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5x06-Carol smile
Portrayed by: Katie Leclerc
First appearance: "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking"
Date of birth: Unknown
Major: Undecided


Sometimes, great days can turn ugly. Like when Queen Stevarios massacres the entire Vogadash family at Lord Brince's funeral in Bloodlines of Conquest.
— Carol, "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking".

S05E06-Carol yip-cha
Carol portrayed by Katie Leclerc.
Carol is a deaf student at Greendale. She meets Abed while he was wearing earmuffs to prevent Britta from spoiling a TV show for him. Carol, an adept lipreader, was able to understand him, though he initially couldn't understand her responses in sign language. Her only appearance was in the Season Five episode "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking". She is portrayed by Katie Leclerc.

Character history[]

At a Save Greendale Committee meeting, Abed expressed his enthusiasm for the show Bloodlines of Conquest. Britta, having just started the show, warns Abed not to spoil anything for her. Abed refuses to filter comments about the show for her benefit so Britta plots to read the Bloodlines books and spoil the TV show for him. To prevent spoilers, Abed begins wearing earmuffs that block all sounds. During the Committee meeting he is paired with Britta to complete the school census. In the halls he meets Carol and warns her not to speak as he can't hear her through his earmuffs. She signs back that she can't hear either. Abed learns that she is deaf but is able to read lips. Unable to decipher her signing, he wishes he could understand her.

Abed later finds Carol in the hallway and signs, “I learned how to say this in sign language.” Carol is initially impressed that Abed picked up sign language so quickly but he continues to repeat the phrase as it is nearly all he can say. He soon learns more and they discuss the sound Ewoks make in Return of the Jedi. By the time the dance begins, Abed is able to comfortably converse in sign language and he tells Carol how much he has enjoyed the day because of her. She agrees and then spoils the ending to the final book in Bloodlines of Conquest. Horrified, Abed watches as Carol accepts a wad of cash from Britta before walking away.

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Did she ever really like him?