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Carl Bladt
Portrayed by: Jeremy Scott Johnson
First appearance: "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux"
Last appearance: "Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing"


Transform and roll out!
— Carl Bladt, "Course Listing Unavailable".

Carl Bladt
Carl Bladt.
Carl Bladt sits on the Greendale School Board. He is close friends with fellow board member Richie Countee and is often seen in his company. While he is more level headed than Richie, he tends to also take as lackadaisical an approach to his job as his friend. His first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux". He is portrayed by actor Jeremy Scott Johnson.

Character history[]

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at school, Carl Bladt and the rest of the school board allocated funds for a new project. They planned on filming a new commercial for the school as the old one was in serious need of an update. Pelton took charge of the project but after twelve days of filming he only had an over produced mess to show for it. After production came to and end, Richie and Carl Bladt arrived at Dean Pelton's office to see the final cut of the commercial. Pelton reluctantly shows it to them unaware that Abed had finished the commercial for him. Richie and Carl tell Pelton it was good enough. Ignoring Pelton's protests about him being responsible for it, Carl congratulates him and says the commercial should last the school another sixteen years. Richie then suggests to Carl that they go to Rusty Bucket to celebrate. Carl enthusiastically agrees excited about the restaurant's quarter taps ("Documentary Filmmaking: Redux").

3x08-Richie Countee Carl Bladt good enough
"Good enough" is better than "good".
Later in the year, a riot occurs at Greendale cafeteria incited by the study group but made worse by the intervention of Sgt.Chang and his security force. As a result, the recently opened Subway franchise was destroyed. Angered that a lucrative source of funds for the school had been shut down, Carl and the rest of the school board investigated what happened. They bring the study group in to question them about the matter when Ben Chang interrupts. Carl ignored Jeff's attempt to pin the blame on Chang for what happened. Chang had already established a close relationship with everyone on the board and had Carl's ear. With Chang and Dean Pelton"'s recommendation, Carl laid the blame for the riot squarely on the "The Greendale Seven". In a serious tone, Carl summarily expelled the study group much to their shock. He then jovially invited the rest of the school board and Chang to join him at the "Rusty Bucket" ("Course Listing Unavailable"). After a few months passed, Carl and Richie went to Chang's birthday party held in Greendale's cafeteria.

CLU The Greendale School Board
Carl has no mercy.
They congratulated him on the new security policies he enacted at school and gave him a shower organizer as a gift. They witnessed Jeff and Britta in disguise as the magician "Ricky Nightshade" and his goth assistant perform a magic trick with Chang as a volunteer. Sometime later, they encountered Dean Pelton and his look-a-like Faux-by slap fighting in the hallway. They bring them to the school records room where they find Chang, the study group and a makeshift bomb made out of stacks of fireworks boxes. They ask Chang to explain what's going on but he runs away in response. It finally dawns on Carl that they've been duped all this time by Chang. Carl and Richie are worried believing that the scandal will cost them their jobs. Pelton assures them that he will cover up the incident. Carl asks if he would really do this for them and Pelton replies he is doing it for the school's sake. Carl then suggest to Richie that they go to Skeepers for yard margs ("First Chang Dynasty").

3x21-Carl Bladt Richie Countee driking problem
What happened to them?

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, an inebriated Carl and Richie stop by the study room. They were there to check on Pelton and the study group's progress with recruiting a rich student named Archie DeCoste to attend Greendale. They are unimpressed after hearing the itinerary that Pelton has for a tour of the school. A drunken Richie tells him they need to lure the potential "whale" to the school by using sex and drugs. Carl argues that Richie has a point and advises that Pelton make the school more appealing to Archie by stretching the truth a bit about Greendale. He further suggests he make up classes taught by skate boarder Shaun White or a partying fraternity known as the "The Delta Cubes". Pelton refuses and states that he wants the merits of the school to speak for themselves. Disappointed, Carl asked that Pelton think about it some more before he and Richie leave ("Economics of Marine Biology").

S04E07-Richie and Carl
Richie and Carl with their "yard margs".

Season Five[]

In the study group's fifth year at Greendale, Richie and Carl show up in Dean Pelton's office with some news. They tell him an insurance liability appraiser from the city will be coming to inspect the school. Richie and Carl joke that it would be funny if the school turned out to be valuable. The next day, Richie and Carl arrive at school after the insurance agent Ronald Mohammad is done with his inspection.

Ronald lets them know that the school passed all the tests and can be considered a valuable asset to the city. Richie and Carl are shocked by the news but immediately see the possibilities. They discuss selling the school which is overheard by the Save Greendale Committee who confront them on the matter. Richie tells them they can now unload the school on the private sector. Carl adds that a chunk of real estate the size of Greendale can fetch a huge profit. Jeff objects to this but Richie dismisses his opinion since he didn't graduate from Yale like he and Carl did. The duo take their leave.

5x12 Carl and Richie
School board guys comin' in!
However, the "Save Greendale Committee" discovers that the founder of Greendale Russell Borchert left behind a treasure that may be buried beneath the school. They discover a trap door in the Teachers' lounge. Chang is spying on them and alerts Richie and Carl. When the committee discovers a filthy Borchert, millions of dollars and a gold lined computer he created which controls the entrance to his hideout, Richie, Carl and Chang take the money and trap the committee when Richie disables the computer with a magnet shaped like a pickle. The committee manages to escape and interrupts the ceremony signing Greendale over to Subway. They present Borchert who repulses the Subway rep. Borchert has a decades old contract signed with the city which allows him consultation rights on any scholastic endeavors with Greendale. Subway decides to pull out of the deal which infuriates Carl but results in the committee celebrating. ("Basic Sandwich").

5x13 Carl, Chang, and Richie
Stay back! This pickle is a magnet!

Season Six[]

In the Study Group's sixth year at Greendale, Richie and Carl surprise Dean Pelton with an offer to join the school board as long as he announces he is gay. Having a token gay member would repair the board's reputation after they cancelled a Gay pride parade on campus. While the Dean considers their proposal, Carl and Richie leave singing a song on their way out. Jeff convinces Pelton to accept the job noting the good he could do once in power. At a press conference, Pelton comes out as openly gay.

Later, Pelton learns Elroy and Abed are protecting a bird's nest that is causing an issue with the campus wi-fi. Pelton sympathizes with the birds' plight. Carl and Richie find out about the issue and Carl tells Pelton he's being too gay. Richie tells the Dean to figure out a solution. Carl and Richie have not been seen since ("Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing").

6x4 Richie and Carl corner the Dean.
Richie and Carl corner the Dean.