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Dean Pelton's Office Hours

"Dean Pelton's Office Hours"
Air date: November 4, 2010 — Season: Two — Featuring: Dean Pelton, The Greendale Human Being, Leonard
Summary: Dean Pelton is spotlighted in this 3-part Webisode series

Only I can touch you, you can't touch's a legal thing.
Dean Pelton

"Dean Pelton: Office Hours" was a three part webisode series featuring Craig Pelton portrayed by Jim Rash. It features a glimpse into his job and the mundane problems he has to deal with everyday as Dean of Greendale Community College. Aside from the Dean, it featured appearances from a few recurring characters Leonard, The Greendale Human Being and Angela. It aired on November 4, 2010 during Season Two of Community.


   "Episode One: "Pamphlet Serious"
"We've got a regular Lifetime movie here, I don't know who to believe!"
Featuring: Dean Pelton

Dean Pelton deals with a sexual harassment charge leveled against The Greendale Human Being by a Varsity Cheerleader.

   "Episode Two: "Hair Piece"
"You look like a sex offender."
Featuring: Dean Pelton, Leonard

Dean Pelton gets Leonard's opinion on various hair pieces.

   "Episode Three: "Independent Study Assistant"
"I meant this kind of hole punch! Oh, that's dirty!"
Featuring: Dean Pelton, Angela

Dean Pelton deals with a misunderstanding his new student assistant Angela has.

Recurring themes[]


Running gags[]

Pop culture references[]

  • TV Guide: Dean Pelton mentions Lifetime TV Movies.
  • Shout out: Pelton mentions looking like Michael Keaton when wearing the merkin on his head.