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The movie of the "Ham, girl!" guy in his space office fighting gagoos led by Chris Pratt type played by Jeffrey with his shirt off.
— Dean Pelton explains the plot, "Intro to Recycled Cinema"

Raiders of the Lost Galaxy poster
Raiders of the Galaxy poster
"Chief Starr and the Raiders of the Galaxy" was a 2015 low budget sci-fi movie starring Ben Chang, Jeff Winger, Britta Perry and Annie Edison. The film was produced by Greendale Community College and directed by Abed Nadir. It was created solely to capitalize on Ben Chang's stardom at the time. Chang had become an Internet sensation due to a commercial he appeared in. This was due to a catchphrase he spoke ("Ham, girl!") which went viral online. He briefly left school to pursue a career in Hollywood and Abed was convinced by the Save Greendale Committee to use leftover footage he shot of Chang to make a film. Maury, a Hollywood producer friend of Frankie Dart's, assured the school a big payday if they could make the film quickly. Production was fast tracked and the movie was shot over the weekend. However, at the film's premiere in the school's cafeteria, Murray learned his studio went bankrupt and the deal fell through. Nevertheless, the film was well received by the audience in attendance. It's first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Intro to Recycled Cinema".


In a galaxy far, far, away, Chief Starr is having an existential crisis while on a mission to transport important dignitaries aboard his starship. His passengers included the Mayor of outer space and his daughter Princess Meridian. The mayor notices a deviation in course and questions Starr about it but Meridian defends the Chief and proclaims her love for him. The space ship is rocked by some outside force and the alien known as Glip Glop informed them they are being attacked by Displamorphians. Starr gave a heads up to his passengers to hang on as he takes evasive maneuvers with the ship and executes a barrel roll laser attack that destroys the enemies.

Chief Starr pilots his spaceship
Chief Starr pilots his spaceship.
Princess Meridians sister Scorpio 9, a former pleasure droid who became an assassin, then enters the bridge and advises that they get into the escape pods. Before he goes, the Mayors parting words to Chief Starr is that he'll see him in hell. Despite his contentious relationship with the Mayor, Starr searched for his missing passengers. He docked his ship at a local space station and went to a shady bar for any information on their whereabouts. He was greeted by the Minotaur man who warned Starr about how dangerous the bar could be. He gave Starr a powerful laser gun for protection just as an assassin made his presence known.

Starr meets with Minotaur Man
Starr meets with Minotaur Man.
Starr shoots and kills the attacker which barley fazes the jaded bar crowd. Minotaur man tells Starr that Mayor and the women were taken prisoner by Master Dracula. A steel drum player revealed herself to be a second assassin and Starr shot her dead as well. Meanwhile, the Mayor, his daughter Meridian, Scorpio 9 and Glip Glop managed to free themselves from captivity in Master Dracula's base. As they fled down a corridor they ran into a security droid who immediately opened fire on them. Their small caliber weapons were ineffective so Scorpio 9 had to use her trump card. As her companions looked on with curiosity she pulled a laser bomb out of her décolletage.

Laser bomb!
Laser bomb!
Princess Meridian was offended by where the bomb was hidden feeling it to be as inappropriate as Scorpio 9's outfit. The android ignored the princess's objections and threw the bomb at the droid resulting in an explosion that destroyed it completely. However a more powerful drone than appeared which to everyone's surprise sounded just like Glip Glop. This caused their green ally to admit he was a traitor in cahoots with Lord Dracula. The Mayor, Meridian and Scorpio 9 shot and killed Glip Glop for his betrayal before running away from the drone. They escaped down the stations trash compactor chute and ended up in the sub-basement garbage disposal.

Glip Glop is killed
Glip Glop is killed after revealing his treachery.
After reaching the bottom of the chute they were attacked by a creature dwelling there which they quickly dispatched. A bigger problem occurred when the walls of the compactor began to slowly close in on them. Scorpio 9 proclaimed her love for the Mayor who reciprocated only to be reprimanded by Meridian who reminded them they were technically father and daughter. They were then saved by the timely arrival of Chief Starr who blasted his way into the compactor. However, during their escape the Mayor was recaptured and ended up being tortured and eventually killed. Chief Starr went back for retribution and confronted Master Dracula in his stations control room.

Trapped in garbage compactor
The heroes are trapped.
Dracula immediately sensed Starr's presence as the Chief brazenly walked into his headquarters. Starr declared he would get revenge for all the lives Dracula had taken. A furious laser battle erupted between them and Dracula managed to hit Starr in the shoulder before putting a volley through his chest. Mortally wounded, Starr's last words before fading away were the same existential questions he was pondering earlier on the bridge of his ship. Dracula shed a tear at the passing of his worthy opponent as Starr's soul wound up in the underworld surrounded by fire and brimstone. He was joined there by some familiar faces, Glip Glop and the Mayor who reminded Starr he told him he'd see him in Hell ("Intro to Recycled Cinema").

The Mayor keeps his word
The Mayor keeps his word.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark poster
"Raiders of the Lost Ark"

The title of Abed's movie is borrowed directly from this 1980's Steven Spielberg film.

Guardians of the Galaxy poster
"Guardians of the Galaxy "

The title, the use of CGI characters, and the outer space setting . The role of the lead character in the film "Star Lord" was portrayed by Chris Pratt with whom Jeff has an obsession with after the actor quickly lost a lot of weight and improved his physique for the role.

Ice Pirates poster
"Ice Pirates"

Jeff's look as the "Mayor of Outer Space" is similar to that of Eunuch characters seen in the film.

Star Wars poster
"Star Wars "
  • The bar scene is an homage to the cantina scene.
  • The trash compactor scene is a direct homage to a similar one shown in the 1976 film.


Recycled cinema[]

Reusing footage from other films is a common method in the movie making process. The reasons behind such practices varies although oftentimes its budgetary in nature as using stock footage saves the production money. This also sometimes occurs when an actor dies during production and film of them is reused to finish the movie. An example of this is actor/comedian John Candy's final film "Wagon's West" when a particular scene was used twice but digitally altered to make it look different. John_Candy_Scene_Re-Used_in_"Wagons_East"
Another example is when actor/martial artist Bruce Lee died while producing, directing and starring in the 1978 movie "Game of Death". A handful of scenes were shot and there were no notes on how Lee was going to complete his film. The studio went ahead with production with the story rewritten and stand-ins utilized to finish the movie. In one infamous scene a cardboard cut-out was used to replace Lee. Tragically history repeated itself when decades later Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee also died during filming of his 1995 movie "The Crow". Unlike his father's film his was mostly complete and only a few scenes were reshot featuring a stunt double. Game_of_death,bruce_lee_cardboard_cutout

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