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Christmas Infiltration

CD Cover
  ♫Christmas Infiltration  
Troy and Abed Christmas Infiltration

◄  Album : None  -  Performed by: Troy and Abed  ►
  Composed by: Dan Harmon, Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: Regional Holiday Music

Abed...Look, you know I'd do anything you did but I'm a Jehovah's Witness. We're not supposed to celebrate Christmas.

In "Paradigms of Human Memory", it was revealed that the study group filled in for the Glee Club when the previous members died in a tragic bus accident. When the latest club becomes incapacitated in "Regional Holiday Music", the study group refuses Mr. Radisson's request to replace them once more. Abed becomes his ally however and resolves to convince the rest of the group, starting with Troy. Abed figures out a way of allowing him to participate in the upcoming Christmas pageant while remaining respectful of his faith as a Jehovah's Witness...

The song with lyrics[]


What if you were a Jehovah's witness
That was merely pretending to be into Christmas?
Gathering clues and blending in
To take down the holidays from within?
You mean like a spy investigating?
Making it seem like I'm celebrating-
when actually I'm infiltrating
Santa's operation?

Going deep cover past enemy lines,
Making everybody think I'm on the christ-a-mas side,
Rockin' warm sweaters,
Hangin' big ass lights,
If the fat man could see me yo it's gotta look right
I'll watch all the TV specials that I never could,
I'll even cry during the sad ones like James Bond would
And when the big night comes it's time to set the bait,
Cold milk, hot cookies,
Decorative plates!
And he'll come down the chi-muh-ney
And it will be just him and me
But he won't know we're enemies
'cause I'll play sincere
Bring a trap, like that,

Hug him tight, get on his lap
And tell him he can come back every year.
'Cause I am Jehovah's most secret witness
So I might have to dedicate my life to Christmas
And act just like I love it 'til the day I die

Connoisseur of Christmas
On the spectrum? None of your business
Thoughts too fast to comprehend
Just wanna do right
By my friend
If years were seasons, this December
Would be the December
Of our December
More blueprints than Howard Hughes,
But if there are blueprints,
How do we choose?
We have to be happy to get to the end,
We have to save Christmas to save our friends--

We have to save Christmas to save our friends,
We have to save Christmas to save our friends.



  • Troy is played by Donald Glover who in real life was raised a Jehovah's Witness although he no longer practices the religion.
  • Abed raps the line: "On the spectrum? None of your business." A "spectrum disorder" is a psychological term that helps to categorize similar mental and neurological disorders under one underlying condition that connects them all together. The line specifically refers to the autism spectrum, a range of conditions which symptoms include challenges in social interaction, communication and language difficulties, and repetitive behaviors and interests. It has been implied throughout the series, as well as confirmed during an interview with Dan Harmon, that Abed has undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Spectrum chart
Autism Spectrum chart
  • Abed raps this line: "If years were seasons, this December would be the December of our December." which was later explained in a twitter message by Dan Harmon, creator of the show and the showrunner at the time: "If years, which contain 4 seasons, were seasons in a 4 season story, winter of season 3 would be the coldest and darkest." This a reference to the overall story arc of the season. Coincidentally, this episode was also the last one shown before NBC put Community on hiatus.
  • Dan Harmon discusses writing the lyrics for "Christmas infiltration" in the behind the scenes video of the production of "Regional Holiday Music". A brief clip of him performing the song is also presented.