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It's not even clever! You just substitute it for the word "change"!
Jeff, "Asian Population Studies".

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Ben Chang was no longer a teacher and was now himself a student enrolled at the school. Much to the annoyance of his classmates, he started to make bad puns with his last name "Chang". It became a recurring idiosyncrasy of his which would continue throughout the rest of his time at the school. When Chang pretended to have amnesia he would also make puns with "Kevin", the name he was using at the time. The first occurrence of "Changuage" is the Season One episode "Basic Genealogy".

List of Changuage puns[]

S01E18-Star-Burns and son Changed
   "Basic Genealogy"
Featuring: Ben Chang
I can't believe Star-Burns isn't a virgin. But judging from that Bluetooth headset, his son is. Ch-Chang!Ben Chang

   "Anthropology 101" "Language", "Changed", "Change"
Featuring: Ben Chang

Have you seen the course description? Ancient weaponry? Genital mutilation? This subject's speaking my Chang-uage!Ben Chang
Consider yourself Changed!Ben Chang
Spare a little Chang?Ben Chang
Chang your point of view
   "Asian Population Studies" "Angry", "Change", "Charged"
Featuring: Ben Chang, Jeff

Don't Chang the subject!Ben Chang
He makes me so Chang-ry! Jeff
Get ready to Chang your point of view.Chang
Guilty as Changed.Chang
2X15 Time for a Chang of address
   "Early 21st Century Romanticism" "Do"
Featuring: Ben Chang
Don't mind if I Chang.Ben Chang
Chang and bang
   "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy" "Bang"
Featuring: Ben Chang
Between you and me, I don't Chang a lot of chicks!Ben Chang
Back of my Chang
   "Paradigms of Human Memory" "Hand"
Featuring: Ben Chang
I know these air vents like the back of my Chang!Ben Chang

Chang flag
   "Contemporary Impressionists" "Change"
Featuring: Ben Chang
Gentlemen, who's ready to Chang the world?Chang
   "Pillows and Blankets" "Inglorious Basterds", "Entertainment"
Featuring: Ben Chang
"Changlourious Basterds" "Inglorious Basterds" only with Chang.Narrator

A DVD called "That's EnterChangment!" is offered for a Greendale telethon.

   "Course Listing Unavailable" "Complain"
Featuring: Ben Chang
"How are you Deaning?Dean Pelton
"Can't ComChang.Ben Chang
   "First Chang Dynasty" "Explain"
Featuring: Ben Chang
Richie, Carl...I can exChang!Chang

   "History 101" "Amnesia"
Featuring: Ben Chang
"Hello my name is Kevin I have Changnesia".Mailman
4X4 Hi my name is Kevin
   "Alternative History of the German Invasion" "Amnesia", "Change"
Featuring: Dean Pelton

"Hello my name is Kevin I have "Changnesia"? What is that?Pelton

Remember that people can Chang".Pelton
   "Advanced Documentary Filmmaking" "Amnesia", "Heavenly"
Featuring: The Study Group, "Kevin"

The word "Changnesia" is used throughout the episode.

Welcome to Shirley's Sandwiches where the food is Kevinly!Kevin
S04E12-Chang is out
   "Heroic Origins" "Change"
Featuring: Ben Chang
I'm out. I Changed my mind.Chang

Chang legalize
   "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing" "Criticize"
Featuring: Ben Chang
Legalize it, don't Chang...Chang

(sees Jeff, Shirley, Britta and Hickey staring at him and stops)