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Alter ego
Christmas Wizard close up
The Christmas Wizard
Portrayed by: John Oliver
First appearance: "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"
Home town: Planet Abed
Occupation: Wizard/Psychiatrist


I am a professional. You are tampering with a very lucrative book deal-I mean human being.
— The Christmas Wizard, "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas".

The Christmas Wizard
The Christmas Wizard voiced by John Oliver.
When Abed had a Christmas related nervous breakdown in his second year at school, Professor Ian Duncan's psychological skills were called upon to help treat him. Duncan played along with Abed's delusions and took on cartoon persona of The Christmas Wizard and told Abed he could help him discover the true meaning of Christmas. By placating Abed he hoped to get to the source of his emotional problems (and possibly get a book deal out of it). The Christmas Wizard's first and only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas". He is voiced by John Oliver.

Character history[]

During the study group's second year at Greendale, Abed believed that the world had become stop-motion animated. After an unfortunate parking lot incident, Abed was brought before the head of the schools Psychology department, Dr. Ian Duncan, to be analyzed. Duncan was intrigued by his psychosis and saw it as an opportunity to write a book on Abed's treatment. However, Abed refused to participate and walked out of their initial therapy session. A worried Britta then tricked Abed into coming to an intervention in the study room staged by Duncan. The professor took another approach at treating Abed and in order to put him at ease suggested that he was not only a psychiatrist but a helpful "Christmas Wizard". Duncan then convinced Abed to undergo hypnosis in order to get to the root of his problem.

S02E11-Christmas Wizard transformation
The Christmas Wizard transformation.
When Abed is put under, he imagines that everyone has been transported to another world, "Planet Abed", where they all transformed into Christmas cartoon characters. The Christmas Wizard started to lose control of the simulation when Abed declared he wanted to journey to the North Pole so they could discover the true meaning of Christmas. The Christmas Wizard adapted to this by suggesting a shortcut to the destination steering the group into the direction of the "Cave of Frozen Memories". Abed agreed and as they all depart Jeff (now "Jeff-in-the-box") let's Duncan know how much he disapproves of his methods. Along the way, Shirley ( now "Baby Shirley"), questioned why Abed imagined her as an infant. Believing he is disrespecting her she angrily mocked his imaginary world. The Christmas Wizard froze Baby Shirley and summoned a Christmas Pterodactyl to remove her.

S02E11-Christmas Wizard freezes Shirley
The Christmas Wizard freezes Baby Doll Shirley.
He then warned the others that only those sincerely interested in helping Abed should stay. The group quickly lost another member when Jeff-in-the-box was devoured by a swarm of Humbugs. The remainder of the group eventually made it to the cave and met up with The Christmas Wizard. He tried to manipulate Abed into talking about his troubled past but Abed turned the tables on him. Abed got the Christmas Wizard to recall his own childhood trauma involving his absentee father. An emotionally distraught Christmas Warlock left the cave and the session. In the real world, Duncan composed himself and went to Abed's dorm room where he finds the real reason behind his patient's behavior. He returned to the session and found Abed, Ballerannie, Troy Soldier and Teddy Pierce on an express train heading towards the North Pole.

S02E11-Christmas Wizard appears
The Christmas Wizard reappears from the Study Room.
Abed tried to ignore him claiming The Christmas Warlock was trying to destroy the holiday because he blames his sadness on it. Abed then pronounced him the "Christmas Warlock" and fled to the train's rooftop. The Christmas Wizard "teleported" after him and pled with Abed to face reality and stop the imaginary quest. It's then that Ballerannie and Troy Soldier stepped in and helped Abed escape. Having eluded the Christmas Warlock, Abed and Teddy Pierce made their way to the North Pile. There they discover a red herring left by the Christmas Warlock who suddenly reappeared. He confronted Abed with what he had found in the real world, a Christmas card from Abed's mother. It told him she wouldn't be seeing him this year putting an end to their annual tradition of watching holiday cartoons together. Unable to deal with the truth, Abed went into a catatonic state.

S02E11-Christmas Warlock
The Christmas Wizard becomes the Christmas Warlock.
The rest of the study group then made a sudden return to stick up for their friend. They denounced Duncan's assertion that the unrealistic expectations put on people by Christmas is at fault for Abed's condition. They countered that Christmas is the time of year for hope, and they can make that belief a reality by supporting each other. The Christmas Wizard scoffs at this notion and the study group decide to make their point clearer by attacking him with "Christmas weapons". After being pummelled by their assault, Ballerannie finished off the Christmas Wizard by summoning the "Christmas Pterodactyl". It carried off the wizard high into the air before Ballerannie activated its self destruct mechanism and blew them both up in a shower of fireworks. Later a depressed Ian Duncan is seen in the cafeteria commiserating with Dean Pelton ("Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas").

S02E11-Christmas Wizard being pelted
Christmas Wizard being pelted with Christmas "bullets".

S02E11-Troy Soldier candy cane numchucks
Troy Soldier numchucking the Christmas Wizard.

S02E11-Christmas Pterodactyl removes Wizard
The Christmas Pterodactyl removes the Christmas Wizard.

S02E11-Christmas Pterodactyl explodes
The Christmas Pterodactyl and Wizard exploding.


Christmas Wizard figurine[]

A series of figurines was officially based on the animated characters featured in this episode.The alternate forms of the study group members (except Shirley and Abed) made up the assortment along with The Christmas Wizard. They were sold exclusively online at the NBC store and each figurine retailed for $12.95. They have since been discontinued and are no longer available on the site.

Christmas Wizard figurine
Christmas Wizard figurine.