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Chang's tranquilizer gun

  Chang's tranquilizer gun  
First appearance: "Contemporary Impressionists" — Owned by: Ben ChangUsed by: Ben Chang
Purpose: to put animals to sleep— Made by: Cap-Chur   PHOTO ICON

What is this I hear about a tranquilizer gun? If you had hit a small student they would have died!
— Dean Pelton, "Contemporary Impressionists".

Chang's tranquilizer gun2
Tranquilizer gun.
In the study group's third year at Greendale, Ben Chang is hired by Dean Pelton to be a campus security guard. After his boss Sgt. Nunez quits, Chang becomes the only protection the college has and starts feeling the pressure of his responsibility. He borrows a tranquilizer gun from a friend at the zoo which he believes is necessary to carry out his duties. Its first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Contemporary Impressionists".


When classes resumed after the 2011 Winter Break, Sgt. Chang overreacted to a situation that went down in the study room. He fired a tranquilizer gun at a celebrity impersonator, unaware that Abed had hired him to reenact a scene from the movie "The Fugitive". Dean Pelton reprimanded Chang who argued that being the only guard on campus caused him to resort to extreme measures. Pelton authorized him to try and recruit student volunteers to assist him in his duties. Chang is unsuccessful at finding college aged volunteers but has better luck that night when he runs into middle schoolers at a Bar Mitzvah he is providing security for.

Oops, sorry
Chang misread the situation and fired his tranquilizer gun.
The study group are also in attendance helping to settle Abed's debt to the company he hired his impersonators from. When Jeff goes on an ego fueled rampage, Chang again uses his dart gun and manages to hit his target. He assembled an army of preteens and hired a Moby impersonator resembling Dean Pelton for a scheme to take over Greendale. Chang is later seen wielding the tranquilizer gun briefly during the war between Abed's pillow fort and Troy's blanket fort ("Pillows and Blankets"). After a riot broke out during "Star-Burns"' wake, he preempts Pelton's attempt to pin the blame on him. Arriving at his office, he introduces Pelton to his replacement before shooting him with the tranquilizer gun ("Course Listing Unavailable").

Chang's tranquilizer gun 3
Armed and dangerous.



(After Chang shoots out the study room window)

Chang, they're just acting!Jeff
Oh, sorry...What? I got a friend at the zoo.Chang




Chang's tranquilizer gun is a Short Range Projector Pistol. It is produced by Cap-Chur, a company dedicated to manufacturing humane medical and immobilization equipment for animals. The gun itself is breech loaded, powered by CO2, has a .50 caliber barrel and is rifled to give the projectile, a Cap-Chur Syringe, more spin when fired. It weighs in at two pounds, is around 10.5 inches in length and can be equipped with a stock extension. The tranquilizer gun is sold for about $264.00.