraged the study group to tell horror stories in order to determine which one of them could be psychologically unbalanced. Annie's narrative appeared to be a thinly veiled critique of Jeff's relationship with both ladies. Later, Britta and the rest of the study group helped Annie pack up her apartment after she accepted Abed's offer to move in with him and Troy. After Troy and Abed's hijinks got on Annie's nerves, Britta advised her to be more accepting of their shenanigans since they would all now be living together. Both Annie and Britta helped Shirley plan her wedding to Andre when he proposed a second time. When an ex-boyfriend of Britta's named Blade comes back to town she asks Annie's help to keep her from going to him. It's then that Annie noticed the budding attraction between Troy and Britta and tried to play matchmaker with her friends. During the Spring semester, Ben Chang got Britta, Annie and the study group expelled and took over the school. Annie and Britta play key roles in an audacious plan to save Greendale from Chang. However, in the process Troy is forced to enroll in the AC repair school and leave his friends behind. Annie and Britta were saddened by his absence and concerned with how reclusive Abed had become in the wake of his best friend's departure.

2011 - 2012 semester

"Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps": Annie, through the use of a horror story she tells, offers her perspective on Britta's relationship with Jeff as well as her view on her own relationship with him.

"Studies in Modern Movement": Britta and the rest of the study group (sans Jeff) helps Annie move out of her apartment over Dildopolis into Troy and Abed's apartment.

"Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts": Annie and Britta help Shirley plan her upcoming wedding to Andre.

"Origins of Vampire Mythology": Britta asks Annie to help her prevent meeting up with her ex-boyfriend Blade.

"Virtual Systems Analysis": Annie decides to play matchmaker and sets up a lunch date for Troy and Britta together at Señor Kevin's.

Season Four[]

You're on your own Al Capone!

–Annie to Britta, "Conventions of Space and Time".

School year synopsis

In the study group's fourth year, Britta is dating Troy and Annie contemplates changing her major to Forensics. Annie helped Britta keep her overnight rendezvous with Troy at their apartment a secret from Abed. In the morning, Britta would exit Troy's bedroom through his window, climb out to the fire escape and make her way to Annie's bedroom. Once inside she would finish getting dressed and Annie would have her a curling iron ready to go. The daily routine ended after Abed revealed he already knew Troy and Britta were hooking up. Annie and Britta accompany Troy, Abed and Jeff to an Inspector Spacetime convention. Britta turned to Annie for support when Abed declared her opinion on "Inspector Spacetime" to be invalid. Annie refused to back Britta up unwilling to upset Abed and walked off. Britta and Annie dress up in traditional Oktoberfest barmaids as part of an elaborate ruse to trick the same German exchange students from their previous year. Months later, both Annie and Shirley reminded Troy and Britta about the upcoming anniversary of their first date. Afterwards Annie asked Britta how the date went unaware that Troy and her broke up.

2012 - 2013 semester

"Conventions of Space and Time": Annie and Britta go to a Inspector Spacetime convention with Troy, Abed and Jeff.

"Alternative History of the German Invasion": Britta and Annie wear barmaid costumes to a made up Oktoberfest celebration in the student lounge.

"Basic Human Anatomy": Annie reminds Britta about the anniversary of her first date with Troy.

Season Five[]

Britta I'm your friend!

I can't hear dead people Annie, I'm in a world of imagination!''

–Britta and Annie, "Geothermal Escapism".

School year synopsis

After the study group graduated, Annie and Britta returned to Greendale when Abed told them Jeff had come back and was forming a "Save Greendale Committee". The rest of the group re-enrolled when Jeff accepted a teaching position at school. Britta hoped to obtain a degree in Psychology while Annie decided to pursue a degree in Forensics. They both join the "Save Greendale Committee" which was dedicated to improving campus life. Along with the rest of the study group they mourn the passing of Pierce Hawthorne and participate in a polygraph machine aided inquest into his death. Later at a reading of Pierce's will, Britta received a used iPod nano and Annie is bequeathed a tiara. Troy was given an opportunity to win Pierce's fortune but had to leave Greendale indefinitely as part of the stipulations. Abed says goodbye to his friend in a campus wide game of "Hot Lava" which Annie enthusiastically participates in. Britta reluctantly joined only so she could get Abed to open up his feelings about his best friend leaving. Afterwards both Annie and Britta say their goodbyes to a departing Troy.

2013 - 2014 semester

"Repilot": Britta and Annie are reunited with the rest of the study group sometime after graduation.

"Cooperative Polygraphy": An inquest into Pierce's death leads to a reading of his will where Britta is bequeathed a used iPod nano and Annie is given a tiara.

"Geothermal Escapism": Britta reluctantly participates in a campus wide "Hot Lava" competition and briefly joins forces with Annie and Jeff before forming an alliance with Professor Hickey. Afterwards they both say goodbye to Troy who is leaving school indefinitely.

"App Development and Condiments": Britta tries to take down an app obsessed culture taking over the campus while Annie embraces the new social order.

Season Six[]

Before this is over you'll beg for my forgiveness.

–Annie to Britta, "Laws of Robotics & Party Rights".

School year synopsis

In Britta and Annie's sixth year at school, an overlooked task by the Save Greendale Committee resulted in a disastrous outcome. Britta and Annie initially disliked the consultant Frankie Dart that Dean Pelton hired to run the committee. Eventually they accepted her and inventor Elroy Patashnik into the group. Britta was homeless at the time and accepted an offer from Annie and Abed to move into their apartment. She was infuriated that her parents George and Deb Perry orchestrated the arrangement. Britta ultimately made peace with the arrangement but tested Annie's apartment rules when she threw a large party at her new home. When a hacker threatened to expose sensitive school information, Britta convinced the committee to not give into his demands. Britta and Annie regretted this after the hacker released their personal emails to the public. Britta and Annie have an awkward lunch with Frankie before attending the wedding of Garrett and Stacy with the rest of the committee. Britta and Annie's arrival with the group creates a spectacle at the event. Their attempts to improve their behaviour at the reception results in a worse situation unfolding. At the end of the semester she and the committee imagine what next year might be like. While Britta stays behind at Greendale, Annie leaves for the summer to accept a F.B.I. internship.

2014 - 2015 semester

"Ladders": Britta and Annie form an alliance with Jeff to circumvent laws that the new school consultant Frankie Dart instituted.

"Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care": Annie and Abed invite Britta to move in with them at her parent's request.

"Laws of Robotics & Party Rights": Britta throws a party at the apartment against Annie's wishes.

"Basic Email Security": Britta convinces Annie and the committee to stand up against a hacker who ends up leaking their personal emails.

"Intro to Recycled Cinema": Britta and Annie co-star in a low budget science fiction movie directed by Abed.

"Wedding Videography": Britta and Annie attend Garrett's wedding along with the rest of the committee.

"Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television": Britta and Annie imagine possible scenarios about the next year.


Season Two[]

"The Psychology of Letting Go"

Wow, it really is easy to raise money when you sell out your gender.Britta
It's even easier when you're not standing next to this: Hey, jerk. You're stupid. Give me money. I know more than you.Annie