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The study group returns from winter break, and Britta is excited about her new psychology class. Jeff arrives with an impressive new swagger and tells everyone that his latest therapist gave him anti-anxiety drugs. Britta warns that self-confidence enhancing medication could be problematic for someone with Jeff's ego. Abed ends the discussion when he and an actor burst in performing a scene from "The Fugitive". Britta suggests an intervention after Troy and Annie explain that he's been spending money on impersonators reenacting scenes. Campus security guard Chang overreacts to the situation and shoots out one of the study room windows with a tranquilizer gun.

3x11-the new Jeff
The new Jeff.

Chang is summoned to Dean Pelton's office for his actions. Chang claims his extreme response was due to him having no help. Pelton agrees to let him recruit student volunteers to assist him. In the hallway, Britta continues to warn Jeff about his anti-anxiety medication. She explains his self-confidence will expand and turn him into an ego driven monster. Jeff ignores her enjoying his new swagger has resulted in complimentary reactions including ones from Leonard and Dean Pelton. Later in the cafeteria, Vinnie, the owner of the impersonator agency, shows up demanding payment from Abed for his services. When he notices that the study group resembles certain celebrities, he comes up with an alternative solution to clear the debt. He proposes that they help him out on a gig at a client's Bar Mitzvah celebration.

3X11 Beefcake Airways

Beefcake Airways.

3x11-Dean Pelton even his shadow

"Even his shadow!"

After sending Abed and Vinnie away, the group debates on whether or not they should help him. Annie argues that enabling Abed's addictions and role playing won't be good for him in the long run as it makes him lose touch with reality. Troy counters that Abed's take on reality is something that has benefited the group on many occasions and that he's done so much for them that they owe it to him to help him out. Swayed by Troy's speech, the others agree. Afterwards, Troy thanks Vinnie for giving them a chance to bail out Abed. Vinnie drops the niceties and issues Troy a warning: if the group in any way messes up the gig and it doesn't go smoothly, then the deal is off. If that happens, then he won't send another bill; instead, he'll just send two of his employees to break Abed's legs.

3x11-Chang recruits
Uncle Chang.
At the Bar Mitzvah, Vinnie lays down the ground rules for the event to his employees and the study group and specifically tells them to stay within their assigned quadrants at the party. He hands Jeff a tuxedo for his celebrity impersonation, Ryan Seacrest. Britta tries to stop him before his ego gets out of hand. Jeff tells her he should be fine since his therapist doubled his dosage which makes Britta even more concerned. Troy steps in before she can do anything more. He sends them both off to their assignments, determined to make the evening go as smoothly as possible. Meanwhile, Pierce shows up to the party dressed as Burt Reynolds but is refused entry by the attendant until he states his impersonation is of a fat Marlon Brando.

3x11-Impersonators Vinnie Jeff Britta Troy Annie Abed Shirley
Welcome to the Doppel Gang.

Back at the party, Troy struggles to keep a tight rein on Abed who is roaming the party, fraternizing with the other impressionists. Meanwhile, Annie is surprised to see Sgt. Chang there who explains that his brother the rabbi, got him this security gig. A plan starts to form in Chang's head when he recruits some of the young boys there to be on his security force and notices a DJ who looks like Dean Pelton. Elsewhere, Jeff struggles to keep his ego in check after compliments from adoring female party guests. Britta tries to help him by berating him and crushing his self-esteem. She is somewhat successful until Troy shows up and forces her to go back to her assigned quadrant. Jeff is quickly surrounded by his fans and becomes intrigued when they tell him about an awards ceremony being held at the end of the night.

At the "Star Mitzvah" awards ceremony, the guest of honor Howie Schwartz sweeps all the awards including the one for most handsome young man. A jealous Jeff explodes into an ego-induced rage and rushes the stage. He pushes Howie aside and snatches his award while ripping off his shirt and coat. Shirley attempts to reason with him, but he grabs her and kisses her. Chang sends his new kid security force after Jeff but he easily fights them off. He leaves the stage only to be shot in the leg with a tranquilizer dart by Chang and runs out of the building. Vinnie overhears Howie Schwartz thanking his father for having a Hulk impersonator show up. Vinnie tells Troy he got lucky and that Abed's debt is now paid. Afterwards, Troy comes home he finds Abed there with his leg in a cast. He fears the worst until he it's revealed to be role play with another celebrity impersonator.

3x11-Jeff hulks out
"You all want it!"
Angered, he goes to their room only to find more rented actors infuriating him further. Sometime later, Abed talks to Troy and asks if he is angry at him. Troy admits how upset he is because Abed just undid all the hard work his friends did. While Troy understands Abed hates being told what to do, he pleads with him to listen this time as it almost cost him his legs. Abed is confused but agrees to have an open mind to Troy's opinion for the sake of their friendship. Troy is relieved to have resolved the issue and asks to join Abed in the Dreamatorium to play. Abed disappoints Troy by saying he'd rather play alone. Meanwhile, Jeff wakes up from the effects of the tranquilizer dart on the side of the road. Several of the party attendants drive past him and taunt him before Britta shows up to offer him a ride. Inside the Dreamatorium, Abed is surprised to see Evil Abed also there...

3x11-Evil Abed crosses over
"Hot, hot, hot."

End tag[]

Chang is standing in front of a giant Greendale flag saluting. He holds his stance for a long time before addressing his troops: several kids he recruited from the Bar Mitzvah. He asks them if they are ready to "Chang" the world. They respond by eagerly chanting his name repeatedly until one of them yells ""All hail Chang!".

Chang flag
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Recurring themes[]


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
  • Catchphrase: ", cool, cool.l." - Abed, ", hot, hot" - Evil Abed.
  • Middle Eastern Magic 8 Ball:
    • Abed seems to be losing touch with reality and drifting away from Troy.
    • When Dean Pelton suggests security interns Chang blurts out, "You won't regret this unless I rise up against you." Later we see Chang hatch his scheme to raise an army and replace the Dean with an impersonator.
  • Previously:
    • In the Season One episode "Football, Feminism and You" Troy says, "That dude looks like Moby," in reference to Dean Pelton. Chang notices the resemblance when he encounters Faux-by at the Bar Mitzvah.
    • In the Season Two episode "Asian Population Studies", Jeff calls Abed "Brown Jamie Lee Curtis". In this episode, he is impersonating that actress.
    • Abed reminds Troy of their agreement that friends don't lie to one another, mentioning the airdate of the episode "Advanced Criminal Law" as the day they made that deal: October 15th, 2009.
  • A nice gesture: Troy tries to give Abed their signature handshake, but Abed doesn't respond.
  • That just happened: Jeff says that he is seeing a new therapist. He had mentioned previously in "Regional Holiday Music" that he was planning on seeing a new one.
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:
Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:
  • School supplies:
    Sobriety necklace
  • A sweet ride: Britta's car makes another appearance.

Running gags[]

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?: When Annie tells the group about Abed's impressionist addiction, Britta points at each study group member and asks "Intervention?", "Intervention?", "Intervention?".
  • Changuage: Chang asks his new security force if they are ready to "Chang" the world.
  • Disney face: Chang tries unsuccessfully to use this on Pelton.
  • It's a mixer, it's a mixer!: Abed says he and Troy made a deal that friends never lie to each other on October 15, 2009.
  • Man crush: Dean Pelton falls down and has convulsions after seeing Jeff in aviator sunglasses.
  • Nice outfit: The study group impersonates various celebrities:
  • Shut up, Leonard!: Uncharacteristically, Leonard tells Jeff he's looking good. Jeff replies, "Thanks Leonard. For that compliment and for your service to this country".
  • You're the worst!: Shirley mutters "the worst," when Britta makes a terrible play on words.

Pop culture references[]

List of Pop culture references
Recurring or debuting Pop culture references in this episode:

Meta references[]

List of Meta References
Recurring or debuting Meta references in this episode:


Professor Ian Duncan is not seen during the 2011-2012 semester at Greendale but a book he authored is seen being held by Britta Perry who declared her major to be Psychology.

Season Three Duncan
Duncan's minor mention in Season Three.
  • Before the credits as the gang gathers in the study room, the chalkboard behind Britta and Abed reads:

"HELP US HELP YOU! To avoid late charges on overdue books! If ya got a late book, bring it back A.S.A.P.! Thanks."

... and when we first see the whiteboard behind Annie and Shirley it reads in part:

" [top part cannot be seen]...card at the registration desk! And be "GREEN" this semester!" - Underneath the message is a simple drawing of a tall tree and a shorter tree. Then, moments later when Jeff enters later than everyone else, the same whiteboard has a different message, which now reads:

"New schedules posted in the lobby. If you need a schedule please see the receptionist at the front desk. -thanks. All scheduled time requests [illegible] with the receptionist. All request should be made at least 24 hours in advance." When the angle changes to show Annie and Shirley watching Jeff go to his seat (and through the end of this studyroom scene), we see the whiteboard again has the "GREEN" message with the trees drawing.

  • When Vinnie (the "French Stewart impersonator" actually being played by the real French Stewart) meets the group in the cafeteria, he points out which star each study group member resembles- except for Abed. Then, at the bar mitzvah each member shows up as an impersonator for the star Vinnie said they resembled- and Abed dresses up as and impersonates Jamie Lee Curtis. In an earlier episode Asian Population Studies (Season 2, episode 12), Jeff referred to Abed as looking like a "brown Jamie Lee Curtis"!
  • After Troy admits that he lied about being mad, Abed references a promise not to lie made Nov. 15, 2009. This corresponds to the original airdate of the episode Advanced Criminal Law (Season 1 Episode 5), the episode where Troy & Abed "mess with" each other by lying. The end of which is the first appearance of Troy and Abed's "secret handshake".
  • At the end of the episode when Abed is in the Dreamatorium alone, he is flying his version of the "Millennium Falcon" starship from "Star Wars". We see that the starship's registry on the outside of the ship reads, "SS ABED 1373".


Baby Ben got to be Baby Jesus in our church's nativity play, and Andre was Joseph, and Jordan was one of the wise men, and I was in charge of casting.Shirley
What is this I hear about a tranquilizer gun? If you had hit a small student, they could have died!Dean Pelton
I wouldn't do that. I have a heavy flashlight for them.Chang
Maybe you can bring on some students as security interns. I'll let you offer them a credit in safety or math or something.Dean Pelton
Thank you, sir. You won't regret this unless I rise up against you. I don't know why I said that.Chang
I was thinking, you know that person that you study for your psych class? Maybe that should be me.Jeff
Mm-mm. No way. You are way out of my league, diagnostically speaking. I'm gonna go with someone a little less complicated. Like Abed.Britta
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