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Constable Reggie
Portrayed by: Derwin Jordan
First appearance: "Biology 101"
Last appearance: "Conventions of Space and Time"
Occupation: Constable
Associates: Inspector Spacetime


Blimey Inspector, where are we?
— Constable Reggie, "Biology 101".

Constable Reggie close up
Constable Reggie portrayed by Derwin Jordan.
Constable Reggie is a fictional character in the popular long running British science fiction series "Inspector Spacetime". He is a part of a long line of assistants who are partnered with the enigmatic alien known only as "The Inspector". He wore a traditional constable uniform, armed with a billy club, equipped with a special whistle and was proficient in "Zero Gravity Martial" martial arts. He was a stalwart ally to the Inspector who accompanied him on his journeys through time and space inside a red telephone box shaped machine known as the X-7 Dimensionizer. The Constable's first appearance on Community was in the Season Three episode "Biology 101". He is portrayed by actor Derwin Jordan.

Character history[]

Season Three[]

During the study group's third year at Greendale, Britta tried to help Abed who had gone into a catatonic state over the hiatus of his favorite show "Cougartown". Britta looked for a replacement show to help Abed and introduced him to a British show called "Inspector Spacetime. It showcased the adventures of the Inspector and his partner Constable Reggie. In the episode Britta showed Abed, Reggie and the Inspector travelled to another planet via the X-7 Dimensionizer where they were attacked by the Blorgons. Abed instantly became a fan and declared the show to be the greatest thing he ever saw ("Biology 101"). During Halloween, Troy and Abed dressed as Constable Reggie and the Inspector respectively ("Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps").

3x1 Constable and Inspector
"Inspector look out!
Troy and Abed again cosplay as the pairing sometime after attending Cornelius Hawthorne's funeral annoying Jeff with their antics ("Advanced Gay"). On Christmas, Abed watched the infamous "Inspector Spacetime Christmas Special" which featured Constable Reggie. The Inspector celebrates "Time Day" and as per tradition gives Reggie a hologram as a gift for the orbital cycle. The hologram featured a 80's hair band belting out a cheesy rock song. Abed was unimpressed and deems the episode "terrible" ("Regional Holiday Music"). Later in the year, the relationship of the Inspector and Reggie are negatively compared to Troy and Abed's friendship by Robert Laybourne. Hoping to drive a wedge between the two friends he describes Troy as being just like Reggie a "naive obedient lap dog" subservient to the Inspector/Abed ("Digital Exploration of Interior Design").

X-7 Christmas
The Constable receives a gift on "Time Day".

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Troy and Abed attended their first "InSpecTiCon" convention. They invited Jeff, Annie, and Britta to join them and arrived at the event cosplaying as Constable Reggie and the Inspector. Once there they meet up with Abed's online friend Toby Weeks. He tried to convince Abed to end his friendship with Troy believing that they were superior "Inpsector"-like people who were being dragged down by inferior "Constables". Abed argued that his friendship with Troy, much like Reggie's relationship with The Inspector, helped to ground him. Abed theorized that the world is made up of logical "Inspectors" and emotional "Constables" and both are needed to make time and space a better place. In affirmation of their friendship, Troy and Abed took a photo in the conventions "Gluon Chamber" recreating a famous scene involving Constable Reggie and Inspector Spacetime ("Conventions of Space and Time").

4X3 Troy and Abed fused together
Troy and Abed fused together!


"Inspector Spacetime" is a homage to the long running British TV show "Doctor Who". The character of "Constable Reggie" is based on recurring characters who accompany "The Doctor" on his adventures. They would collectively became known as "Companions". Unlike in Doctor Who, the term "Constable" seems to be an actual title or position the characters on "Inspector Spacetime" are given or employed as. While "Companion" is the official word used to describe such characters on "Doctor Who" they are actually rarely called that onscreen.

Doctor Who Children of Time
The Doctor's companions
aka "The Children of Time".