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Dean's Lullaby

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  ♫Dean Pelton's lullaby  
Lullaby Pelton

◄  Album : None  -  Performed by: Craig Pelton  ►
  Composed by: Jim Rash  -  First heard: "Basic Lupine Urology"

Troy and Abed, off to dreamland!
Craig Pelton

Troy and Abed's new bedroom
Troy and Abed's new bedroom.
In the study group's third year at Greendale, Annie, Troy and Abed were apartment fumigated and had to find temporary alternate living quarters. Troy and Abed planned on building a pillow fort at school to stay at which didn't work out as planned. They then decided to stay in the study room where they had their bunk bed moved. Dean Pelton didn't object to their living conditions and even brought them warm milk before bedtime. Shirley was there at one point and witnessed Pelton sing Troy and Abed a lullaby to put them to sleep. The "Dean's lullaby" was first heard in the Season Three episode "Basic Lupine Urology".

Song and lyrics[]


Community - The Deans Lullaby "Sweet Deans"


Troy and Abed, off to dreamland!

Catching the train to Sleepy Town!

And when they wake up,
the Dean will be here!

Staring at you!

Sweet Deans!


Lullaby improvisations[]

On the Community The Complete Third Season DVD special features, a few outtakes feature actor Jim Rash performing different lyrics for the lullaby. In commentaries for the "Digital Exploration of Interior Design" it's revealed he improvised the entire song. Best_Outtakes_Jim_Rash_COMMUNTIY