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Chris McKenna
Chris McKenna
Occupation: Producer, screenwriter
Also known for: American Dad!, The Mindy Project
Work on Community
Title: Co-Executive producer, Writer
Writing debut: Communication Studies
Active on Community: 2010-2012, 2013-2015

Nov. '09 I joined my favorite show on TV and today leave my favorite anything ever. Thanks Community, fans, and @DanHarmon. E Pluribus Anus.

Chris McKenna was an executive producer and writer on Community for three seasons. He was responsible for writing some of the more critically acclaimed episodes, including the Season Two episode "Paradigms of Human Memory." His previous writing credits included working on episodes of Seth MacFarlane's Fox animated show "American Dad!" and the 2008 animated film "Igor". On May 1, 2012, it was revealed that he signed a two-year development deal with Universal Television. Not long after, Chris McKenna confirmed that he was leaving Community via his twitter account on May 12. His announcement came on the heels of a Sony Pictures Television press release stating that Moses Port and David Guarascio were replacing Dan Harmon as showrunner for the upcoming fourth season of the show. He was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on the Season Three episode "Remedial Chaos Theory". He spent a year on the Fox comedy "The Mindy Project" with Community alumni Adam Countee and Matt Warburton. When the season wrapped, there were some rumors that McKenna and Dan Harmon were in talks to return to Community for its fifth season. In June Harmon officially confirmed on twitter his return and later announced that Chris would be joining him as co-showrunner.

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