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Student ID
Portrayed by: Cyrina Fiallo
First appearance: "Early 21st Century Romanticism"
Date of birth: Unkown
Major: Unknown
Occupation: Student

I'm not a lesbian.
— Claire, "Early 21st Century Romanticism".


2x15-Claire dance
Claire portrayed by Cyrina Fiallo.
Claire is a student at Greendale Community College and close friend of Page, who at one time liked to hang out with Britta Perry. Unlike the outgoing and boisterous Page, Claire was quieter and more timid. She occasionally would strike up a conversation with Britta's more reserved friend from her study group, Annie Edison. Her first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Early 21st Century Romanticism". She was portrayed by actress Cyrina Fiallo.

Character history[]

In the study group's second year at school together, Claire's friend Page started to hang out with Britta Perry, thinking Britta was a lesbian. Page bragged about the relationship to Claire believing it to be an example of how progressive she was. The day before the school's Valentine's Day dance, Page and Claire were in the student lounge by the vending machines when they spotted Britta chatting with her fellow study group member Annie Edison on one of the couches. Britta approached them and Claire left them alone so they could talk privately. She joined Annie who was also hanging back for the same reason. Feeling a bit awkward by seeing their friends talking to each other, she blurted out to Annie that she wasn't a lesbian. Annie replied she wasn't either but added that she thought it was great Claire was friends with one. A slightly confused Claire immediately told Annie that Page wasn't a lesbian, she just likes hanging out with Britta because she thinks its cool to have a lesbian friend. Annie then reveals her friend is straight as well as both women come to the same realization.

2x15-Claire Annie not lesbians
Nobody's a lesbian.

It was clear that both their friends made an incorrect assumption about the other and have been exploiting the relationship for the same reason. Britta returns after finishing her conversation with Page. Acting smug and self-righteous, Britta informs them that she and Page will be attending the Valentine's Day dance together. She then makes a sarcastic remark about becoming a lesbian and explains to Claire that Annie is a bit homophobic. Reacting to her obnoxious attitude, Claire and Annie decide not to share their recent discovery with her. After she leaves, Annie and Claire share an amused look.

The night of the Valentines Day dance in the cafeteria, Claire and Annie were already in attendance and enjoying the festivities when Britta and Page showed up. Believing that the other attendees were gossiping about them, Britta and Page defiantly walked hand in hand to the dance floor. Without even acknowledging their friends, they passed by Claire and Annie determined to teach everyone a lesson about intolerance. Claire looked on as Britta and Page made a spectacle of themselves by dancing suggestively. Although embarrassed for their friends, Claire and Annie were still unable to bring themselves to end the farce. Much to the surprise of all the party goers, the dancing eventually escalated into an awkward kiss between the women. Both Claire and Annie watched as the truth finally dawned on Britta and Page when they both confided that it was their first time kissing a woman. After the revelation that both girls were straight, Page and Britta decided to stop hanging out.

2x15-Claire Annie not kissing
I guess they showed everyone.


The Girls[]

Cyrina Fiallo is a good friend in real life with actress Alison Brie who portrayed Annie Edison on "Community." The two met while filming the online web series "My Alibi". In Julianna Guill, a friend and another co-star from that show, they formed a cover band calls "The Girls". Julianna also made an appearance on "Community" as the head cheerleader eliminated by Annie during the paintball assassin game in the Season Two episode "A Fistful of Paintballs".

The Girls