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Troy, "Spanish 101".

Starting in the Season One episode "Spanish 101", brief vignettes closed out the show during the end credits. These skits are referred to as end tags and feature short stories usually unrelated to the plot of that particular episode. Most of them also had Troy and Abed although there were a few exceptions. So far, only two episodes have not had end tags. The Pilot had a dedication to the 1980's filmmaker John Hughes and normal credits. The other exception was the Season Two episode "A Fistful of Paintballs" which instead had a preview of the following episode "For A Few Paintballs More". In Season Six, the format of the show changed due to its move to Yahoo Screen allowing for a longer runtime. Because of this, the end tags became longer as well with the onscreen credits removed and put at the end of the episode separately.

Complete list of end tags[]

   "Spanish 101" Episode 2
Featuring: Troy and Abed

While he is on the couch with Troy studying Spanish, Abed starts beatboxing. Troy joins in with an impromptu rap made up of random Spanish words.

   "Introduction to Film" Episode 3
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Jeff

Abed starts to dance and asks Troy if he is "Krumping". Troy says he isn't and demonstrates what "Krumping" looks like. Jeff walks in on the scene and joins the duo in a "Krump" off.

   "Social Psychology" Episode 4
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Jeff

Troy and Abed are mocking students thinking they are safe behind the glass walls of the study room. When Jeff passes by and alerts them to the fact that they can be heard, Troy and Abed pretend to be asleep.

   "Advanced Criminal Law" Episode 5
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed are attempting to break the record for the most amount of pencils held in their mouths.

Troy and Abed meet their match
   "Football, Feminism and You" Episode 6
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed take over the Greendale P.A. system and are stopped by campus security who look remarkably similar to them.

Troy and Abed Batman and donuts
   "Introduction to Statistics" Episode 7
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed have a conversation while talking in Christian Bale's Batman voice.

Pierce and MC Dan Harmon rap
   "Home Economics" Episode 8
Featuring: Pierce, MC Dan Harmon, Vaughn Miller

Pierce and MC Dan Harmon are working together to create a song to get back at Vaughn's song, "Pierce You're a B".

Abed's Troy and Abed rapping
   "Debate 109" Episode 9
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed are filming his online show "The Community College Chronicles" with two actors doing the Spanish rap.

   "Environmental Science" Episode 10
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Pierce

Troy and Abed prepare for a water gun battle while waiting for Pierce to show up and join them.

Troy falls asleep
   "The Politics of Human Sexuality" Episode 11
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Pierce

Troy falls asleep as he is studying with Abed who ends up putting him to bed.

Oh Christmas Troy
   "Comparative Religion" Episode 12
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Jeff

Abed and Jeff decorate Troy as a Christmas Tree while singing a version of the song "Oh Christmas Tree" substituting the word "Tree" for "Troy".

Troy and Abed audition
   "Investigative Journalism" Episode 13
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Pierce and Star-Burns

Troy and Abed and Pierce try to join the cool study group by auditioning for Star-Burns.

Community crossword puzzle
   "Interpretive Dance" Episode 14
Featuring: Troy, Abed, and Jeff

Troy and Abed fill out a crossword that seems to be made up of the study group's names until Jeff points what the common theme really is.

   "Romantic Expressionism" Episode 15
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed film a Kickpuncher remake. An edited version was seen in the original broadcast of this episode, the full version is seen on the left.

Troy Pierce and Chang
   "Communication Studies" Episode 16
Featuring: Troy, Pierce and Ben Chang

Pierce and Troy leave the dance still dressed in their lady pant suits. Pierce is picked up by Ben Chang on his vespa and the two go out for frozen yogurt leaving Troy behind.

Troy and Abed Bert and Ernie
   "Physical Education" Episode 17
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed do a homage to "Sesame Street" playing Bert and Ernie. Troy suddenly remembers a funeral he has to attend and leaves.

   "Basic Genealogy" Episode 18
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed trap themselves inside a vending machine after being inspired by one of Shirley's kids.

Chang swimsuit
   "Beginner Pottery" Episode 19
Featuring: Ben Chang

After a swim in Borchert Hall, Chang goes to his locker only to find his clothes were stolen. Although annoyed he simply puts on his vespa helmet and leaves the locker room wearing only his swim trunks.

Troy and Abed in the morning
   "The Science of Illusion" Episode 20
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Jeff

Jeff appears on the talk show "Troy and Abed in the Morning!" but walks out when he realizes it's fake.

That was awesome
   "Contemporary American Poultry" Episode 21
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Jeff, Britta, Shirley and Annie

Troy and Abed show off their fake escalator tricks to some of the study group members. They leave before witnessing the grand finale called "Awesome Elevator" where Troy and Abed pretend to go down an elevator and rise up having switched clothing.

   "The Art of Discourse" Episode 22
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Leonard

Troy and Abed are in the student lounge discussing what their porn names would be using their grade school's name along with their favorite soda until they are interrupted by a pizza delivery guy.

Troy's voicemail to Abed
   "Modern Warfare" Episode 23
Featuring: Troy and Jeff

Troy attempts to leave a message for Abed but his constant re-recording of the message angers Jeff who steps in to record a message of his own. After realizing how he sounded like a jerk, a contrite Jeff helps Troy record another message.

Spanish test results
   "English as a Second Language" Episode 24
Featuring: The Study Group, Doctor Escodera

Abed reads off the group's final grades for Spanish, revealing that they all passed.

Yearbook reaction
   "Pascal's Triangle Revisited" Episode 25
Featuring: The Study Group, Star-Burns, Leonard, unnamed Greendale students

Some unnamed students watch Abed's video yearbook which features all the study group members and complain about not knowing anyone in the video.

   "Anthropology 101" Episode 1
Featuring: Troy, Abed and June Bauer

Troy and Abed are joined by Anthropology Professor June Bauer inside the study room. The duo begin to rap about about Anthropology and are joined by June who adds the chorus from Toto's hit single "Africa".

   "Accounting for Lawyers" Episode 2
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Abed tries to convince Troy that a cartoon tunnel he painted on the side of a wall is real

   "The Psychology of Letting Go" Episode 3
Featuring: Professor June Bauer, African tribesmen

Professor Bauer is seen discussing the movie "Inception" with African Tribesman in Mimpousa, Congo.

Troy and Abed Thing
   "Basic Rocket Science" Episode 4
Featuring: Troy and Abed

"A Troy and Abed Thing" production featuring the duo piloting cardboard spaceships.

Troy, Abed, Annie prank Jeff
   "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples" Episode 5
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Jeff and Annie

Troy and Abed annoy Jeff by dressing like him and mimicking what he is saying. After he leaves, Annie shows up dressed like Jeff too and is upset that she missed out on the bit.

Troy receives Chang's voice message
   "Epidemiology" Episode 6
Featuring: Troy, Ben Chang (voice)

Troy receives a voicemail from Chang and after listening to it discovers that he and Shirley might have had sex on Halloween.

Troy and Abed in the morning2
   "Aerodynamics of Gender" Episode 7
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Turtle, Garrett

Star-Burns, a turtle named "Shelly" and Garrett appear on "Troy and Abed in the Morning!".

   "Cooperative Calligraphy" Episode 8
Featuring: Dean Pelton (voice)

The Puppy Parade is shown with Dean Pelton providing commentary on the event.

Troy and Abed writing a scrip
   "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" Episode 9
Featuring: Troy and Abed

While on the couch in the study room, Troy and Abed create a script one word at a time.

   "Mixology Certification" Episode 10
Featuring: Troy and Abed

In the study room, Abed assists Troy in trying to break the world's record for most shirts worn.

   "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" Episode 11
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed are shown still in stop motion enjoying the food in that format. They then switch heads and say a version of their signature catchphrase.

Troy and Abed and Rich in the morning
   "Asian Population Studies" Episode 12
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Jeff and Rich

Rich appears on "Troy and Abed in the Morning! discussing his kettle corn recipe only to be interrupted by Jeff.

Annie trying to sleep
   "Celebrity Pharmacology 212" Episode 13
Featuring: Annie

At night, Annie is sleeping in her apartment when she is awoken by the Dildopolis store's loud public advertising.

The Joy luck Club study group
   "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" Episode 14
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed are so engrossed in their debate about having big ears or a tail they don't realize they are early for the study group meeting and encounter an all female, Asian study group at the study table.

Troy and Abed candy hearts
   "Early 21st Century Romanticism" Episode 15
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Abed is blindfolded while Troy has him eat candy hearts to determine what they say.

2X16-Troy and LeVar eating dinner
   "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" Episode 16
Featuring: Troy and LeVar Burton

Troy has dinner with LeVar Burton in the study room but can't handle being in his presence and runs away screaming.

Abed and Robin's date
   "Intro to Political Science" Episode 17
Featuring: Abed and Robin Vohlers

Abed and Robin have a "date" watching Kickpuncher together as she observes him covertly through his dorm room window.

Bored study session
   "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy" Episode 18
Featuring: The Study Group

The group is shown either texting, on computers, or on Ipads before they all leave abruptly.

   "Critical Film Studies" Episode 19
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Abed and Troy return to dine at the fancy restaurant, get their check, and dine and dash.

   "Competitive Wine Tasting" Episode 20
Featuring: Troy

Troy performs in an all-black version of The Fiddler on the Roof.

   "Paradigms of Human Memory" Episode 21
Featuring: Dean Pelton (voices)

A cartoon showing the Dean gaining superpowers and getting revenge on the study group for being mean to him.

Troy and Abed fire alarm
   "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts" Episode 22
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed pull a fire alarm to get out of an exam by pulling the fire alarm but discover that it's fake.

   "A Fistful of Paintballs" Episode 23
Featuring: Troy and Abed

A preview of the next episode is shown.

Abed and Jerry
   "For A Few Paintballs More" Episode 24
Featuring: Abed and Jerry

Abed narrates the day's events to Jerry, who is cleaning the entire school.

3x01 tag
   "Biology 101" Episode 1
Featuring: The study group and Chang

The group fixes the table, Britta declares her psychology major, and Chang reveals his promotion.

   "Geography of Global Conflict" Episode 2
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Pierce

Troy and Abed play a live version of the board game "Operation" on Pierce as he sleeps in the study room.

Tumblr lsslcgvyxY1qzqfm9o1 500
   "Competitive Ecology" Episode 3
Featuring: The study group

The group fills out Britta's psych evaluations.

3x04 tag
   "Remedial Chaos Theory" Episode 4
Featuring: Evil Study Group

The "Darkest Timeline's" fate is explored and culminates in the birth of Evil Troy and Evil Abed.

3x05 tag
   "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps" Episode 5
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Pierce

Troy and Abed's scary story is continued.

   "Advanced Gay" Episode 6
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Jeff

Troy and Abed are seen playing an Inspector Spacetime game.

   "Studies in Modern Movement" Episode 7
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Annie, Britta and Jeff

Troy, Abed, and Annie put on a puppet show for Jeff and Britta.

3x08 tag
   "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux" Episode 8
Featuring: Pierce and Jeff Garlin

Pierce storms out of his trailer as Jeff Garlin storms into it.

   "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism" Episode 9
Featuring: Leonard

Leonard reviews frozen pizza on YouTube.

   "Regional Holiday Music" Episode 10
Featuring: Dean Pelton, Chang, Star-Burns, Leonard and Magnitude

"Carol of the Bells" is performed by the Dean, Chang, Star-Burns, Leonard, and Magnitude.

   "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts" Episode 11
Featuring: Pierce

Pierce tries to put soft serve ice cream into a cone and fails.

Chang flag
   "Contemporary Impressionists" Episode 12
Featuring: Chang

Chang is seen indoctrinating children into an army.

3x13 tag
   "Digital Exploration of Interior Design" Episode 13
Featuring: Robert Laybourne and Murray

Vice-Dean Laybourne is seen plotting against Troy and Abed with his crony.

   "Pillows and Blankets" Episode 14
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed run a charity drive for Greendale TV.

   "Origins of Vampire Mythology" Episode 15
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Jeff and Dean Pelton

Abed performs apartment-specific stand-up for Jeff, Troy, and the Dean.

   "Virtual Systems Analysis" Episode 16
Featuring: Abed, Troy and Annie

Annie gives interior design tips on "Troy and Abed in the Morning!".

   "Basic Lupine Urology" Episode 17
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Shirley and Dean Pelton

Troy and Abed are spending the night sleeping in their bunk bed inside the study room with Dean Pelton singing them a lullaby.

   "Course Listing Unavailable" Episode 18
Featuring: Star-Burns

Abed's video tribute to the late Star-Burns is shown.

   "Curriculum Unavailable" Episode 19
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Jeff (voice) and Annie (voice)

"Troy and Abed in the morning...Night's!" edition.

   "Digital Estate Planning" Episode 20
Featuring: Troy and Abed

Troy and Abed find a baby in the study room and decide to adopt and raise it by themselves.

   "First Chang Dynasty" Episode 21
Featuring: Dean Pelton

Dean Pelton dances at the "Acedamania", a rave held at Greendale.

   "Introduction to Finality" Episode 22
Featuring: Leonard

Leonard's YouTube potato chip review is shown.

   "History 101" Episode 1
Featuring: Abed, Troy, Dean Pelton, Britta and Shirley

Another one of Abed's sitcom fantasies is shown. In this segment, he and Troy are cross dressing, so they can attend an "Antics 101" class that is only for women.

4x02 Tag
   "Paranormal Parentage" Episode 2
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Pierce

Troy and Abed are at Pierce's mansion and playing with the secret revolving doorway to the security room.

   "Conventions of Space and Time" Episode 3
Featuring: The study group

In the study room, the study group watches the horrible American version of Inspector Spacetime which was the direct result of Pierce's participation in a test group about the show.

   "Alternative History of the German Invasion" Episode 4
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Karl

Troy and Abed are doing a podcast with their special guest Karl who was given a gift, a four pronged trident.

4x05 tag
   "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations" Episode 5
Featuring: Shirley

Shirley discovers the escape route Abed had created in her garage behind the "Shirley's Sandwiches" poster.

4x06 tag
   "Advanced Documentary Filmmaking" Episode 6
Featuring: Chang

Ben Chang, who supposedly has "Changnesia", slips away after the screening of Abed's documentary on his "disease". He contacts someone on a cellphone and tells them that "they bought it". He then starts to laugh maniacally.

   "Economics of Marine Biology" Episode 7
Featuring: Troy and Britta

Troy and Britta are in bed together watching a "Let's Potato Chips commercial. He gets upset when she is eating a rival potato chip brand named "Spingles" and tells her to go home.

4x08 tag
   "Herstory of Dance" Episode 8
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Dean Pelton, Sophie B. Hawkins

Troy and Abed are asking Sophie to do different renditions of "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" specific to them. Dean Pelton then arrives and tells the pair to stop bothering Sophie. When they leave Pelton asks her to do a version of the song he had rewritten as "Dean, I Wish I Was Your Lover". Sophie looks over the lyrics and asks who "Jeff" is.

   "Intro to Felt Surrogacy" Episode 9
Featuring: Puppet Study Group

The study group, as puppets, hum the song Daybreak while sitting at the study room table.

   "Intro to Knots" Episode 10
Featuring: Evil Jeff and Evil Annie

In the Darkest Timeline, Evil Jeff successfully argues for Evil Annie's release from Greendale Asylum.

4x11 tag
   "Basic Human Anatomy" Episode 11
Featuring: Troy, Abed, Jeff and Dean Pelton

Troy and Abed are purposely messing up for a "gag reel" of their Freaky Friday experience while Jeff scolds them over it not being real. The Dean makes an appearance by running into the door. Abed informs him they are not doing the outtakes anymore; on the way out, the Dean runs into the door again and pronounces loudly his disappointment over really not doing the outtakes anymore.

4x12 tag
   "Heroic Origins" Episode 12
Featuring: Chang and Dean Spreck

Chang calls Dean Spreck and tells him he's pulling out of his evil plan, before joining the rest of the study group for froyo. Meanwhile, in Dean Spreck's office, he looks on at a blueprint for his 'Plan B', while laughing manically.

4x13 tag
   "Advanced Introduction to Finality" Episode 13
Featuring: Evil Study Group

Evil Troy and Evil Abed are hosting an Evil version of the "Troy and Abed in the Morning!" show. After introducing their special guest "Evil" Ben Chang they present a glimpse into another timeline - the timeline in which Abed went to get the pizza, i.e. Timeline 5 - featuring an alternate Troy and Britta. They proudly show off their child who they have named "Chewbacca". Evil Jeff then interrupts the show to remind Troy and Abed that it's not real. When he leaves Evil Troy and Abed sing song their signature sign off.

Super Abed VS Super Jeff
   "Repilot" Episode 1
Featuring: Abed and Jeff

Abed edits the commercial he shot for Jeff's law firm adding footage of himself as "Super Abed" fighting "Super Jeff".

Troy as a chair
   "Introduction to Teaching" Episode 2
Featuring: Troy, Abed and Buzz Hickey

Troy and Abed's plan to prank Jeff when he enters his office by disguising themselves as a plant and an arm chair fails when Buzz Hickey arrives instead.

Star-Burns Cat Car
   "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics" Episode 3
Featuring: Star-Burns

Star-Burns promotes his cat car idea as an environmentally friendly form of transportation in a crowdfunding promo video.

504CP (3)
   "Cooperative Polygraphy" Episode 4
Featuring: The study group and Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone and the study group are at a restaurant having a drink. Stone reveals to the group that the cause of Pierces death was dehydration from filling up all the sperm cylinders he bequeathed to the group.

5x05 Tag
   "Geothermal Escapism" Episode 5
Featuring: Troy and LeVar Burton

Troy asks LeVar Burton questions about Star Trek.

5X6 The Marigold option
   "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking" Episode 6
Featuring: Ian Duncan

Duncan somehow manages to order a military air strike while trying to order staples over the phone from the school's automated supply store.

507 Tag
   "Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality" Episode 7
Featuring: Dean Pelton and Duncan

Duncan asks Dean Pelton about a Tex-Mex place he once suggested for lunch. Pelton assumes he has been invited but is corrected leading to an awkward exchange between him and Duncan.

   "App Development and Condiments" Episode 8
Featuring: Koogler

A trailer for the "Koogler" movie is shown done in the style of R-rated 1980's teen college films.

   "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing" Episode 9
Featuring: Devon, Devon's wife

In 1993, Devon's wife convinced him to give up his job at Apple Computer to pursue a part in the old west game "Pile of Bullets".

   "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" Episode 10
Featuring: Abed and Annie

Abed is playing Dungeons & Dragons with Annie's stuffed toys. Annie emerges from her room and asks if he is done yet since she can't go to sleep without her "stuffies". Abed then ends the game by having a goblin slaughter the stuffed toys and goes to his room.

   "G.I. Jeff" Episode 11
Featuring: Buzzkill and Fourth Wall

Buzzkill and Fourth Wall deliver a PSA to some children.

5x12 end tag photo
   "Basic Story" Episode 12
Featuring: Buzz Hickey and Ian Duncan

Buzz and Ian bond over a drink in Duncan's office and learn an unexpected connection they both have to a small town in England.

   "Basic Sandwich" Episode 13
Featuring: Carl, Richie, Chang and TV show actors

A series of mock television programs are shown as a jab at NBC.

Butcher and the Baker ad
   "Ladders" Episode 1
Featuring: Shirley Bennett, Mr.Butcher

Shirley prevents her new employer Mr. Butcher from killing himself. She convinces him to keep investigating so that he'll eventually find out who killed his wife. A promo for next weeks episode of "The Butcher and the Baker" is then shown.

   "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care" Episode 2
Featuring: Gremlins, portuguese actors

A trailer of the Portuguese gremlins movie that Abed and Annie wanted to see in the episode. "Knee-high mischiefs".

Takashi and Pelton
   "Basic Crisis Room Decorum" Episode 3
Featuring: Takashi, Takashi's father, Dean Pelton

Takashi recalls years ago when his father berated him for his long distance cell phone charges. A texting conversation with Dean Pelton afterwards led to him becoming head of the Yakuza.

The Committe sets a bird free
   "Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing" Episode 4
Featuring: Dean Pelton, Save Grendale Committee

Pelton and the Save Greendale Committee release the bird Abed saved into the wild.

Committee Teleprescence conference
   "Laws of Robotics & Party Rights" Episode 5
Featuring: Save Greendale Committee

The committee uses the leftover telepresence robots to have a meeting.

Campus stakeout
   "Basic Email Security" Episode 6
Featuring: Officer Cackowski, Officer Warburton

While on a police stakeout Officer Cackowski tries to have a conversation with his partner Officer Warburton.

The Perry's try to figure out the rules of the game
   "Advanced Safety Features" Episode 7
Featuring: Britta, George Perry and Deb Perry

After Britta breaks up with Rick she tries to distract herself with game night at her parents home.

   "Intro to Recycled Cinema" Episode 8
Featuring: Save Greendale Committee

Chang returns to the study room to an awkward silence, trying to act like nothing happened.

   "Grifting 101" Episode 9
Featuring: Jeff, Ryan Ridley

Trailer for "The Guy From Jeff's Gym" starring Ryan Ridley.

   "Basic RV Repair and Palmistry" Episode 10
Featuring: Blake, Karen

Blake calls Dean Pelton to ask about the giant hand he wanted to buy from him and has an argument with his wife Karen.

   "Modern Espionage" Episode 11
Featuring: Garrett Lambert, Vicky, Connie

Garrett and Vicki promote their new show.

Brian Hatton rant
   "Wedding Videography" Episode 12
Featuring: Briggs Hatton (Matt Gourley)

The episode writer Briggs Hatton (portrayed by Matt Gourley) delivers a pro-incest message.

   "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television" Episode 13
Featuring: Dan Harmon (narrator), Family

A meta commercial plays out with a family playing a Community board game as an unseen narrator pitches the product.


Promotional video[]