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Man is a collection of base animal urges, to act on them and experience sinful pleasure would be morally no different than taking a breath.
Annie quoting Hobbes
In the study room, Pierce is trying to tell a story to the study group when Britta suddenly snaps, angrily insulting him and threatening him to stop talking. Jeff explains her bad mood to everyone by letting them know that she is trying to quit smoking. Pierce offers to assist by using his expertise with hypnosis. Jeff is surprised when Britta agrees, but she explains that she's letting him help her out of pity. Troy arrives, anxious to show the group something he found posted online by the Greendale AV Club: they're short films called "The Community College Chronicles" created by Abed. The study group becomes disturbed when they realize that not only are the characters and events on the show inspired by them, but that the situations depicted also seem to predict their future.

You have to see this
This is wrinkling my brain...
Later in the hallway, Jeff is confronted by Dean Pelton, Professor Whitman, and Annie. They explain that they need his help at the Debate Championship Finals against City College being held that night. Annie's partner is sick, and as a former lawyer, he is the best candidate to help her go up against Jeremy "Soulpatch" Simmons. After a little convincing, namely a faculty parking spot for his Lexus, Jeff agrees to help. Meanwhile, Britta is preparing to be hypnotized by Pierce in the school's music room. It's clear Pierce has no idea what he's doing, but Britta plays along. The hypnosis session ends with Pierce falling and injuring his leg as Britta tries to pretend that she is still under.

D109-Triple team
Triple team.
Back in the study room, Annie tries to get Jeff to discuss strategy, but he is unwilling, feeling that a former lawyer can easily handle a mere college debate. Britta shows up and tells Jeff about the disastrous hypnotherapy session with Pierce. Troy and Shirley then arrive, still bothered by Abed's films. When Abed finally appears, he notices the group is disturbed by his presence and immediately figures out that they saw his films. He explains that his films are simply based on his observations of them and are not predictions of their future. He shows them the latest episode to make his point but only ends up freaking them out even more when Pierce arrives with an injury similar to one that his character suffered on the show.

Debate 109 By the way Jeff I think you're shirts trying to get out of your pants
"By the way Jeff, I think your shirt's trying to escape through your pants."
Later in the school's gymnasium, the debate championship begins. The argument is whether man is good or evil. After Annie finishes her opening statement, Jeremy Simmons is introduced. The audience erupts in applause, filled with his supporters from of City College. When it's Jeff's turn to counter, he chooses a more informal approach. He plays to the crowd and the judges and charms them into singing along with him. After he finishes, he is shocked to learn that he received zero points. The debate is interrupted when a basketball coach and his team arrives for practice. Dean Pelton suspends the rest of the debate until tomorrow and urges Jeff to get his act together.

Debate 109 Evil Woman
"E-e-e-e-v-il woman!"
Outside the gymnasium, Jeff is furious over his poor performance. Feeling like he had been bested by Simmons, Jeff kicks over a trash can but then denies his angry emotions. This fulfills another one of Abed's predictions. A smug Jeremy Simmons accompanied by his debate partner appears and starts to taunt Jeff. Annie defends him which causes Simmons to start mocking her past Adderall addiction. Jeff puts an end to it by promising Simmons that tomorrow, they'll be better prepared. In the library, Troy is crying after Britta insults him; Shirley remembers the same thing happened in Abed's film and goes to confront him again. Abed once more explains that his prescience is just based on knowing how everyone would react to certain situations. Shirley believes him only after seeing another clip from his film, which has her character being chased by a werewolf as well as the Jeff and Annie characters kissing.

Debate 109 Jeremy Soulpatch Simmons
Jeremy "Soulpatch" Simmons.
In the study room, Jeff and Annie are preparing for the second half of the debate. When Jeff experiences a stress headache, Annie tells him that such things are to be expected and that winning means doing the work. Jeff agrees but offers that she needs to loosen up and go off book if she wants to win. Annie takes his advice and removes the clip holding her hair back. Jeff suddenly becomes aware of how attractive she is. Shirley interrupts and warns them not to kiss as Abed had predicted they would in his film. After she leaves, tension develops which Annie tries to defuse by refocusing on the debate. Unfortunately, her décolletage and the use of a particularly suggestive quote proves too distracting. Jeff quickly exits, not even bothering to grab his phone.

Very distracting
Very distracting.
Back in the music room, Pierce continues his hypnotherapy sessions with Britta. Supposedly under a deep trance, he notices that Britta is awake. He goads her into lashing out at him by suggesting she join him for a three-way in a hot tub. He tells her that he knew she was faking, indignant at her deception. Britta tells him she was only trying to make him feel better about himself, but Pierce says he doesn't need her pity and storms off. At the debate championship, Simmons finishes his opening argument on the goodness of man. Jeff starts his rebuttal, ignoring Simmons taunts. After Jeff offers up a compelling counterpoint, Simmons cockiness disappears. The debate becomes fierce as both sides present their arguments.

Debate 109 There is none righteous, no not one
"There is none righteous, no, not one."
After Professor Whitman praises Jeff and Annie's teamwork, Dean Pelton informs them that Greendale is in the lead. It's City College's turn to rebut and Britta, who is in the audience along with the rest of the study group, can't take the pressure and leaves to go smoke a cigarette. Simmons then decides on a desperate gambit, he uses his wheel chair to move at top speed towards Jeff. An abrupt stop launches him straight at his opponent who instinctively catches him. Declaring that because he was caught by someone who hates him, man is good. Thinking quickly, Annie offers her own rebuttal by grabbing Jeff and kissing him. He drops Simmons, and Annie declares that he was horny and dropped Simmons; therefore, man is evil.

1X9 Annie's rebuttal
Annie goes off book.
The head judge then declares Greendale the winner and the students in the audience cheer. As the celebration continues outside, Abed tries to convince Shirley that just because the kiss happened doesn't mean a werewolf will appear. As proof he mentions in his next film Pierce is revealed to be a genius. Abed then hears Britta calling Pierce a genius due to him curing her addiction. Cigarettes disgust her now because all she can think of is being in a three-way with him. Upon hearing a remark from Professor Whitman about a full moon tonight, Abed rushes off to find Shirley. Jeff and Annie then exit the gymnasium. He congratulates her victory and goes in for a hug but there is still some awkward tension. She insists he pats her on the head and they both then run off in different directions.

"Just pat me."

End tag[]

The actors who play Troy and Abed on "The Community College Chronicles" are being directed by their real life counterparts. However, the original duo are unable to get their onscreen duplicates to do the La Biblioteca rap to their satisfaction.

Abed's Troy and Abed rapping
Troy and Abed duplication!

Recurring themes[]


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
  • Middle Eastern Magic 8 Ball: Abed is able to predict several things in this episode based on his character observations of the group. Notably, his prediction about the attraction between Jeff and Annie ended up shifting the dynamic of the relationship between the two of them.
  • A nice gesture: Jeff pats Annie on the head twice in this episode. It's a gesture he repeats several times throughout the show and that he fully explains in the Season Three episode "Geography of Global Conflict".
  • Catchphrase:
    • Troy: "This is wrinkling my brain!"
    • Shirley: "That's nice!".
  • Googly eyes: This is the start of Jeff and Annie's U.S.T. which becomes an ongoing part of their interactions over the seasons.
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:
Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:
  • Jeff's cell phone appears; he leaves it behind in the study room when the sexual tension between him and Annie gets too difficult.

Running gags[]

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • Annie's Boobs: Annie's cleavage proves too distracting and tempting for Jeff.
  • Attention students!: Dean Pelton announces the upcoming debate amidst his usual ramblings.
  • Board certified tutor: Pierce claims to be an expert hypnotherapist.
  • E-vasive: Jeff changes direction when he sees Annie waiting in the hallway with Dean Pelton and Professor Whitman. When they catch up and ask him to join the debate team he fakes right and goes left in another attempt to get away.

Pop culture references[]

List of Pop culture references
References to popular culture in this episode:
  • Name that tune: "Evil Women" by ELO, "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
  • Politics: Jeff mentions Abu Ghraib and Ketchup as a vegetable as evidence that man is evil.
  • Product placement: Jeff is wearing Burberry clothing, both his shirt and trouser socks feature the signature "Burberry check" design.
  • TV Guide:
  • Well read: Jeff says "There is none righteous, no, not one," he incorrectly attributes this quote to Jesus, when it's actually from Psalm 14 (written centuries earlier) and St. Paul's letter to the Romans. The poet Franz Wickmayer, quoted by Simmons, is not real.

Meta references[]

List of Meta references
Meta references in this episode:


The Community The Complete First Season DVD commentaries for this episode revealed that a minor subplot involving Annie's attraction to Simmons was deemed unnecessary once the chemistry between Annie and Jeff was shown to be strong enough to carry the episode by itself. A full script of the episode containing the original versions of key scenes including the Simmons/Annie interactions as well as an extended debate sequence where Simmons uses a baby for his rebuttal can be found HERE.


Britta, I'm saying this because I care about you and you're my friend: You need to start smoking again.Jeff
By Zeus! What sort of jackassery is this? We're in the middle of a championship debate!Professor Whitman
Look, six months ago I was a lawyer. I wore suits. I used to say stuff like "objection" and "sidebar." Now I'm losing a community college debate to Jeremy "Soul Patch" SimmonsJeff Winger
Maybe Simmons is right, you really are all sizzle and no steak. You probably couldn't beat him if you tried.Annie
What do you mean I can't beat him? You and I are going to study harder than we've ever studied before and beat City College tomorrow!Jeff
No. Who am I, iCarly?Jeff
Zero for Winger, ba na na na na na na, was a big shot law-yer, ba na na na na na na, now he's a L-o-o-o-o-o-o-ser!Jeremy Simmons
Little Annie Adderall, was an outcast in high school...Jeremy Simmons
That's it. Dude, we are going to debate the living crap out of you.Jeff
Man is a collection of base animal urges, to act on them and experience sinful pleasure would be morally no different than taking a breath.Annie quoting Hobbes
We make an amazing team!Annie
I know! We're so in-synch. We're like a perfect duet or great s-e-e-Hey Professor Whitman!Jeff

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