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City College    OFF CAMPUS
Purpose : Community College — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Debate 109"

Employees: Dean Spreck
Visitors: City College students and faculty

City College is stronger, faster, our sperm counts are higher-even in our women. Resistance is as pointless as your degrees. Honestly, ask yourselves-what does "Liberal Arts" even mean?
Dean Spreck, "For A Few Paintballs More".

City College website
City College website.
City College, also called City Community College, is a rival school of Greendale. Although it is a community college just like Greendale, it is a far more respected institution boasting a bigger budget, higher attendance, and more academic achievements. Representatives from the school first appeared in the Season One episode "Debate 109". The Dean of the school, Stephen Spreck, first appears in the Season Two episode "Basic Rocket Science". City College would later return as an invading paintball army in "A Fistful of Paintballs" and "For A Few Paintballs More". The school makes a brief appearance in the Season Three finale.


Season One[]

In the 2009 Fall semester, representatives from City College arrive at Greendale to participate in Intercollegiate Debate Championship. Ropati Eneki, Professor Mogadishu, and their star debater, Jeremy Simmons represent the school. They competed against Greendale's team of Jeff Winger, Annie Edison, and their coach, Professor Whitman. Although City College won the first half of the competition, Greendale's team rebounded in the second half and managed to gain a significant lead. Despite a last ditch gambit by Jeremy Simmons, Greendale secured the victory after a quick thinking rebuttal from Annie Edison. Later in the year, Troy and Abed kidnapped City Colleges team mascot, a goat, in order to join a fraternity at Greendale ("The Art of Discourse").

Season Two[]

In the 2010 Fall semester, City College was preparing a space simulator program. Stephen Spreck learned Greendale was attempting to premiere their own program to steal City College's thunder. He recruited a mole inside the rival college to help sabotage their plans. He had Greendale's space simulator van towed away right before it was to make its debut at a press conference. Spreck personally went to the Greendale campus to taunt Dean Pelton about his predicament. However, thanks to the efforts of the study group, Spreck's plan was ruined and the simulator was able to make its way back to Greendale in time ("Basic Rocket Science").

At the end of the school year, it's revealed that the Dean Spreck sponsored the paintball war at Greendale, so the students would end up destroying up their school. Since the prize money Spreck put up was real, he enlisted the services of a gun-for-hire known as "The Black Rider" to prevent any Greendale student from winning it. When The Black Rider himself ends up getting eliminated, Spreck initiates the second part of his plan. He personally leads an army of City College Storm Troopers to defeat the remaining students. A final battle with the opposing side sees his plan being thwarted by Pierce Hawthorne. He emerged the sole victor and tells Spreck to give the prize money to Greendale ("For A Few Paintballs More").

Season Three[]

Dean Spreck is shown inside his office at City College hatching another plot against Greendale. Unbeknownst to him, Ben Chang is watching him from the air ducts ("Introduction to Finality").

Season Four[]

During the 2012 Fall semester, Dean Spreck and Ben Chang formed an alliance to take down Greendale. As part of the plan Chang pretended to have memory loss which was dubbed "Changnesia" ("History 101"). He managed to fool psychologist Dr. Ken Kedan who had Chang returned to Greendale under a new persona known as "Kevin" ("Alternative History of the German Invasion"). Once Chang managed to win over Dean Pelton and the study group he used a cell phone Spreck gave him to contact the Dean and initiate the next phase of their plan ("Advanced Documentary Filmmaking"). The first step involved trying to get the study group expelled but Chang's initial attempt failed ("Intro to Knots").

Chang then came across an opportunity to do serious damage to Greendale by convincing Dean Pelton to let him mail the school's lease renewal. He also planned another surprise in the Library's ventilation system. As he was about to finish up the project he ran in to Abed who invited Chang to join him and the gang over at Yogurtsburgh. Chang had a change of heart when Abed let him know they considered him a member of the study group. He accepted Abed's invite, mailed the lease and called Dean Spreck to let him know he was no longer going to help him. Spreck was furious but decided to move on to his next scheme to bring down Greendale which involved blueprints for a giant mechanical spider ("Heroic Origins")

Season Six[]

At the end of the 2015 Spring semester at Greendale, City College again tried to ruin the school by sponsoring an underground paintball tournament. They arranged this in conjunction with an inside man, Greendale's Deputy custodian Lapari. The Save Greendale Committee managed to expose the conspiracy and brought an end to their plans ("Modern Espionage").

The Faces of City College[]