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Crazy Shmidt
Crazy Schmidt
Portrayed by: EDDIE PEPITONE
First appearance: "Competitive Ecology"
Last appearance: "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking"
Date of birth: Unknown
Occupation: Janitor


— Crazy Schmidt, "Competitive Ecology".

Crazy Shmidtty
Schmidt as portrayed
by Eddie Pepitone.
Along with Jerry, Crazy Schmidt is a member of Greendale Community College's custodial staff. A somewhat unbalanced middle aged man, he seems to be a romantic at heart. Unfortunately, this has caused him to misunderstand other people's intentions, and he will often fall in love with the wrong person or even the wrong wooden mannequin leg. His first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Competitive Ecology" and he was also featured in "Basic Lupine Urology. He is portrayed by veteran comedian/actor Eddie Pepitone.

Character history[]

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, Crazy Schmidt was first briefly introduced as someone with a grudge against Sgt. Chang. Chang was thanking Dean Pelton for giving him a new job as a security guard and also allowing him to stay in a room at Greendale for free behind the school coffee bar, "Hot & Brown". When Chang mentioned that he is now in a relationship with someone he met at school, Veronica, a wooden mannequin leg, Schmidt was sweeping the hallways and overheard them. He interrupted their conversation and angrily called Chang a home wrecker, implying he and Veronica had been involved before Chang stole her away from him ("Competitive Ecology").

Home wrecker
Later in the school year, Schmidt and Jerry are cleaning the Biology classroom. He is lamenting to Jerry about not being able to see his dental hygienist again whom he describes in romantic overtones. Jerry suggests that he stop hitting on her, revealing that Schmidt had made unwanted advances that ended their "relationship". Schmidt makes a weird claim that she was actually hitting on him because she couldn't stop putting her fingers in his mouth. Jerry then makes a horrible discovery which ends their conversation. He calls Schmidt over, and they both look upon the mangled remains of the study group's Biology 101 yam project ("Basic Lupine Urology").

Jerry and Schmidt discover Pam
Jerry and Schmidt discover something shocking.

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Jeff and Troy are trying to track down a DVD copy of "Freaky Friday". Their search takes them to the school's basement where they find Schmidt along with a group of other janitors taking part in a role-playing mystery game. They were all in costume with Schmidt seated at a table dressed as a 1920's socialite wearing a dress and a tiara. He was upset at their intrusion and stood up claiming that Troy and Jeff saw too much and needed to be killed. Jerry told him to stand down and Schmidt reluctantly sat back down ("Basic Human Anatomy").

Murder Mystery night in the day time
Murder Mystery night in the day time.

Season Five[]

In the study group's fifth year at Greendale, Annie attempted to get a bulletin board that had fallen down in the cafeteria hung up ("Introduction to Teaching"). She enlisted the help of Professor Buzz Hickey. Hickey sought out Jerry's help who told him that he'd need to see the head janitor. Hickey gave up but Annie dragged him along to see Jerry, Crazy Schmidt and Carlo. After showing interest in them, Crazy Schmidt offered to put in a work order for Annie. He indicated it'll take 3-6 business months to complete. When Annie asked if can be hastened, Jerry said she'll have to talk to a custodian. When Annie asked was the difference is, all the janitors showed disappointment ("Analysis of Cork-Based Networking").

S05E06-Crazy Schmidt-bulletin board
Annie, do you want that bulletin board hung up?


"Competitive Ecology"

I'm married to the job...and to a mannequin leg I found in the boiler room.Ben Chang
Homewrecker!Crazy Schmidt

"Basic Lupine Urology"

She was perfect. Warm, smart, beautiful...I'm never going to find another dental hygienist like that again.Crazy Schmidt
Well, you should stop hitting on her.Jerry
Hey, she's the one putting her hands in my mouth.Crazy Schmidt