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Buttered noodles

  Buttered noodles  
First appearance: "Regional Holiday Music" — Owned by: Eaters — Used by: Abed
Purpose: Food— Made by: Papa Penne's   PHOTO ICON

Buttered noodles are my favorite.
Abed, "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing".

Buttered noodle vending machines
Abed imagines Buttered noodle vending machines.
Buttered noodles is Abed's food of choice, the one dish he never gets tired of. He eats it on a regular basis and proudly states it to be his favorite. The simple culinary delight is made up of egg noodles and cooked by boiling it in water and flavoring it with butter. Abed in particular enjoys the microwaveable kind made by "Papa Penne's". The food's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Regional Holiday Music".


Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, Abed received his special edition "Dark Knight" DVD. He warned Annie if she saw the DVD was out he was still using it and not to take it to the kitchen, dump it out, and wash the bowl. Annie believed the rant was about a bowl of his buttered noodles she threw out despite Abed's denial ("Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism"). Before winter break, Abed got his friends to replace the school's Glee Club for the Christmas pageant. When the performance became a disaster, Abed headed home, microwaved himself some buttered noodles and watched the Inspector Spacetime" holiday special ("Regional Holiday Music"). When Annie meddled with the Dreamatorium's "engine", Abed reacted by creating a simulation of a hospital soap opera where all the vending machines dispensed buttered noodles ("Virtual Systems Analysis").

3x10 Abed eating noodles
Abed eating noodles.

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Abed attended Shirley's Thanksgiving Day dinner along with Pierce, Annie and Troy. He stated he would prefer the meal to be buttered noodles ("Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations"). Abed also went to a Christmas party in Jeff's apartment. Although they all agreed not to give each other gifts, everyone ( except Jeff ) brought presents with them. Once the drama involving their history professor Noel Cornwallis was resolved, the study group started opening their gifts. Abed was pleasantly surprised with the present he received from Shirley. It was a large box which contained 24 "Party Pack" of "Papa Penne's" buttered noodles ("Intro to Knots").

4x10 Abed's gift
Abed's gift.

Season Five[]

In the study group's fifth year at Greendale, Abed was dating Rachel and Annie had a visit from her brother Anthony. Abed invited himself and Rachel to Annie's dinner with her brother since he was unable to afford to take her out himself. When he expressed his displeasure that Annie was cooking salmon for the meal she changed her mind and said she would make buttered noodles instead. Abed was happy and stated buttered noodles was his favorite ("VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing").

Rachel and Abed eating noodles
Rachel and Abed eating noodles.

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