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Campus security patrol cart

  Campus security patrol cart  
First appearance: The Science of IllusionOwned by: GCCUsed by: Shirley, Annie, Abed and Britta
Purpose: to keep the Greendale campus safe— Made by: Ford Th!nk   PHOTO ICON

He got away because of your driving, grandma!
— Annie to Shirley, "The Science of Illusion".

Battle damaged Campus security patrol cart
A battle damaged patrol cart.
The Campus security patrol cart is the vehicle used to patrol the grounds of Greendale Community College. It is equipped with flashing police lights, a durable windshield, and an extended cab with additional seating for two more people. Its overall design appears to be a Ford th!nk 2002 golf cart decorated with Greendale's colors and logo. So far, Shirley is the only member of the study group to have actually driven the vehicle. Its first appearance was in the "Season One" episode "The Science of Illusion". It was later featured prominently in the climax to the Season Two episode "For A Few Paintballs More".


Season One[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Annie and Shirley learned student volunteers were being recruited for additional campus security on April Fool's Day. The two went to Dean Pelton's office where he appointed them to temporary positions. They received access to official security paraphernalia including the Campus security patrol cart. They were first seen using the cart to drive to the Biology lab at the scene of what was originally assumed to be a disturbing April Fool's prank. A cadaver had been thrown out of the Biology labs second story window and Officer Cackowski, his partner and Dean Pelton were already on the scene. Using the patrol cart, Shirley and Annie arrived accompanied by Abed and drove right into the warning tape surrounding the crime scene. Amused by their attitudes, the police allowed them to take over the investigation since it was only a misdemeanor crime. Annie and Shirley eagerly patrolled the campus in the cart to scope out potential suspects.

The bad cop and the bad cop
The bad cop and the bad cop.
They spent hours in the cart and staked out the crime scene with Abed. Annie then got an anonymous tip that Jeff Winger was the culprit they were looking for. They turned on the vehicle's pursuit light and drove to off in search of Jeff. After they found and searched him they discovered incriminating evidence in his backpack. He fled and at suggestion, Annie pursued him on foot while Shirley took the patrol cart to an alternate path in order to cut off his escape route. Shirley and Abed arrived at the other side of the building but were too late; Jeff had escaped, and Annie was suffering from "self-inflicted friendly fire" from a can of pepper spray. Using Dean Pelton's authority, Abed later reprimanded the pair for letting their prime suspect get away and relieved them of their duties. They reluctantly turn in their badges and other security paraphernalia which included the keys to the patrol cart ("The Science of Illusion").

Staking out the crime scene
Staking out the crime scene.

Season Two[]

In the study groups second year together at Greendale, the patrol cart played a pivotal role in the end of the year paintball assassin game. As the war between the City College invaders and Greendale alliance reached its climax, Shirley drove to the campus quad in the patrol cart picking up Britta along the way. With the security cart's windshield providing adequate protection from enemy fire, they drove towards the paintball machine gun nest located in the back of the Pistol Patty van. They quickly eliminated all of the surrounding commandos as the patrol cart took heavy paintball damage. Britta managed to take out the operator of the paintball cannon but was herself shot by a nearby trooper. Shirley eliminated the commando and prematurely celebrated believing he was the last City College trooper. Unfortunately, two more troopers exited another van and eliminated Shirley ("For A Few Paintballs More").

Shirley to the rescue
Shirley to the rescue.


Ford Th!nk[]

In 2000, Ford created a line of electric motor vehicles under a division they branded Ford Th!nk. Among the products they created was an electric golf cart called the Th!nk Neighbor which is what the Greendale security patrol cart is based on. It came in two models: a two seater and a four seater with a lot of the optional features being designed specifically for use on the golf course. The line proved to be unsuccessful and was cancelled in 2002. A major controversy developed when Ford made the decision to crush the remaining unsold cars in a move that went against the environmental nature of the product. Greenpeace staged a large protest which made Ford change their mind and ship the excess vehicles to Norway.

Ford Think Golf Cart
Ford Th!nk golf cart.

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