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College Pranks:What To Know

  College Pranks:What To Know  
First appearance: The Science Of Illusion — Owned by: anyone, it's a free pamphlet — Used by: various
Purpose: To prevent bad pranks— Made by: Greendale Community College   PHOTO ICON

Anyway, just reminding you to keep any April Fool's pranks physically safe, politically balanced and racially accessible. When in doubt, check the guidelines in our College Pranks literature.
Dean Pelton, "The Science of Illusion".

April Fool's Day was the time of the year when inappropriate shenanigans would occur at Greendale. To keep the hijinks to a minimum, a guideline as to what was considered an acceptable prank to pull on that day was written. It was published as a pamphlet called "College Pranks: What To Know". Its first appearance was in the Season One episode "The Science of Illusion".


In the study group's first year at Greendale, Dean Pelton made an announcement over the intercom about the upcoming April Fools day. He stressed that any hijinks being pulled conformed to the schools official guidelines found in the "College Pranks: What To Know" pamphlet. Jeff heard the PA announcement picked up a pamphlet on the way to his study group meeting. He read it as he entered Group Study Room F and mocked the notion of school sanctioned pranks. Annie skimmed the pamphlet and saw a section which immediately interested her. During times of heightened shenanigans such as April Fools day, the school accepted student volunteers to join campus security to help maintain order. Annie was eager to sign up for duty as was Shirley who suggested they team up. Abed approved the idea wondering who would be the bad cop and the good cop in the partnership ("The Science of Illusion").

Jeff reading the pamphlet
Jeff reading the pamphlet.

The Pamphlet[]


Onscreen prop[]

In "The Science of Illusion", Annie is shown to be reading a section of the pamphlet which mentioned allowing student volunteers for campus security during April Fools. The actual prop as seen above does not contain the section she mentioned.

Annie reading the pamphlet
Annie reading the pamphlet.