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Student ID
Portrayed by: Darsan Solomon
First appearance: "Introduction to Teaching"
Last appearance: "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"
Date of birth: Unknown
Major: Law


Hey Mr. Winger! Nice lecture yesterday!
— Dave, "Ladders".

S06E03-Dave head shot
Dave portrayed by Darsan Solomon.
Dave is a student at Greendale Community College who is one of Jeff Winger's students in his Law class. His unique appearance caused Jeff to reconsider only using nicknames when interacting with his class. Dave seems to genuinely admire Jeff and was even willing to give up money owed to him in order to spend time with his teacher. His first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Introduction to Teaching". He is portrayed by actor Darsan Solomon.

Character history[]

Season Five[]

In Dave's first year at Greendale, he enrolled in the "Fundamentals of Law" class taught by Jeff Winger. He was in the front row of the classroom when Jeff introduced himself and asked his students if they had any questions. Jeff at first addressed his students by nicknames he made up for them based on their unique characteristics. However, after taking in Dave's appearance Jeff immediately stopped this practice. Dave asked him what percentage of the final would make up their final grade but was disappointed when Jeff sidestepped his question. However, he and his classmates were later impressed when Jeff managed to win an argument against Annie Edison and actually began teaching them useful knowledge related to the Law ("Introduction to Teaching").

What percent of our grade will the final be?

Season Six[]

In Dave's second year at Greendale, he bought a sandwich from Britta who was at the time running Shirley's Sandwiches for her friend. Dave's sandwich had been burned and he was having difficulty receiving a refund. He noticed Jeff was at the shop as well enjoying some scotch and complimented him on his lecture in class the other day. Instead of a refund Dave offered to call it even if he could have a drink with his teacher. Jeff accepted his offer which gave him an idea to skirt the no alcohol on campus policy that was in place at that time ("Ladders"). Dave, along with Vicki, was later brought in to assist the Save Greendale Committee during a late night crisis they were having.

I'll call it even for a drink with Mr. Winger.
Dave was excited to be helping out but Vicki warned him that they'd be lucky to get a word in edgewise before someone cut them off ("Basic Crisis Room Decorum"). When Greendale allowed convicts to attend school via teleprescence robots, Dave and a few other students started bullying them. Jeff told them to knock it off and commented that it was weird seeing Dave, a student who was normally bullied, now taking on that role

("Laws of Robotics & Party Rights"). At the end of the school year, Jeff imagines a future scenario where Dave, Garrett, Leonard, Vicki, Todd and an Internet billionaire named "Scrunch" is a part of a new group that he is in charge of called the "Sustain Greendale Committee" ("Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television").

S06E13-Dave in Annies spot
Dave's last appearance (sitting in Annie's spot).