Darkest Timeline paintball gun

  Darkest Timeline paintball gun  
First appearance: "Advanced Introduction to Finality" — Owned by: Various — Used by: Evil and "Good" Study Groups
Purpose: to banish people to The Darkest TimelineMade by: Darkest Timeline   PHOTO ICON

I'll get you home Abed but first you need some supplies.
— (Formerly "Evil") Abed to Abed, "Advanced Introduction to Finality".

In the study group's fourth year together at Greendale, their counterparts in The Darkest Timeline made an appearance on the eve of Jeff's graduation. Crossing over into the "Primetimeline" reality, they were armed with special Darkest Timeline Paintball guns to hunt down their counterparts. The paintball weapons were loaded with ammo that banished whoever was shot to the Darkest timeline. Aware of what his group was planning, the now reformed Evil Abed supplied Abed and his study group with similar paintball weapons to even the odds. The Darkest Timeline paintball gun's first appearance was in the Season Four episode "Advanced Introduction to Finality".

Abed and Jeff take cover
Abed and Jeff with Darkest Timeline paintball guns.


Upgraded Tippmann paintball gunsEdit

The paintball guns used in "Advanced Introduction to Finality" are still Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol's. They were upgraded with barrel extensions and laser sights that had been created specifically for the episode. They were further modified by ditching the neon colors used in the previous appearances and instead painting them entirely black or silver. In real life, Tippmann does actually sell official laser sights and silencer barrel extensions for their paintball pistols but the sights were not used in favor of the more flashier custom made versions.
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